Monday, September 8, 2008

3.5 Week 2

Flight A has one good matchup between Brookhaven and CC/Jolly. I think this should show who can hang up at the top of this flight with High Point. I know HP looked just OK but don’t doubt this team will be there in the end. I like Brookhaven in this one but very close.

The 3.5 match of the week happens in Flight B against last Fall’s runner-up and the new anointed favorite in this year’s fall season Westlake. These teams are actually a little similar except the addition of Harvey along with Eddie Johnson coming back down from 4.0 helps out Westlake immensely in a light 3.5 Fall season. I like Westlake to win this one 3-2.

In Flight C Oakridge v. LBH is the good matchup. LBH won big in week 1 but they will have to step up big against Oakridge to stay undefeated. I just don’t see it happening but LBH will put up a fight. I see a 4-1 Oakridge win.

Any other good 3.5 matches out there?


  1. Cary, I think you have a little HP bias. I really do not see them as good as you (or as good as they think they are). They lost their best players of Harrison, Jauregui and Atlas. They still have no outstanding singles players. Chan is alright but he is no match for Harvey. Parekh beat Harvey last year but there is something very fishy about that result. I doubt he can do that again, especially if the match really meant something to Harvey.

  2. Harvey is much better than Parekh dont no what happened that day. HP is deep so they'll always have 5 strong line. But they do not have any ringers and they are definitely light in singles. I think HP is still one of the top teams but I think there are 3 or 4 teams that are better.

  3. Who are the best players in 3.5? The consensus appears to be Harvey is number 1, but who is next?

    Several teams have some pretty good players but of the players I know, there are really no strong players left. There are some unknowns that may be very good. As usual, the guys with a rating of 'S' by there name are usually the scary ones.

  4. It does look like the ringers have been pretty much been rung out.. but we say that every year. I am sure of we are patient, a new ringer will emerge some time this season.

  5. The ringers that really piss me off are the ones like Mudsam ho are added with 2 weeks to go in the season.

  6. uhhhh. some people just can't let go of last season.

  7. let's nor concentrate on the negatives, but just concentrate on winning gentlemen. that will make this more fun.

  8. who are the top five singles players and top five doubles teams at 3.5? Opinions?

  9. JMO - From the guys that I have seen play or have heard about

    Doubles -
    Palaczio/Newman GH
    Griffin/Foreman GH
    Ereckson/Goheen Westlake
    Bostick/Muniz/Dooney Stonebridge
    Weinmann Oak Creek
    Walton - Shores

    Singles -
    Harvey & Johnson Westlake
    Montalvo/Deprew/ Oak Creek

    BK - GH

    #1 Don Harvey (Westlake)

    Mark Cline (Berookhaven)
    Mike Mitterer (Brookhaven)
    Pedro Montalvo (Oak Creek)
    Mark Anderson (Oakridge)
    Sam Bert (Oakridge)

    But there are a lot of guys I dont no who may also be really good. Guess we'll have to wait & see

  11. Best Singles Players that I have either seen or played or know something about from someone else

    1) Don Harvey - I have seen him play and seen his record and it speaks for itself.

    2) John Loyd - High Point Entrekin - I have heard he is pretty good. I have not seen him but I was told that he could really play.

    3)Pedro Montalvo - He may get pushed up a t year end due to tournament and league success.

    4) Sam Bert - Annoying as hell to play.

    5) Mark Anderson - Solid player who has no real weaknesses.

    On the Radar -- Both of Brookhaven's guys. I don't know anything about them but Mark Cline beat his opponent 0 & 1 and Mitterer is another that I know absolutely nothng about but he beat his opponent 0 & 1. Of course, that could mean their opponents were awful.

    Best Doubles Players that I have either seen or played or know something about from someone else:

    1) Bostick/Muniz (Stonebridge) - They have played together a long time and had great success. They have had some success in 4.0 as well.

    2) Waters/Deptula (Brookhaven) - Had a bad spring but they have been very good for a long time. I expect them to bounce back strong.

    3) Stan Foreman/Art Griffin (Greenhill) They have had great success together for quite some time.

    That is about all of the teams I can find in doubles that I can see that really good.

  12. Hey,

    Someone said I was annoying to play. Who is saying that! Come on tell me please please please.

    Just having a little fun

    Sam Bert

  13. What happened to Brookhaven's singles players,
    They had a High School kid (may have went to college)
    and the Karate Kid

  14. Lukasik moved to Florida.

  15. Someone in 3.5 needs to step up and become the new ringer!!! If there was any season to do it, now would be the season. I lot of guys got moved out, so, all city tourneys and league play is wide open.

  16. actually I think we already have one in Pedro Montalvo

  17. Pedro Montalvo is no Ringer his 2nd serve is a patty cake that will attacked badly by Good Players.He runs everything down but loses in heavy pressure situations. He will win matches but is NO RINGER!!!!!

  18. that is true. Can one of his teammates teach him a better 2nd serve? SERIOUSLY? That is a pathetic 2nd serve.

  19. Evan Lukasik (Spring 2008 Brookhaven singles player) moved to Orlando, FL about a month ago. Evan and his family plan to move back to Dallas in 3 – 4 years.

    Kyle Holway (Spring 2008 Brookhaven singles player) isn’t playing on the team any more. He had a very difficult time waking up and making it to Saturday morning matches. An 11:00 am start time was a little too early for him. Last season, he woke up literally 10 mins before the start time (was five mins late) for a critical match. He was like a zombie on the court and got killed. We could have used his win. It really costs us. It was his last match for the team.

  20. Sam B – you’re a pain in the ass to play. You’re a machine! You almost killed me during a tournament about 1 ½ years ago at the Village. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I couldn’t believe the shots that kept coming back at me.

  21. I have never played Sam Bert but I have seen his ginsu knife impression strokes. While they may not be pretty, I can see where they would be 'annoying as hell.' I mean that in a complimentary way and not as an insult.

    I think the other person wrote it that way as well.

  22. Sam Bert played Pedro Montalvo at brookhaven this season and beat him 0-0 Sam Bert is Very Tough.His nickname is GINSU.

  23. John K.

    I may have gotten some shots back that surprised you, but you killed me. I think that GINSU nickname you gave me this past Spring has stuck.

    I have fun with this blog... I know we are all just having some fun. I take it all with a grain of salt.

    Sam Bert

  24. The men’s 3.5 (Flight A) match between Brookhaven and Canyon Creek has been cancelled for this morning and will be rescheduled soon.

  25. Guess that's the problem with having the High School or young guys on your team is maturity and commitment.

    It's really deflating as a captain to have some one show up, late, not ready to play, hung over ect..

  26. B.W.I. said.........

    I play my best tennis with hang overs......more focused.