Friday, July 31, 2009

4.0 Sectionals Preview

So I want Eddie to have a good weekend and talk about himself some more so I decided I would put this out. Thanks to some of you including the Houstonians who offered insights into the teams but as most of you know there is always going to be some mystery at sectionals. I know nobody except the guys from Lubbock in 2008 thought they had a snowballs chance in hell of winning last year.

So it begins with FLIGHT I. It has been nicknamed the FLIGHT OF DEATH and I know some of questions whether team Wild Dallas chose this spot or was put there by Lifetime but in the end it doesn't matter.

Corpus Christi (30 to 1)

I don't know much about them but just have to go off history. I don't think they won't be competitive I just don't see them finishing at the top of this very tough heap of teams.

Noho (15 to 1)

The Houston Blog had some good insights on these guys since they are neighbors so you might want to check that out for exact names, etc. Much like CC I can see how this team could pull off an upset but not 2-3 upset wins to be in contention. They did have a DQ player so you know they aren't just coming for the socks, they will be in the mix and causing trouble for the top three teams.

Fort Worth (8 to 1)

I know this team is very good which shows you just how good this flight is since I am picking them to finish 3rd. Munz seems like a lock to win and strong players like Spector, Bell, Reid, Wynn, Lopez and Stetzer will make them very tough to beat. I think it will be depend on just what doubles teams Wynn and Lopez match up against. I think they might be beaten by Bob's top line or SA's top line so it will be important to land the right matchups and they may just come out on top.

Wild San Antonio (5 to 1)

I think it has been noted elsewhere that even though this team came in second they are probably the better SA team and may just be the top team in Texas. Everyone knows the names Wood and Zepeda but there are some solid results from other guys on this team like Mojico, Pacheco, Mugueroza and Vaca. I wish I knew more personally about this team but just on paper this team is pretty scary. Due to the depth they seem to have at doubles was the reasoning I see them just a cut above FW.

Wild Dallas (2 to 1)

Call me a homer but I have to get behind Team Bob. After last years shocking flight disaster in the final match I think this group is very focused on one goal and that is making it back to Sunday. There are no secrets this team will be carried by Johnson, Featherstone, Weymer, Fenn, Jarad and Robinson. They will only go as far as these six players can go and that is not a knock against the other guys but I don't think they are relying on wins from anyone else. With that said if Carlquist/Nguyen can reemerge as a force they could make it hard for the other top teams to take a doubles line.

Flight II

This is a rather strange flight and I have a feeling it might get decided early on Saturday morning as Austin takes on Lifetime.

Wild Waco (75 to 1)

I don't think I am the first or last to say it is shocking this team is coming to sectionals. I would be shocked if they take a match against anyone.

QT-College Station (50 to 1)

Another wierd entry, they played Abilene for a right to come to Dallas so I guess they and Wild Waco can battle it out for 4th place.

Lubbock (25 to 1)

I know nobody will overlook this team but I am not sure they are bringing any firepower this time around. I have a feeling one or two names on this roster my jump up and surprise somebody because I find it hard to believe after a taste of winning they will just come and play for fun.

Austin (8 to 1)

I know they might not to want to hear it again but most don't think they are best Austin team but they can commiserate with Eddie on how that feels as they play each other. Peterson, Barlas and Spacek anchor a pretty strong team but nothing jumps out and says Sunday contender on this team but maybe they will just gut out another big win and prove everyone wrong and maybe get a rematch with Wild Austin.

Lifetime (EVEN)

To quote Jacques (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit as I wrote that). It is hard for me to pick against them after listing the resumes of the other teams in this flight. This team is pretty good. Myers can win against just about anyone out there and in Eddie's mind he can beat anyone playing including guys in the 5.5 bracket. I hate to put the pressure on the other guys but their success will come down to guys like Kennedy, Moore, Brinkman, BMO and Shahab. This team was dangerously close to not making out of the QT with a tough win over OC and I have a feeling they will face another similar test and it will come down to the doubles guys to come up big. I see them as a slam dunk to get to Sunday (morning that is).

Flight III

This flight is all about the Hurricanes, they had their storm quashed by Springpark last year but I don't see that happened this time around. Kudos to the USTA for not putting Houston and Dallas in the same flight.

Valley (50 to 1)

I know Adrian brings this team every year and I admire that but this hill is just too steep for this team.

SETX and Midland (30 to 1)

Have finished middle of the pack in previous years and I don't see anything changing this time around. Morris and Shanks of SETX are very solid but one line v. the Canes or SA will not make it that interesting.

