Monday, January 13, 2014

What's Making Headlines Now

It is a New Year, and the Dallas Tennis Association has a new Executive Director of Tennis.

Marc Klamecki
Executive Director - Dallas Tennis Association

As noted on Marc’s Linked-In page, his summary states the following:

As Executive Director, I am the go-to guy for all problems. I am the organization's "jack of all trades", and master of many. I enjoy engaging my creativity to solve problems, streamline processes, and implement solutions in situations where it seemed there were none.”

Congratulations Marc, and looking forward to you serving the Dallas Tennis Community well.

Because of this, and understandably so, Marc’s involvement in blogging on this site will be limited. 

Unfortunately, bad knees have been keeping me away from the courts, and out of the loop.  With not playing and staying connected, I will have difficulties creating threads that will be of any interest to our readers. Bazan quit posting last year, BMO and Coredog the year before, and with Rossouw’s rant in December, my guess is his contributions going forward will be limited as well.

Where does that leave us?

In Search of Biff Wellington

My hope is that we have some new blog contributors with the new year.   I still think the Hitler video was the best, and obviously someone well connected with the Dallas tennis community.  Where art thou Biff ?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to come forward and can post as an anonymous  poster, similar to what I did for years as Captain Fantastic. 

It looks like the December 30, 2:01 PM poster in the last thread had a lot to say.  Maybe he isn’t the best informed on some of his picks, but at least has an opinion and is willing to share it. 

The blog is the people’s, but the people must contribute to keep it alive.

If you are interested in stepping up, please reach out and email Marc.

40's and Over

40's and Over is underway and as said above, my knowledge is limited, but will go out on the limb for some UN-insightful predictions.

3.5 - Bender Team B - (Fretz 2/Bender) - Paul To, Steve Nguyen, Pat Jameson, Bob Garity, Mark Kana, David Leslie --- all been to Nats.  No further analysis needed.

4.0 - Flight A - McKinney Peterson - Even with the loss to Greenhill Kayser, I say it was an odd loss.  The wind was pretty crazy this past weekend and could have caused some havic.  I think Leonard has been in a funk since Nationals and getting back into the grove.  By play-off time in March, I think they pull it together and finish off strong.

4.0 - Flight B - Torn on this one.  Talent wise, I like Wiley.  Odd ball, frustrating, unconventional play wise (I know...I have NO room to talk), CC brings the spoiler.  Watching Grossman last year in Cities take out Le's Newman and Zeller in doubles, and then witnessing Dawson getting under the skin of Weymer and Glasgow at Tri-level (again a Le team) was note worthy.  Maybe Tony just had bad Karma spill over from prior year's Tri, and there is no such thing as the Grossman/Dawson effect.  Even if he is my drinking buddy that defected to Houston, I give the edge to Wiley to get the match-ups needed.

Winner of City?   No comment at this time.

4.5 - Totally, f***ing, clueless.  Flight A, I take Greenhill/Sweeney, Flight B- toss between Greenhill/Rossouw and T bar/Fikes