Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall DCC is done!

So it is finally come and gone. I have to say I had a great time running around this weekend, after a crazy week in my personal life this was a needed getaway from "real" life.

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to John Kraemer for sending me the photos. I wish I could have watched more of the other levels but I was obviously working with my own team as we made a run to the finals.

Whoah so I guess Westlake wasn't a lock after all but after looking at that final scorecard it doesn't seem all that shocking. I guess Dec. 1st is a big day for this team to see if Cline and Mitterer will still be 3.5's.

I didn't get to see but a few points of 4.5 this weekend but it was a closely contested weekend by looking over the results but OC just seemed more consistent from beginning to end. Nice job! For some reason that trophy doesn't like to leave Marsh Ln.

I have nothing but respect for Bob and his team since some of those guys I know personally and know them to be great people on and off the court. Our team is proud of our season and beating Lifetime (oops did I say that aloud) to make it to Sunday and my guys played well but Bob's team was just a bit better all around.

Other than my own fabulous players I wanted to point out the great play of BMO this weekend and Bin Nguyen, Chad Carlquist and Jarad Kemp, these guys stepped it up when it counted this weekend.

I saw someone posted a question to me that was interesting about the round robin tiebreakers. I actually do agree that head to head should be a tiebreaker although I do think the current system rewards having a deep and well rounded team. There is definite arguments for both sides but that is a national rule and would take something major to have it changed. I think it evens out because my first Dallas team I ever played on played competed in the Spring DCC 2005 and that was the year before they started the wild card to sectional and we finished in a dead tie with Bob Bender's 3.5 team that went onto nationals that year, they were far ahead in ind. match wins but we gave them their one loss, so maybe this weekend made up for that a little bit.

So next up on our plate is Dec 1st. End of year ratings, should be interesting. After that I plan on taking a 2-3 month hiatus from the blog and I hope you will join me. I need a break, I am open for contributors during that time.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

DCC underway

So I am on a break so I thought I would post one last thing since I had to stop and get some directions off of a library computer.

3.5 looks to be almost set as Westlake and Brookhaven are both doing well in their respective flight.

4.0 Blue Flight comes down to the 2p match between BH/Burt and HP/Bob. High Point has been dominate and look really good from top to bottom. They will be tough to beat this afternoon and on Sunday but Burt's crew has been playing well too and Mark and Jon Renwick could give them a chance.

Ahh and then in the Red Flight Team Eddie was beaten by the SWAT team and the Lakes beat OC so there is a 4 way tie. Anything can happen this afternoon so we will see.

I saw Nwood and Royal Oaks start as I left, Coredawg looked ready to get a win, but we will see.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to Shut up and Bring it

One of my favorites cheesy movies is bring it on and I thought this excerpt sums up the weekend best. I am booked up until then so see you all on the courts.

Isis: You wanna make it right? Then when you go to Nationals... bring it. Don't slack off because you feel sorry for us. That way, when we beat you, we'll know it's because we're better.

Torrance Shipman: Oh, I'll bring it. Don't worry.

Isis: I never do.

Not related but just as awesome

Whitney: She puts the "itch" in "bitch".
Courtney: She puts the "whore" in "horrible".

Later bitches


Thursday, November 13, 2008

4.0 Fall Playoffs

So it seems like weeks since our 4.0 season ended but one more week to go until we get our party started. I am looking forward to getting on the court as I am sure the other 7 teams are, see you there. I mentioned earlier that I think the flights are pretty solid and even but the tougher flight I believe is the Blue Flight so let's look at that one:

Blue Flight: HP/Bob, Greenhill, BH-Cliff and BH-Burt

Longshot: BH-Cliff (Odds 25 to 1)
In order for this team to make it I believe they will have to sweep doubles each time out. The thing is they have strong enough players to make that happen with Helterbrann, Mattes, Moore, Renzewiki, Barr, Smith and Olivier. I don't know if they will trust in that strategy but in my mind it is their only hope because they have struggled at singles but they are dangerous team who won 13 out of their 15 last matches, so we will see if their fire has died after a 3 week layoff.

