Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Tankers of the Week #2

Tankers Ahead!!!!!
I'm going to go ahead and keep this up.
I guess the only way to solve this problem is to bring attention to the individuals in question.
We had several nominations this week so
We will change it up and go with individual players.

Nominee # 1
Jerry Defeo 4.5 Garland 2/Sisk
Takes another 6-1, 6-1 beat down

Nominee #2
Lance Ruder/  4.5 Garland 2/Sisk
Former Boys 18's superstar take a 6-1, 6-2 whoopin'

Nominee #3
Chris "The Trophy Trasher" Slezak/Jean Nguyen  4.5 High Point/Nguyen
Get beat 6-2,6-3 by 'lil' Bill Hopping and BMo

Nominee #4
Mike Kelly  4.5 Springpark/Walters
Loses 6-2, 6-3 to Las Colinas

Nominee #5
Tyler Price  4.0 Garland 2/Sisk
Goes from winning play off matches in the sprin to losing 6-1, 6-2 in the fall

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Tankers of the Week

Some are trying to stay at their level.
Some are trying to get bumped down.
Who is....
The Tanker of the Week

Cast your vote...
4.0 Brookhaven/Alzuro
Loses 0 -5 to the Village. winning a total of 15 games

4.0 Fretz/Clark
Fretz rolls doubles specialists Heath and Clark out in singles. Wiley goes down 2 & 1.

4.5 Garland 2/Sisk
Defeated 1-4 By CC, Defeo, Flora, and Zachary ripped.

4.0 Oak Creek 1/Smith
Loses to JCC 1-4, with 2 retirements.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall 4.5 - Flight C

Teams to beat:

TBar – Losing Homer & James Warner hurts their singles badly. Definitely need JD Miles to return to full health and form because while their dubs lines are very solid it is unreasonable to expect them to sweep every week.

Brookhaven – Very experienced team that made the Spring cities with ease. My pick to win this flight. Easy win in week 1

Best of the rest:
HP/ Bowman – Dedicated group of players that will be a tough out every week! Not to be taken lightly.

Canyon Creek – As for the other CC team, a mix of 4.0 and 4.5 guys many with hunting and fishing on their fall agendas….. scraped out an opening week win!

Lakes/ Weatherby – A new team that has benefitted from the large talent pool at the Lakes and some solid 4.0 bump-ups! Nice opening win

Gleneagles – Missing some key players from the spring but an impressive week 1 win…. Or was it?

Garland 2 (Sisk) – I suspect they won’t be as tough as in the spring since John appears to have split his talent between 2 teams. You never know though what he has up his sleeve? The first week result seems to have tipped his hand = looking for a strong 4.0 spring team perhaps?

LBH/ Jones – These guys seem to enjoy each others company each week and while competitive I’m not sure will be any more competitive than they were in the spring

Collin County – If they had a bigger roster they could compete in the middle “best of the rest” group. (I am personally sad to lose Mark Sweeney from CC!) . If Henson get’s fit again and they have 8 guys each week they are a tough outfit.

US Open

Look at this folks. After Rafa barely squeaks by in the first set, it appeared that Rafa had been down and out in the 2nd set. If Joko keeps this up, will he beat Rafeal tonight? Joko has looked like the stronger better player in the 2nd set. Jumping to a 4-1 lead, only to have it whittled down to 4-4. Still Joko just looks to be the much better player tonight.

Is it the kool-aid or is it the Sangria? WHO KNOWS!!! Right now, EDGE TO JOKO.

Go Nole!

Friday, September 3, 2010

4.0 Fall Preseason Picks

Flight A


1. Lifetime returns most of the same team minus their three big guns from the Spring season but will still be a force to be reckon with in this flight, although this flight is the deepest of the five.

2. Village/Johnson had a hiccup in the Spring and missed out of the playoffs after two strong seasons in a row but they return much of the same roster and add back Fred Givhan who made them a contender last Fall season.

3. High Point/Kaiser seems like an odd pick here but this team is essentially the 3.5 national team and that has to count for something right? Maybe not but I have to think they will at least make the top of this flight interesting.

Dark Horses

1. Stonebriar is relegated to this section after a lackluster Spring season that showed they might not have what it takes to be at the top but they still have a solid roster that can compete with anyone, on any given Sunday.