San Antonio (15 to 1)

This is the only team that poses any type of threat to the mighty Hurricanes. Names like Collier, Purser, Murray, Judkins (2), Garza and Del Rio look rather impressive. I actually see them matching up pretty well with the Hurricanes and by pretty well I mean just close enough to have Jason sweat for 20 to 30 minutes but as talented as this team is I just think they are notch below Houston. Bad luck for them I think they might have had enough to take out SAP or Lifetime in the other flights.

Houston-Hurricanes (5 to 2)

This team is full of talent and although they might not have top tier talent as in the last two years I think they have better depth. I mean they didn't even put Towle on the team. :) Vargas, Foster, Inting, Rice and others will make this team a force to be reckon all through the weekend. There is one name that scares me if I was a an opposing captain. Chambert, two matches, didn't play in the playoffs...hmmmmmmmmm RINGER, maybe? I could be wrong.

Flight IV

This flight might just be the most balanced but I still see if coming down to Waco v. Houston for the top spot but wouldn't be surprised if all teams end up with at least one loss.

San Angelo (20 to 1)
I am sure Team Bob would love to tell folks how not to underestimate this group and they return some of that same group that ruined a High Point return trip to Sunday a year ago. I find it hard to seem them landing at the top of the flight but would not be surprised for them to play spoiler once again.

Wild FW (15 to 1)
Not a bad team at all in fact they have some depth but Paul Trevino is one of their strongest singles players which is great if this wasn't Texas Sectionals. I see them involved in some close 2-3 losses.

NETX (10 to 1)
This team much like San Angelo could beat just about any team listed in this flight but not sure if they can win 4 matches or have a high enough win total to beat out Waco and Houston. The captain is a strong player as well Mercer and Bratcher who had good success when they ventured out of NETX. They team they beat to make it here was pretty solid so I know they are battled tested and ready to go.

Waco (7 to 1)
Freeman warned me about this group a year ago and Bill has a shot at returning to glory as he grabbed some of his old national champions and will take another run at it. Bill is strong himself and the Houston blog noted that Westbrook was the lynch pin to success so we will see if he can come out for 4 matches and help them get to Sunday. I know Hillestad/Schroeder from tri-level and I lost a close match to them with a very good partner. They are good and will be a tough out.

Houston-SAP (2 to 1)
Hard to pick against this team who made it through a very tough Houston 4.0 league. Some of these names sound painfully familiar from 3.5 sectionals a couple of years ago (Tongol, Goodwin and Johnson). In addition there are strong names like Alpard, Vu, Sontag and Grego. Then there is the big dog Chris Towle, who has been hitting with us lately during the week. He is as good as any 4.0 player here in Dallas.

Sunday: Dallas v. Wild Dallas, Houston v. Wild Houston

Sunday afternoon: SECTIONALS GONE WILD and the winner is WILD HOUSTON in a close 3-2 match that I will come watch.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Men's 3.5 Texas Sectional

Flight 1
San Antonio
Fort Worth

Friday 7/31
7:00 am. San Antonio vs. Huffhines (Greenhill)
11:30 am. Amarillo vs. Huffhines (Greenhill)

Saturday 8/1
11:30 am. Huffhines vs. Fort Worth (Greenhill)
4:00 pm. NETX vs. Huffhines (Greenhill)

Flight 2 Teams
Corpus Christi
QT- Abilene
Wild Austin

Friday 7/31
8:30 am. Wild Austin vs. Garland (Greenhill)
5:30 pm. Corpus Christi vs. Garland (Greenhill)
Saturday 8/1
8:30 am. Garland vs. QT-Abilene (Greenhill)
1:00 pm. Garland vs. SETX (Greenhill)

Sunday 8/2
7:00 am. Semi-Finals (LB Houston)
10:00 am. Finals (LB Houston)
Complete Schedule HERE
Sectional Results HERE

Put your petty differences aside and get out and root for some DALLAS

7am ?!?!?! Ouch...especially at LB Houston, I'm pretty sure that there's no Starbucks over there.
But seriously we are blessed to have the sectionalS in ouR backyard almost every year.
That's a huge home field advantage.
And I have it on good authority that Sisk has already lined up the cocaine and hookers to send over to Abilene's, Corpus', SETX's, and Austin's hotel rooms. That's how Durty does it!
Good luck to all.

Monday, July 20, 2009

3.5 City Wrap-Up


and Runner-up

It was a week-end with more drama than a sleep over at Michal Jackson's house.

Vs Garland, Lifetime may have won the battle but lost the war.
Huffines failled to go un-defeated.
Greenhill got to play the spoiler.
And Garland showed everybody how to do it Durty

Epic Fail of the Year
You all know who it had to be....Lifetime Fitness

They had it all in the palm of there hands and jerked the wheel to the left and flew off the cliff.
Three match points vs Huffines in the first round, and had their destiny in their own hands in the final match vs Greenhill and could not pull a doubles line.

