Monday, September 29, 2008

4.0 Week 5

4.0 even after 4 weeks has a lot of question marks but I think in a few weeks things will flesh out and start to get more interesting. It is just tough right now to know how good teams are since there does seem to be a downgrade in competition (damn 3.5 studs having brought their A game, yet?) I do think the playoff teams will be solid come November.

Flight A
I would love to guarantee a 5-0 victory to make our 15th fan happy but we are just worried about wins until they hand out awards for stats. We were a little lucky on the Village lineup, they told me they didn't have their best players available so the match wasn't quite as close as it would have been. Springpark plays that same Village team this week so come on Kyle Rhodes come out and play now that we are gone. I have to say Fretz maybe the best 0-4 team ever they keep losing close ones every week.

Flight B
This flight is about to get more interested thanks to HP/Somabut who takes on unbeaten LBH/Hicks this weekend. I expect them to bring their best but LBH is tough and I expect this MOW to be close. OC has off this week so they remain undefeated for another week.

Flight C
I see a couple of good matchups this week as BH puts their undefeated record up against a solid Garland team whose playoff life is pretty much on the line this. Sorry dirty Garland it is put up or shut up time with a loss you will not be playing in late November. With that said I thnk Garland has the weapons to win this match and I am going with the upset, why not... Also LTF takes on Hackberry who is quietly 2-1 but if they pull off an upset it will be a loud one. They have some solid players so depending on wh0 comes out this could get good. I like Team Eddie 3-2.

Flight D
This flight is good as much as you all hate to admit it. There are five solid teams in this flight so I think it will be hard to go undefeated in this flight but TBar and BH/Bartlett are sure trying their best. This flight should have a MOW every week in fact I see two Greenhill v. TBar and Lakes v. BH/Bartlett. I actually think I like the upset in both and we will not have a undefeated team left in this flight come Sunday night. Come on GH and Lakes don't let me down.

4.5 Week 4

A few results came in over the weekend but nothing mindboggling although preseason contender HP/Loose doesn't look that great and is probably out of the running in a tough flight.

4.5 MOW has to be OC/Branch v. Northwood/Noel. Time/place? Should be a good match. I have a feeling Corey's crew can't match up in singles but they have solid doubles players to hang with Branch's crew. I like Team Rusty to jump up in the standings after this one. OC/Bovermann v. Greenhill should also have some playoff implications with the loser all but done in a flight where one of these would have to overtake Branch and Noel's teams along with Brookhaven. Speaking of BH, they have CC this week and need to step it up and get another win or be left out this fall.

in Flight B
I would call it a match of the week but the Lakes is still unproven in my book but they have a chance to show they are for real v. Royal Oaks this weekend. Springpark v. OC/Feldman could be a good match as well. High Point plays a bottom dweller in LBH but they haven't been overpowering anyone so each week is a test for them.

3.5 Week 4

So after a bye week for all 3.5 is back in action. Thanks for joining in the discussion Mr. McHugh don't let the old farts over at Oakridge deter you they are kind of fun to mess with kind of like poking a old dog with a stick. :)

Flight A
Canyon Creek has a chance to get back on track this week v. the Village after their loss to BH. The match of the week in this flight is Brookhaven v. Oak Creek. Brookhaven has been rolling along and I think they will continue to do the same this week. I like Brookhaven to have a big year. No pressure John. I am looking forward to the HP v. BH match in this flight.

Flight B
Not much going on this flight, just waiting on the GH v. WL final result but I do see one match this weekend of interest as Westlake takes on High Point/Etrenkin. I think Stan's team is solid although they had one stumble. They have the team to score an upset here, we will see if that happens. It will be tough to beat Harvey, but I know one guy on the team who could do it.