In the mix: BH-Burt (Odds 12 to 1)
I know they went undefeated but as I mentioned they are in a tough flight against some deep teams. They do have a luxury of some great singles talent in Powell, Jenkins, Parekh and Renwick. They will need Brooks/Renwick or whatever Burt deems his top doubles duo to show up big and then their odds become very strong to win this flight.

Very close but I just don't know: Greenhill (Odds 7 to 1)
I will be honest I wasn't upset when they missed our flight. With singles talent like Contreras, Windham and Durand they will be a threat in every match and that is why I like them more than Burt's team because Fernando is along with Jean Nguyen the best singles player in this flight. Their achilles heel might be doubles although mid season add Lance Lockhart will help as well as John Hagen who has converted from singles to be a very solid doubles player. They play HP at 6p on Friday so this flight might be decided early if my hunches are correct.

Favorite: High Point/Bob: (Odds 2 to 1)
Hard to bet against Bob's crew even if their makeup is much different than previous seasons. Also there is most likely no chance even if they win that they can retain 70% of their players because these players will move to 4.5 (Newman, Voss, Nguyen, Kemp x 2) although they will be on the border at 68% if that prediction is correct and Doug Smith is borderline as well which would put them way out of reach of retaining the required amount of players. But because of that reason they have a set of previous mentioned players that should carry them to Sunday morning. They have had issues at singles though and not sure Dreskin and Taillat can carry them in this tourney, Nguyen will have to hop in there but that does take away a strong doubles player. Not sure if Terrell (the Springpark transfer) can help but he is solid.

Red Flight: HP/SWAT, Lifetime, OC and Lakes

Longshot: Lakes (Odds 25 to 1)
Sorry Rockettman, I like your team but was hoping you all would be in the blue flight for matchup reasons for you all. It is tough to judge since the Lakes has 80 players on their roster but that seems to be part of the issue like in the Spring it came to playoffs and their doubles teams seemed to not step up against the teams that had played more together. With that said this is still a good team with Tran, Holt, Jobe, Richardson and late add Fix they will be dangerous.

Upset special: OC/Smith (Odds 15 to 1)
I know better to sleep on this team since they beat Bob's team but the reason they can't be a favorite is depth which got exposed against the Village B team and almost cost them a playoff spot. The seem to just be using Kelley and Ahner and hoping to get a split each week and that will probably work for them next weekend again and they have some solid doubles play from Hughes, Barnhard, Webb and late add Garcia (hate those late adds, mystery players). I do like they way the bounced back after a bad loss and beat a good LBH team and then swept the Springpark B team, that shows they have some fight.

Co-favorite: Lifetime (Odds EVEN)
Ok why not since the LTF'ers are the most ardent posters and more importantly because Eddie and his team have moxy I have to consider them up at the top of this flight. Feuille has been on a roll but did lose to Tikashi and then Osorio took him out in the Masters final last weekend but he is still one of the top singles players that will be playing next weekend. Enough about Forrest though, Lifetime's strength is in doubles with Kennedy, Harris, Myers, Morrison and Asako. I am looking forward to our Saturday morning matchup. Good luck team Eddie, I will make sure and play that match against you all.

C0-favorite: HP SWAT (Odds EVEN)
I am not going to lie I love my team and win or lose next weekend I will still love my team. The reason I like my team is much like Eddie's team we have some guys who are scrappy and in the end playoffs usually come down to the points where one guy is just willing to come up with one more shot.

Finals Prediction: HP SWAT v. HP Bob

I would love to see this happen and I am sure my guys would as well.

Prediction: PAIN. SWAT wins 4-1

4.5 Fall Playoffs

So I had a lot better feel in the Spring about 4.5 but without Branch in the mix everything seems up for grabs. It seemed before it was Branch's tourney and the rest of the teams were happy to be there and afterwards talked about how they lost 2-3 Branch and were soooo close. Now one of these four teams has to step up and actually win. With that said here are my thoughts.

Favorite: Royal Oaks (Odds 3 to 1)
With Smithson, Molina, Brownlee and Kaforin they should win this tournament but for them it comes down to getting out those players each time and only two of them can play singles the others have to go get a doubles line but I think they will make this work and end up winning this tourney.

