Thursday, March 3, 2011

Captain's Meeting Saturday/ Tennis Link Fixed / Season Starting up

I don't really have time to do a new post, as I am already behind being out of town all week for work, but here is a quick update to give us a change of scenary.

Captain's Meeting - Get updates on the rules, meet the captains of the other teams, play a little captains tennis doubles mix and match afterwards (weather permitting - It appears to be only raining in the morning on Saturday!)

Tennis Link - Just reviewed it, and it is up and running. Done and fixed already.

With the beginning of the Captain's meeting, we signify the start of the season. Looks like we have the start of the new season in 4.5 with the exact same number of teams as last year. We did lose a team last seaon (Hilton) due to excessive defaults on a team - so it can happen guys! Overall same number as teams as before. Players is still yet to be determined.

Ultimate Tennis and TCD have both kicked off already, and this Sunday looks to be a good day for you tennis minded people.