Flight C
Oakridge notched a victory over Gleneagles which originally looked to be the match of the season in this flight but Gleneagles is on the verge of being eliminated early this season. So much for my pick for them. They are playing JCC this week so we will see if they can get their first win. Oakridge is playing undefeated Samuell Grand who an anon poster said aren't even in Oakridge's league, hmmmm we will see. I think this will be a close one.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend results

So I think most of the 3.5 and 4.5 reschedules that happened got posted up. HP/Loose seems to be out of it and Noel's team is rolling along but that train my stop as they play OC/Branch this week. Both 4.5 flights seem to be up for grabs and I don't think it will be decided anytime soon. I will take a look at the upcoming weekend matches tomorrow.

3.5 had couple of matches but Oakridge and Brookhaven posted the best results and someone just noted that Westlake and GH are in a 2-2 make up tie with one match to be played this week.

4.0 had some interesting results. In the 1st MOW we beat the Village 3-2, we couldn't have done it without all the anonymous posters and poll voters who picked us. Thanks

In the 2nd MOW BH/Pearlman laid a beatdown on Eagles Landing in shocking fashion winning 5-0. I don't know what to say but WOW! In that same flight Hackberry knocked off dirty Garland B Team (oops were you all the A team?) Team Eddie improved to 2-1 with a sweep and now three teams are tied behind BH at 2-1. Hackberry plays LTF this weekend so that should be good.

In the 3rd MOW TBar M beat the Lakes, I was a little surprised but Shannon Grant seems to be for real, he might even be on DQ watch with the smackdowns he is giving. GH match has yet to be posted but Bartletts team improved to 3-0 as well.

Friday, September 26, 2008

4.0/5.0 and Open Nats this weekend

So the first weekend of Nationals occurs today. It will be interesting to see how Lubbock does as the 4.0 rep of Texas. The Dallas ladies of Oak Creek are also playing this weekend. Hopefully they both do well.

I don't know much about 5.0 and Open, anyone?

No men's results posted so far, but it is a nice 97 degrees in Tucson today, with a threat of rain tomorrow.

Monday, September 22, 2008

4.0 Week 4

Since we are the only group playing, we deserved 4 matches of the week.

Flight A:
Village and High Point both improved to 3-0 to jump to the top. I am guessing Jim rescheduled his match since they had a few out at Sr. Sectionals but I hope they play Brookhaven soon since that should be a good match. Not any great matches this week unless the aforementioned match is rescheduled. Oh wait I guess our 4.0 match of the week v. the Village is a battle of unbeatens, "someone's O has got to go!!" 1 PM at the Village is showdown time, we look forward to it.

Flight B:
Not anything near as interesting as the Garland v. HP showdown of yesterday but both teams need to keep winning so they can try and catch OC who shouldn't have any problems with Stonebriar. LBH Hicks just keeps on silently winning each week as well. These four teams I think are all about even and it will come down to the final weeks to see what happens. I think Garland probably has the toughest match going up against Canyon Creek's best team.

Flight C:
Most of the matches are ho-hum except for the 2nd 4.0 MOW: Eagles Landing v. Brookhaven/Pearlman. I am sure Team Eddie have printed up Eagles Landing t-shirts because a win by EL would benefit them greatly. I like Eagles Landing in this match but it should be close. I think it might depend on BH's big recruit (Mark Jenkins) if he matches up against a strong EL player he could lose and turn this match.

Flight D:
Ah my favorite old flight is going strong as TBar moved to 2-0 as did the Lakes and guess they make up our 3rd 4.0 MOW. I like the Lakes to take this one, did you expect any other pick from me. The other interesting 4.0 MOW has playoff implications (I know its early but I don't see 2 losses this early as something you can come back from in this flight) Greenhill 1-1 v. Stonebridge 1-1. The winner will be in a position to jump up and try and pass the loser from the first match but the loser will be in a very tough spot. I like Greenhill in this matchup I just don't see them losing either singles match and they just need one more after that and I think they have enough talent left to make that happen.

3.5 and 4.5 have the week off

So it looks like 3.5 and 4.5 have the week off due to the Dallas Tennis Cup event (Anon #24's favorite event since it benefits the DTA and their programs) I have never played in it but everyone who has says it is a fun event.