2nd place: OC Feldman (Odds 7 to 1)
This team has a lot of depth and I almost had them as my favorite but their loss to Royal Oaks and close win over High Point didn't excite me enough to vault them to the top but I would not be surprised if they kept the OC torch going under a different name come Sunday afternoon.

Upset minded: Northwood (Odds 18 to 1)
Sorry Coredawg, I do like your team and I think McCord and Fair/Young will get their lines almost every time but finding that 3rd win may cause you an ulcer next weekend. If you all can find the right mix to get one more win next weekend could get really crazy. I do like having a doubles team like Fair/Young who are good for a point, many teams have a singles player they depend on but I think in the playoffs having the strong point in doubles helps.

Longshot: Brookhaven (Odds 30 to 1)
Hmm. I don't think this is a bad team by any stretch but even they know they have Corey to thank for even getting to play next weekend. But if they can take the gift and just play out anything can happen. They do have Hall who has performed well and Ramos/Lasalle is a good combo but not sure that will get it done against these other three teams.

3.5 Fall Playoffs

So looks like the drama is done and the 3.5 playoffs are set.

Blue Flight: Greenhill, Brookhaven and Samuell Grand

Longshot: Samuell Grand (Odds: 30 t o 1)
The mystery team. I would like the join the SG bandwagon but I can’t do it quite yet. Maybe once I watch them play if I get a chance they will change my mind but as of now I just don’t see them making it out of this flight. They will be a team like Oakridge that will use this season as a stepping stone to a strong Spring because I don’t think they will lose any players.

Could win, but probably won't: Greenhill (Odds 10 to 1)
This team did not add anything to cover their losses to Super senior sectionals and it will hurt them more than Westlake. Jensen may be a darkhorse that can help Sims at singles. John is solid but is not automatic point in singles at this playoff level. I bet against them last fall and they proved me wrong but they rely on doubles and they will be missing Newman, Leopard and Ridgley which are guys that got them wins last Fall in the playoffs.

Favorite to win this flight: Brookhaven (Odds 4 to 1)
Cline is back, back again, tell a friend. Sorry I digressed into Eminem lyrics, I should remember by target audience at 3.5 has an average age of 65. I think John’s team has a good shot with Cline in the mix because they have solid doubles teams that can find some more wins after Cline gets his point. I would love to see them match up with Westlake on Sunday. This core group of guys has had success but never put it together and I hope Kraemer can make it happen for them and get them all bumped to 4.0 so we can get some more cannon fodder for the Spring. :)

Red Flight: Westlake, CC/Lenehan and CC/Jolly

Longshot: CC/Lenehan (Odds 50 to 1)
I don’t see them finishing anything but last in this flight. I love McHugh’s record and he could even beat Harvey but I don’t see two other wins they could come up with. Although with a player like Robert at the top it can start an upset bid but at best they finish 1-1 and wouldn't do well in a tie situation since they most likely will win 3-2 at best.

Could win but probably won't: CC/Jolly (Odds 15 to 1)
I have tried jumping on their bandwagon before because these are some good guys and I like their talent level because they are a very solid team with good doubles players that compete well even at the 4.0 level. Their struggle will be at singles but I would advise sticking with Brownlee and Retizer and maybe Jolly in singles and going after the doubles with big performers like Parten, Stone x 2, Plummer and Frame.

Strong favorite: Westlake (Odds: EVEN)
This team is pretty solid and added some insurance with Sisk and Vandifer to boost their odds in this flight and also in the final. I do not think they are unbeatable by any means but they have enough strong players to be the favorite. Their match with team Jolly will be tough especially without Norm, Lanny and Robert Haney. John and Danny jumped on late but they will need to step up along with Eddie Johnson because Harvey can only get one win per match.

Final: Brookhaven v. Westlake

Prediction: 3-2 win for Westlake
If this is the final I think it will come down to Cline v. Harvey.
Winner gets the prize no pressure guys but that is why these teams wanted you in the first place.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cline not DQ'ed WTF????

