Monday, February 13, 2012

TEXAS Tri-Level Men's 4.5 & under Section Championship

Looks like Dallas will have 3 teams representing Dallas at the Tri.
1) Team Sisk (Dallas Winner)
2) Team Yoshida (Dallas WildCard)
3) Team Arcaria (Dallas West - FT Worth Winner)
Out of these three I would put Team Sisk as the favorite to make it to the Finals.
Sisk has been placed in the flight with Arcaria, SETX, and NETX.

Team Yoshida has been placed in a much tougher flight with Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.
With only 6 players it's going to be an uphill battle for team Yoshida.

Also, Word on the Street is that Houston has been accused of placing some questionably rated players on their roster. If anyone cares to elaborate please do so in the comments section.

Finals Dallas vs Houston.
Winner :Let's Go DALLAS!!!!!!