I assume a lot of the 3.5 and 4.5 teams will choose to make up their Ike rainouts this week as well as Sr. Sectional conflict matches from last weekend. So I guess we will just keep an eye out for what comes up on tennis link over the weekend. Feel free to post any times of reschedules that you know about.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Results, results, results!

Well Corey's big win started off the weekend then followed by a two OC/Smith wins at 3.5 to get them to 2-1 after an opening weekend loss. They may have lost in the polls but beat out High Point on the strength three wins by 3rd set TB'ers. Nice job!

4.5 had the big upset as the battle of the OC went to one of the ugly stepsisters (Team Bovermann) who took out Team Branch, so this flight should get real interesting now I believe because I don't think there will be an undefeated team now that Branch has lost so each match result should get more interesting.

The Lakes took out Eldorado and improved to 3-0 on the season. I know they haven't beaten a contender yet but they are gaining confidence week by week and in this flight they have to be in the top tier of favs to win this flight. Over the next three weeks they play Royal Oaks, High Point and then OC/Feldman. We will know soon if they are pretenders or contenders.

4.0 starts in a few hours. I will get to see Team Eddie at LBH and hopefully get you all back on track because we want team Eddie in the postseason for mere motivation.

Post what you know!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cory Noel 1st Annual Blog Champion

Cory Noel 1st Annual Blog Champion
Cory Noel Def Brandon Myers 6-1, 6-4

Match Point

Once again I would like to thank everyone who has signed up for the challenge ladder and everyone who participated in the Blog Tournament.
The goal of the tournament was to try to get some players together who would not normally play and develop some friendships and camaraderie plus get practice in.
We were successful at that.
Special thanks to anyone who played a match in the tournament, A super special double strong thanks to Corey and Brandon for seeing this through all the way until the end.

Special for all of you haters out there.
Here is what Nancy treated us to in the first Set.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blog Tournament Final!!!!!!!

Mark The Date!!!!

Saturday September 20th 1:30pm

Fair Oaks Tennis Center 7501 Merriman Pkwy, Dallas, TX

The Blog Tournament Finals
Corey "Nancy Boy" Noel vs Brandon "Oscar" Myers

Winner to take hove the much coveted Blog Tournament trophy.

Please feel free to attend and root on your favorite player.

If you want to play send me an email and I will arrange doubles or singles exhibition matches.

See you there.


Marc "OC BL" Klamecki

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4.0 Week 3

Well last weekend proved to have some good matches and show who might rise to the top. Team Eddie suffered a tough loss as did BH/Helterbran by our team. Greenhill and Eldorado also took losses in Flight D. Bartlett's team looked very strong in that match and the Lakes looked good although not as strong as the Spring, but it is early. And oh my the big upset of HP/Somabut by perennial also ran Oak Creek.

Flight A has some good matchups. HP v. LBH, Village v. Fretz and BH v. Springpark. I think our flight will almost be decided in the next two weeks.

Flight B OC Smith gets a chance to show they aren't a fluke as they take on Stonebriar and LBH/Hicks has a little test v. Springpark but our match of the week pits Garland v. HP/Somabut. Could HP drop to 1-2. I know just about all the players on each roster and I think this should be good but I like dirty Garland to grab the win and I am not sure I would call it an upset.

Flight C. Team Eddie should get back on track v. LBH. Eagles Landing v. Garland should be a good one as well but I like Bill's team to take out this version of Dirty Garland.

Flight D. Lakes v. Stonebridge and Greenhill v. Eldorado. Two big matches and the winner of the first one will be sitting pretty and the loser of the second one might as well start XMAS shopping.

4.5 Week 3

So only two matches got played but they were big results as Brookhaven got back on track but has another tough one against the Branch 2nd team. Also in Flight A there is a battle of the OC team as Branch takes on Bovermann but I don't think this one will be that close.