Ok I was hoping to stay off this blog all week but then 3.5 decides to get screwy and go alter a DQ. I think we all talked about 3.5 being boring but OMG it is getting exciting once again.

I wish I had details but I don't know a thing but I do know LTF is now OUT of the playoffs and Brookhaven is IN with Canyon Creek.

Lifetime has to feel like the stepchild, first Flora is DQ'ed AFTER Garland beats LTF and advances to Nats now a DQ is REVERSED and Lifetime is left out of the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if Lifetime Fitness was struck by lightning last night in the storm as well with their luck.

Any details from anyone?? Mr. Kraemer???? Mr. Kaiser???

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Masters Tourney results

In 3.5 David and Enrique just missed out making it to Sunday and no 3.5 doubles from Dallas either.

4.0 has Forrest matching up with Osorio who beat Ismael in a 3rd set TB to secure a finals spot. In Doubles Newman/Voss are in the final, good luck tomorrow guys.

4.5 zzzzzzzzzzzz. Alfonso takes on Sevin. In doubles Kern/Lejia are in the final and we will claim them as Dallasites since they pretty play in every city in TX. Good luck Jason and Ed.

Weekend League Results

So this playoffs is shaping up to be a strange one.

Let's start with the shake up in 3.5. Flight A changed a lot over the week but just two weeks ago it seemed it would be HP and Brookhaven and then the DQ happened and the win by CC/Jolly today and now LTF and CC will be advancing out of flight A.

Flight B ended up as expected with Greenhill and Westlake finishing out strong, Flight C will be a second CC team along with undefeated Samuel Grand.

If I am not mistaken Greenhill is the only team in that bunch to make it to a Spring or Fall playoff championship (not counting QT) in recent 3.5 memory.


Northwood didn't do Branch any favors as they lost 0-5 today and Rusty's crew will be staying home this time around. I have a feeling they will be just fine come April but now for the first time in a while they do not have a spot already sewn up.

In the other flight HP fought close but lost out to OC/Feldman and OC will join the playoffs with Nwood, BH and Royal Oaks.

I think that will be a tough round robin, it would have been great if OC/Branch had been there instead of BH but Harilee's team will be the underdog that the other three might be careful about counting as an easy win.

Friday, November 7, 2008

4.0 Playoff Flights

So although I haven't received a confirmed schedule from the DTA our flights are posted for the 4.0 playoffs on tennislink.

Red Flight
1. HP/Bazan
2. Lakes
3. Lifetime
4. Oak Creek

Blue Flight
1. BH/Pearlman (BHP)
2. HP/Somabut
3. Greenhill
4. BH/Helterbrann(BHH)

I like how this flights look for all involved, it was looking like if Bob's team would have won bigger last weekend the RED flight would have been overstacked but now they seem more even. I actually think the Blue flight overall is stronger. It will be tough for one of them to go 3-0. In our flight it will be tough as well but more possible.

I am looking forward to that weekend but more excited about a Sunday off this weekend. I will put up some odds as we get closer otherwise the next two weeks will seem longer than usual.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mark Gordon Cline DQed at 3.5

So 3.5 tennis just got even more interesting in 3.5 as Mark Gordon Cline was DQed today. I will preface this with saying I love USTA Leagues but this is total bullsh*t. Pull up his record, I don't see the strikes. What happened to you can beat up a player bad if he is at the low end of the scale Olivares played him close and Jairo is average at best. The final strike is against Kaiser and Ferrell, 6-2, 7-5??????????????????

Someone please explain this one to me. I hate to bring up past issues but look at the link below and tell me something isn't wrong with the system:

Yep Mr. Oberto had dominating wins at 3.5 and solid wins at 4.0 and was allowed to continue playing through the playoffs.

I like that the league is trying to police and not necessarily announce it to us but so often players like Mark fall victim to these changes.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Masters Tourney this weekend

So tourneys aren't my expertise but it does look like there should be some good matchups this weekend.

First in 3.5 singles:
Prather looks to have the easier road the final as Molina, Kinson and Ballesteros are in one flight together. Maybe an all Oakridge final between Molina and Prather?