2. Springpark has a few strong players and could make noise but just hard for me to get excited.

Pretenders: (Not much to say here)


Flight B


1. Garland #1 (or is is #9 who knows) This does seem to be the best squad with Zack Courtney, Siby, Moreman and possible DQ fodder NAIA player Lance Ruder.

2. Canyon Creek has reshuffled players but this team along with the other Canyon Creek team has players that can contend and I picked against them last time and you know where that got me.


1. Fretz/Clark. I almost went contender here but just an odd mix of players from various teams and I am not sure what to make of them quite yet but they should be good.

2. Eagles Landing jumped up last season and showed the can hang with some good teams so I had to move them up a level and I think this team might just have a breakout season with some possible new additions.

Pretenders (Not that any of these teams are bad in fact I think they all have some bright spots but nothing that jumps out and says they will break out of the bottom half)
1. Royal Oaks
2. Stonebridge
4.High Point
5. Springpark/Odulio

Flight C


1. Team Bob finally had a long run of sectionals appearances come to an end but they are still a team at the top. There are many new names on this roster though so it is tough to make any judgements but to count them out of the playoffs would be strange although I think they missed out last Fall. Tony Le, Voss and Kingsley should be a good foundation to go pretty far.

2.Greenhill/Arnette after falling back a bit looks to have benefitted from Team BMO and Team Russouw the last two season who have left good pieces behind as they have moved up to 4.5 so along with John's regular group this team looks to be the first favorite in this flight.

Dark Horses

1. TBar after hanging out near the top seems to fit nicely at 3rd or 4th place and I fear for them that is where they will be again but the right matchups might get them into one of the top two spots.

2. Village Gordon showed me up last season by not only making the playoffs but winning some matches in the playoffs and they have maintained their roster and added a couple of good players to help out.

3. Garland #3, so few players are the reason this team might struggle but who knows maybe 8 is enough or 9.



Flight D


1. SWAT returns all but one player and have been fortunate with some new recruits and downrated players. Looking forward to a good season and breaking our bad streak.

2. Fretz/Mitchell has a small lineup but it is full of strong players, they should be tough to beat each week with their depth.

3. Canyon Creek has shown much improvement and some of this group was part of the Canyon Creek playoff team that fared well in the postseason. I think they will be a tough out and could make the postseason with their depth.


1.Lakes are hard to put down here but the loss of the Blakes should prove to push them out of the postseason this time around.

2.Brookhaven lost too many players from Team Bartlett to keep that train going but there are still some good players so they will not be overlooked, especially in week #1.

3. Garland #2, yet again hard to pick against or for a small group of strong and average players but they have to be in the mix.



Flight E


1. OC/1 is a good mix of new and old players of Don's teams that have done well in the past. The trick for them might be singles but they should figure something out as the season goes on.

2.Brookhaven Pearlman, I like the Joe Powell addition to a team that needed some singles help. I think they could really do well in this flight.


1. Canyon Creek/Broach. Not as good as the other CC team but not bad at all and could catch the top two if they slip up.

2. JCC had step up in the Spring but not sure with what is left in the cupboard that they can repeat their past success, it might be back to middle ground for them for a while.


3.LB Houston
4.Samuell Grand
5.Garland #4 (That Sisk guy is pretty good though)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4.5 Fall Pre-Season Flight B

Teams to beat:

High Point/ Nguyen – only 12 of last seasons 48 have signed-up so far. Always quality on this roster so they must be taken seriously!

Royal Oaks – The Bells are back and with James Warner added to an already impressive roster these guys will be contending and I will pick them to take this flight.

Brookhaven – These guys have depth and some new additions (Myers, Moore, Taylor & Renwick) will make them very tough every week!

Best of the rest:
Greenhill – These guys are tough every week but haven’t added anyone to their spring roster that will help them compete with the teams above

Lifetime – Have lost a few guys (Vahdat & Myers ) who will be tough to replace. Eddie knows what he is doing though and all the guys on the roster want to play every week. They too will be a tough team to beat every week!

Garland 2 (Sisk) – I suspect they won’t be as tough as in the spring since John appears to have split his talent between 2 teams. You never know though what he has up his sleeve?

JCC – The addition of Vahdat and a second season at 4.5 for many will help these guys but will struggle against the 6 teams listed above

Stonebridge – No reason to believe these guys fortunes will change. No significant additions that I know of. Will struggle to compete with any of the teams listed above.

TBAR – same as for Stonebridge

DFW – same as for Stonebridge