In Flight B TBar should be able to get a win but who knows it hasn't gone well so far for them. Springpark takes on HP/Pham which should be a little test for the HP team but they should get through OK.

3.5 Week 3

So no matches were played at this level last weekend. The only match that popped out to me was in flight B between High Point and OC especially since OC could drop to 0-2 with a loss. Should be a good match up.

Oakridge is scheduled to play GE but I believe someone mentioned that was rescheduled to the Senior Sectionals.

Any other good matchups?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike v. Sectionals and League Tennis

So attention and amateur weather forecasters let us know what you think about the prospects of tennis in San Antonio this weekend. Doesn't look good and supposedly the tourney directors will let players know by 10 AM today which sounds like a good idea.

Seems like the Saturday leagues have a chance of getting matches in but Sunday looks to be a question mark.

We will just have to wait and see.

Monday, September 8, 2008

4.0 Week 2

Since Eddie is about to pee his pants along with the rest of the LTF’ers I guess I will post something for them here.

In flight A the some of the top performers of week 1 play each other HP v. BH and LBH v. Fretz. I have never played Cliff’s team or met him for that matter so it will be a mystery to me until we play them on Sunday. I look forward to a good match. LBH and Fretz should be interesting. If Fretz can come up with another strong doubles team they should be a force. If they can keep putting out two strong singles players though I see them doing well. I like HP and Fretz to win these matches.

In Flight B there isn’t anything that interesting going on. HP should beat OC although it won’t be as easy as the Stonebriar match. Garland v. LTF should be fun, almost a rematch of the 3.5 finals and will Vahdat be back or is he out for a while?

In flight C we have the 4.0 match of the week between Team Eddie (LTF) and BH/Pearlman. Based on last season these two teams have a chance to get to the postseason so this match should be important because starting the season with a loss puts you in a bad spot with only two spots per flight available. I can’t pick against Eddie so I will go 3-2 LTF.

In Flight D there are a few good week one match ups. TBar takes on OC/Smith 2 who has a solid roster. TBar lost Wallace who really set them up well so I think they are vulnerable this season. One of my favorites was BH in this flight but they are playing Eldorado who I also think is due for improvement. They combined their two teams and I think that will bring some marked improvement for them but Bartlett will be tough to beat. The big matchup in this flight is the Lakes v. GHill. Two playoff teams from the Spring. I really don’t know what to think about them but I will be more than anxious to see their result.

4.5 Week 2

With only two playoff spots per flight, which seems a bit low, these matches this weekend will start to let us know who is rising to the top and some teams that drop to 0-2 might just be out of the mix already.

Brookhaven v. Greenhill should be a good match. Brookhaven has been a contender lately but if they lose to a good Greenhill team it could be all but over in this flight for them.

Boverman v. Northwood has the same type feel to me with the winner getting in that upper echelon mix in this flight to try and contend with the Branch split squads.

I like Northwood and Greenhill to make it out of these matches.

In flight B there are some similar matches:

RO v. Springpark is interesting since without Gonzales and Bui Royal Oaks has dropped down a bit and Springpark looks to be improving but we will see if they have improved enough.

Lakes v. TBar, after a playoff showing this year TBar lost their opener while the Lakes team got out to a good start. Lakes has a lot of 4.0 bump ups but they are good players and this should be a good match.

I like Royal Oaks and the Lakes.

3.5 Week 2

Flight A has one good matchup between Brookhaven and CC/Jolly. I think this should show who can hang up at the top of this flight with High Point. I know HP looked just OK but don’t doubt this team will be there in the end. I like Brookhaven in this one but very close.

The 3.5 match of the week happens in Flight B against last Fall’s runner-up and the new anointed favorite in this year’s fall season Westlake. These teams are actually a little similar except the addition of Harvey along with Eddie Johnson coming back down from 4.0 helps out Westlake immensely in a light 3.5 Fall season. I like Westlake to win this one 3-2.

