Monday, October 29, 2007

4.0 Update

Flight A:
Still waiting on a post from Giuhat's High Point team, I would love to assume they won but after their last loss to the Village I won't be presumptuous. Stonebridge and Somabut's High Point team continued to roll along to improve to 6-1. With two weeks to go this flight is getting tight and I am not sure if both High Point teams can hang in there but Bob's team looks to be improving.

Flight B:
The Lakes and Springpark further cemented their spots at the top and even the loser of that match has good tiebreakers against 3rd place Greenhill, so I think this flight is all but over.

Flight C:
The battle of the Brookhavens turned out to be a big upset as previously undefeated Bartlett went down to Pearlman 1-4 (OUCH!) So now this becomes a four team race for two spots and all these teams play each other down the last two week stretch. I still like Bartlett's chances since they have the Village on their schedule and play Lifetime this week (and I believe Eddie Hill will be in Austin this weekend playing the Masters) I may be going out on a limb but Pearlman's team has a good chance here as they finish with Garland and JCC who I think they match up well with both teams and the top three will be beating up on each other. Crazy to think a 3 loss team could make it and as much as it would hurt to see them advance since my team handed them one of their losses I really think they have a good shot.


  1. Flight C: The two that make it, will most likely be a team with one or two losses. I personally have never gone up against Bartlett's team, but I am looking forward to it. I do know that their #2 guy is a good friend of mine who I have played a dozen of times and plays me very, very tight. No matter what, this has been a fun season and I have enjoyed going up against other 4.0 players.

  2. Agreed. I think Flight C is very competitive, I have had a good match every time out. I am going to play some singles this Saturday so I am interested to see how that goes. I hope to do well but I am a little out of practice in singles but I hope to get up to 4.0 level singles sometime soon or at least good 3.5 ringer status.

  3. One thing that I have learned in playing 4.0 singles, is that the winner is usually the person who is more consistent than the other one. Also, it doesn't hurt to add some pace to your shots. TBar is a good team that has legitimate 4.0 Singles players, so just hit out, let yourself loose, and don't get down on your game.

  4. HP/Gihuat just posted their 3-2 victory over LB Houston so they are in a dead heat tie with Stonebridge and HP/Somabut. Too bad there isn't 3 spots because these three teams look to be a step above the rest. With that said the win over LB came down to 2 3rd set tiebreakers at line 2 and 3 dubs

  5. High Point/Bazan Win 2 Loss 5

    Wow 4.0 must be tough.

  6. yeah pretty tough. We are lucky at 3.5 to have a lot of depth but at 4.0 I have enough good players that if all 8 of them are available and playing well we can compete at the top of 4.0 so hopefully some of you 3.5s can help out in the future. I saw you have had some tough matches as well this season.