Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off to Abilene

So I know the draw will come out tomorrow and I will update when I can but most likely I will not be near a computer tomorrow sooooo I thought I would give my initial thoughts on the tourney. I am going to try and get out to more tourneys most likely visiting towns I have friends and family in like Abilene. I am also looking for a change of pace from league play so I am looking forward to this first MZ tourney.

I wish I knew some of these names but the only one I know is my ride out there so go #4 seed. I have played only a set against David (Brad) but he is tough and has a good serve that should help him do well this weekend.

I was feeling really good about my chances and then everyone signed up but I am glad the draw is looking pretty solid now. My early favorites would be Oleg, Gerardo and Scott Dark horses like Schick, Hutchison and Kraemer could contend as well. And I am sure there are some floaters out there from West Texas that will upset some seeds. Early odds have Lucky Thunder dominating consolation. #1 seed from Austin looks pretty strong as well.

4.0 Doubles
#3 seed most likely is a lock to win this right? Actually when I first saw the names I liked Tims/Parkinson to do damage. I see Scott picked up Mr. Jones which is a good combo but a little streaky. I don’t know the Aledo #4 seed and Brian Dennis and partner will be tough as well. Glad to see such a big draw though, get ready for the pain guys.

I small group and Paulie T got seeded, come on this on par with me being seeded right? Just kidding Paul, I will put a poll though just to gauge the audience. I think this will come down to Griggs v. Leach I hope they are on opposite sides of the draw. I like Leach to win this though.

4.5 Doubles
Leach might just pull the double title here (no pressure Chris) but they are seeded #1 and playing a lot of recent bumpups here but some good ones. Rivas/Hicks and Bassett/Wood could be upset specials.

See ya'll out there, I just saw the forecast has been cleared of rain and highs in the mid 60s all weekend, should be some great tennis.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Next On The Horizon

Congrats to team Bender for winning the 2010 Tri-level and advancing to Sectionals. A great way to start the year and keep an otherwise gloomy month full of some good tennis.

February starts off with the Abilene Major Zone tournament. For those who aren't concerned about points and just enjoy competitive tennis locally, the Brookhaven Indoor Doubles tournament is a great alternative and should be some good fun.

Rosters for the Spring will be due the first week in March. What recruiting if any has begun? Any formation of super teams coming away from Tri-level this past weekend ?

Australian Open begins this week and should provide for some good TV entertainment over the next 2 weeks.

The weather is to get into the 70s this week so get out on the courts and take advantage of the good weather while it lasts. February is historically cold and wet.

Discuss any of the above topics.........