In Flight C Oakridge v. LBH is the good matchup. LBH won big in week 1 but they will have to step up big against Oakridge to stay undefeated. I just don’t see it happening but LBH will put up a fight. I see a 4-1 Oakridge win.

Any other good 3.5 matches out there?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

4.0 Weekend #1

Flight A Winners:
High Point 5-0
3-2 good match winners: Village, LBH and Brookhaven.

Those are our next three opponents so I look forward to playing them. Looks like some good teams. Fretz put up a good fight in the match of the week but just missed out on the upset.

Flight B Winners
5-0 winners: Garland/Sisk and HP/Somabut (with newly appealed Newman..)
LBH/Hicks and OC/Smith also posted wins with a wierd default at line 1 singles in the LTF v. OC match. Any news there?

C and D played scrimmages, sorry now Team Eddie news this week.

3.5 weekend #1

Flight A:
Not anything that interesting but HP does have a close one although they retired at line 3 while leading. Kraemer posted his thoughts on the Village, looks like they are good but lack some singles. CC v. LTF was a good match. I knew this LTF team would be tough and will still make trouble for the top teams.

Flight B:
Westlake's big addition led them to a very strong win over a good Stonebridge team. They put themselves out as favs in this flight now. Greenhill won the match of the week by losing singles and taking all the doubles. HP looked solid as well, congrats John and winning at line 1 singles!

Flight C:
I don't even know what to say about Gleneagles except, WTF!!!???? I guess this gives a team like LBH a chance to get in the mix with Oakridge.

4.5 Weekend #1

Flight A winners:
OC/Branch (4-1 according to anon poster w/ a touch a drama)
OC Bovermann

No real shockers but the GH win was solid over a good Hackberry team. HP win was close but I like the JD pickup for them.

Flight B Winners:
High Point/Pham
Royal Oaks

OC win was very nice over a good TBar team. I know RO got back Molina but squeaking by OC/Juhn doesn't look all that impressive. Other results were expected.

Monday, September 1, 2008

4.0 Week 1 preview

Flight A:
We hit dirty Garland team 3 and I am looking forward to playing a Garland team anytime. Springpark has a bye and not too much although I think the Village v. JCC could be close depending on who comes out for that match. JCC had good early season run in the Spring and I expect them to put up a fight against an improved Village team. The real match up is Brookhaven v. Fretz. Fretz hasn't put a team together in about a year but I met Cloninger at the Denise T. Tourney and he said they were focused on putting a good team together. I like their roster but they are a little thin at the bottom but I think they will start the season out strong and like them in a close upset v. Brookhaven.

Flight B:
Other than LBH v. Village I think the other 3 matches should all be close and start to show who will show up in this flight. DCC runner up HP/Somabut will get a test from Stonebriar, they have some quality players and added college recruit Moomjian who is good. Springpark v. Garland I think will set up who will be fighting for one of the top three spots with HP and LBH. The OC v. LTF/Barron match should also be good and show me if LTF 2nd team can make some noise.

3.5 Week 1 Preview

Flight A:
Brookhaven gets to play the mystery self rated Village team so there should be no more mystery after Saturday. I like the CC v. LTF match to be competitive but Jolly's team is still solid since they didn't really lose anyone off their DCC team of the Spring.

Flight B:
Two good matchups here. Greenhill/Kayser v. OC and Stonebridge v. Westlake. Both of these matches will set up the frontrunners for this flight. I like Greenhill and Stonebridge to get by on depth of talent.

Flight C:
zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wake me up when this flight ends or gets to 9/20 GE v. Oakridge.

4.5 Week one preview

A great match up in the first weekend in Flight A as OC/Branch takes on Brookhaven who just missed out on the DCC in the Spring. Branch is the favorite but I don't think it will be easy.

In Flight B the TBar v. OC/Feldman is another matchup of DCC team of the Spring v. team who just missed out. I think it hard to pick a favorite here but probably have to go with OC in close one.

Any other good matchups? I think the rest might decide who goes to the bottom quickly but nothing all that exciting.