Winners Win! and everybody knows what losers do.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

4.0 DCC Underway

So the first matches are in the books and things have gone according the form (at least the form I predicted) as Garland won a close match over Springpark and TBar M beat out Brookhaven. I was surprised at the two Brookhaven wins at doubles. I wasn't shocked they won two lines it was just how lopsided line 3 doubles was but in the end that will be forgotten but it doesn't bode well for them matching up against Lifetime later this afternoon.

Today's Blue Flight Matches:

11a: Lifetime v. Brookhaven
There was no Renwick last night, I hope he shows today or this match will be all but decided when the lineups are handed in. With him I see a close 4-1 win for LTF. Although I wouldn't be surprised if BH could take two lines of singles because Mel is underated.

3p: What will be the showdown for a sectional spot between TBar M and Lifetime. I wish I had seen TBar M play more recently because just going off a hunch I had them winning big yesterday and that has me leaning back towards Lifetime winning this match. I know they won but I was waiting for a big thumping and they will need to step it up with that same lineup v. LTF to get the win.

Today's Red Flight Matches
11a: HP v. Springpark
A showdown between last year's sectional teams and one is guaranteed to stay home this year and possibly both if HP falters. I don't see how SP matches up here at all. I don't think Woods or McGowan can take out Featherstone and just too much talent at doubles for HP to lose this match.

3p: HP v. Garland
This should be two 1-0 teams playing for sectionals. I think both will pull out their best lineup and I have to stick with HP on this match.

I wish I could make it out but going to LBH is just too far, maybe if they played at Lifetime Fitness and I could hop in the pool when I got too hot I would make it out. I am thinking about making a Sunday trip out to watch some tennis but most likely not 4.0 since that match will be rather boring.

Good luck to all today. Well almost all of you. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3.5 City Chapionships

Time for the final Showdown....
Garland-Huffines-LifeTime-GreenHill-to a lesser extent brookhaven
We blew up the mid season ratings board yesterday, but the time for talk is over now,
Time to see who is the real deal and who is up on some bull.

Round 1
Friday 8pm LB Houston
Garland vs Brookhaven
Huffines vs Greenhill

Round 2
Saturday 11am Brookhaven
Greenhill vs Brookhaven
Huffines vs Lifetime

Round 3
Saturday 3pm Northwoods
Garland vs GreenHill
Lifetime vs Brookhaven

Round 4
Sunday 9am Canyon Creek
Garland vs Lifetime
Brookhaven vs Huffhines

Round 5
Sunday 3pm Brookhaven
Greenhill vs Lifetime
Garland vs Huffhines

By the fifth round it looks like there will still be a lot on the line, especially since there are two spots in the Sectionals up for grabs.
Can Garland and Huffhines make it to the last round undefeated?
Can Greenhill surprise everyone with a friday upset?
Should be fun to see.

USTA City Championships Link

Mid Season Ratings are out

Start your appealing......

How do I appeal my rating down? Click here for the official online appeal form. You will be asked to 'register' for a team. Put in your USTA number along with the team number 0000540822 for women or 0000540823 for men. You will get a note that your rating is too high for the team entered and will see the option to appeal your rating. When you do appeal, the system will immediately determine whether you are within the allowable range. If your appeal is granted, it will be automatically and immediately changed. If denied, then your appeal cannot be granted. There is no appeal fee or deadline

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4.5 DCC

Here is the DCC schedule along with my predictions for each match.

Saturday at 9 a.m.

Branch v. Feldman
Brookhaven v. Royal Oaks

Very interesting potential singles matchups in both of these. James v. Viktorin, Molina v. Hall, and Andrus v. Sechen (most intriguing) are possibilities. Outside of these matchups, the rest are pretty standard in my opinion.

Branch takes Feldman 4-1 and Royal Oaks takes Brookhaven 3-2. Sechen frustrates Andrus and Brookhaven pulls out a doubles line somewhere.

Sunday at 9 a.m.

Royal Oaks v. Branch
Feldman v. Brookhaven

Branch squeaked by Royal Oaks the last time but Branch has a little more to play for this time and I expect a more dominant win this time. Royal Oaks will have to sweep singles to have a chance. Feldman and Brookhaven should be fairly competitive but the loser of this match will surely be eliminated.

Branch beats Royal Oaks 4-1 with Molina or Andrus getting their first loss of the season.
Feldman over Brookhaven 4-1. I would love to see Viktorin v. Sechen.

Sunday at 1 p.m.

