Saturday, September 1, 2012


From the website:

DTA Annual Meeting

The DTA will hold its annual meeting on Wednesday, September 19th, at Canyon Creek Country Club. The meeting will begin at 7:30 (refreshments will be served) and include an annual report, adult volunteer awards presentation and the election of officers for 2012-13. The slate of nominees will be posted here by September 5th.

What follows has not been approved or authorized by the DTA and are not the views expressed by the DTA or USTA and I currently do not represent either in any capacity.  It is merely my editorial opinion:

Guys, there is far too little representation on the DTA by guys that play in the usta!  We cannot expect the DTA to represent us if we only bitch Anonymously on the blog.

 The DTA runs the usta leagues on behalf of the USTA and it is the USTA rules that must be followed.  The DTA is legally bound by the USTA rules.  The DTA does have some latitude, however, in certain areas eg playoff formats, putting teams in flights etc.  They have an Administrative role.

 With the exception of just a few positions (I think just 2) no one on the DTA is paid.  They act under the direction of the aunpaid appointed directors elected at the AGM and voted on by you.  If you don't attend you cannot vote & therefore have no say in who represents you! (Consider it practice for Nove 5!)
Also, the DTA is a not for profit organization.  Nobody is getting rich off your league registration fees.  Most of the league fees go towards playoffs! (court fees, balls & prizes) and also the player participation gifts. Their major fund raisers are the TBar Challenger and the Dallas Cup and the proceeds are almost entirely used to develop Tennis in the Metroplex mostly for kids.  They have been heavily involved in building quick start courts and providing after school tennis activities for kids with working parents thereby keeping them off the streets and out of gangs (away from drugs and crime!)

 Whatever your prejudice of the DTA I challenge you to open your mind and reassess your view of the organization and your involvement.  We need representation on the DTA in order to make a difference and particularly on the men’s side where we have minimal representation.  We cannot expect people who have no idea about men’s 4.5 tennis to flight the teams equally if we all just sit on the fence and criticize.

I know Russ Johnson has been involved as has Brandon Myers.  I plan to try to get involved again in 2013 (if they will have me – I think I pissed them off last year…..).  Let’s get Brandon nominated as the VP of Leagues and get some more representation and support on the board.  This includes all levels not just 4.5!