Prather/Blackburn is a tough combo but Max Thompson is a solid player as well although I don't know his partner that well. If I had to pick I guess I would go with LeClair/Kinson to make it to the final and get by Prather/Blackburn.

4.0 singles
Forrest, Tuyen and Ontiveros will battle it out in one flight which I think Fernando should get out of and into the final. Dutchover looms in the other flight and I don't see him losing although Murray is solid. Dutchover v. Ontiveros final looks imminent with Ontiveros coming out on top.

So the former teammates are in the same flight (Newman/Voss and Brouer/Robinson) Dutchover/Nguyen are also here along with Bell/Tierney. This is very tough but I will go with Steven and Keith to get out of this one but barely. I don't know the other players in the the opposing flight as well but Iting/Le faired well at the last tourney so they look to be tough as well as Wood/Zepeda but I see Keith and Steven winning it all.

4.5 Singles
Alfonso Rodriguez is playing and unleash he spots a set and a few games I don't see him losing this tourney. Maybe Zheng could push him in the final but that may be a reach.

Uhhh. I am going to plead ignorance here. I see Alfonso in this draw as well so he will be a factor but that is a lot of matches for him. Kern/Leijia should be solid as well as Patton/Goldberg. Maybe Leach/partner could make noise.

Any other thoughts????

Good luck to all of you especially if you are from D/FW.

4.5 Final weekend

Flight A
Not sure if it is the MOW but the Nwood v. BH match will be very interesting. Will Corey send out the scrubs? Does he have enough scrubs to lose this match? Team Branch will be laying in wait and ready to grab that 2nd spot as they take on Hackberry this week and most likely will sweep and then just wait and see.

Corey, time? place?

Flight B
This just comes down to one match, our MOW in which HP takes on OC Feldman for the 2nd playoff spot. I thought this was a gimme for OC but I have this feeling HP could score the upset here but I don't feel strong enough to go with that hunch and I will take OC Feldman 4-1.

3.5 Final Weekend

Flight A has our MOW as CC/Jolly takes on High Point which should be a good match. I like High Point to win this one but not sure they can sweep it and I think they must because Lifetime has an easier opponent and could win 5-0.

I think someone mentioned BH is not safe and they were right if they are beaten 4-1 or better by LBH they could lose their spot but I don't see that happening.

Flight B
The only thing to watch is if HP/Entrenkin can score an upset on GH and help Oak Creek to get in the playoffs. I am not sure it can happen but it should be a close match. Sorry Oak Creek I just don't see it happening.

Flight C
Canyon Creek should sew up the 2nd spot in this flight as they take on LBH. Oakridge was the early season fav for the whole league and now much like the Dallas Cowboys their season looks like it might just be over. Same goes for Gleneagles who takes on Samuel Grand this Saturday. I will be curious to see how this SG team stacks up come playoff time. I am not sure I see them as a fav quite yet but who knows.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend results

Flight A looks to be very tight and it will come to the final day. Brookhaven is a lock but the other spot is still up for grabs between CC, HP and LTF. CC controls their own destiny. If they beat HP they are in no matter what. If they lose they are out. If HP wins and LTF wins it comes down to who does it most impressively as they are in a virtual tie.

Flight B......................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yep unless Greenhill falls asleep at the wheel they are in even with a close loss in their final match.

Flight C
CC and Sam Grand look to be locks but it is not quite for sure yet.

Well Royal Oaks didn't bring out Ivan Drago and still won, but bringing out Joey Molina isn't a bad 2nd option. Feldman now has a showdown with HP/Pham for the 2nd playoff spot. Winner goes and loser stays home.

Flight A will come down to how Corey decides to play his lineup v. BH in the final match and if BH can beat a lesser lineup that Corey has advertised. I have a feeling it will be close.

I would have to consult AR Hacker to find out when Rusty last missed any type of playoff round, 2001???? It looks like it might happen though.

I am headed off for our match, Jim has already spotted us line 2 singles so we will see how the rest goes. Garland told me they have rescheduled their LBH/Hicks match for 11/8 so they will have to check and see upon returing from AZ if OC/Smith or HP/Somabut faltered and gave them a shot at the final spot.