Branch v. Brookhaven
Feldman v. Royal Oaks

The championship will be all but decided by this point in the weekend. Brookhaven doesn't have the depth to compete in the third match of the weekend. Branch should roll through. Feldman and Royal Oaks could also be competitive. Interesting to see which singles players can recover from the morning matches and be successful in the afternoon.

Branch d. Brookhaven 4-1
Feldman d. Royal Oaks 3-2

Final Standings

Branch 3-0
Feldman 2-1
Royal Oaks 1-2
Brookhaven 0-3

Which singles players will go undefeated? Who will win the feature matchups? I'm sad that I probably won't be able to go watch much but hopefully you bloggers will keep us updated with real-time results.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Denise Terrill Tournament Registration Open

So it is that time of year again when a very solid tournament comes to Dallas. Many of you played last year and I urge you to sign up again for a great tournament with a great cause behind it.

Here is the link to register:

Entries Close Tuesday, July 28, 2009 11:59 PM (CST)

Here is the link to read more about the charity, sadly as you can read here the young woman whose life had been affected by Neurofibromatosis passed on last month at the age of 33.

It does take place on 4.0-5.0 sectional weekend but I know a few teams that were just eliminated and this is a good reason to come out and play some tennis that weekend. (HP/Nguyen, Huffhines/Noel, OC/Smith, Village, Brookhaven and SWAT team)

I hope to see you all out there, Lucky Thunder will be signed up for the 4.0 singles draw hoping to improve upon last years' run to the consolation semifinals. Also looking for a doubles partner, email me if you are interested (deuce court player preferred) but we can work that out if necessary.

4.0 QT Results, Look Ahead to the DCC

I was unable the come up with a picture of this weekend's winners so this is the closest one I could find online. I think you can guess which one looks most like Eddie. The pasty white one does resemble BMO slightly.

Congrats to Lifetime for having a great weekend going undefeated, oops wait I mean going 3-1 and only losing to the SWAT team. It was a very tough tourney with 4 good teams and Brookhaven. Just messing with you Brad. Brookhaven was missing two solid players all weekend and already had a slim roster but put out a strong effort this weekend. The Village scored an upset on Friday night which sent the SWAT team reeling and we never could get back on stride. OC also was hampered by a small roster but came dangerously close to winning the weekend as they lost a very close match to Lifetime on Friday night. I thank all the captains and players for great on and off the court behavior unlike the stories I heard from the 4.5 QT tourney. Trust me I wanted nothing more to win this weekend but I genuinely like the other teams and wish Lifetime well next weekend and beyond.

Speaking of beyond. DCC flights are out:

Red Flight
High Point/Bob

Friday @ 8p (Garland v. Springpark)
Saturday @ 11a (Springpark v. HP)
Saturday @ 3p (HP v. Garland)

This flight is very tough but knowing each team it will be hard for me to pick against the usual favorite of HP/Bob. This team is always good in doubles and now they have some singles players to back it up now so watch out. With that said Springpark and Garland are not overmatched they have solid play at singles and doubles but I just don't see the depth to match up 8 v 8. If I had to pick the 2nd team I would go with Garland just because I think the match up well with Springpark. Garland does have the best draw since they don't have to play a back to back and HP/Bob will not be able to rest singles players with McGowan and Woods playing in the morning match so there might be hope for Durdy Garland.

Blue Flight
TBar M
Lifetime Fitness

Friday @ 8p (TBar M v. Brookhaven)
Saturday @ 11a (Brookhaven v. Lifetime)
Saturday @ 3p (Lifetime v. TBar M)

I see this flight about the same way with Lifetime being the favorite to win but they do have the disadvantage of playing the doubleheader on Saturday. I just don't see Brookhaven being competitive in this flight. They don't match up well with either team. It should come down to Saturday at 3p with TBar M v. Lifetime. I originally had Lifetime in my mind cruising in this matchup but I am not as confident after some overnight thoughts. I think this match will be very close and if you forced me to pick it I have to pick Lifetime but by the narrowest of margins.

Good luck this weekend.

Friday, July 10, 2009

3.5 QT

3.5 QT Champs
Lifetime Fitness/Kaiser

Undefeated in the QT
(as requested by "Huff-Whines")
Team ____Wins Loses
Lifetime _____4 ____ 0
Fretz _______3 ____ 1
HighPoint ___ 2 ____ 2
Westlake____ 1 _____3
Lakes _______0 _____4

Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 Dallas Fall Preseason Adult Team Tournament

This is a one-of-a-kind event that caters to men’s and women’s USTA teams who want to prepare for the 2009 Fall season and have fun, competitive matches in a playoff-like atmosphere. Buffet and beer will be included at the conclusion of the event for all participants!!!

DATE: Friday August 21 and Saturday August 22. Every team will play one match Friday evening and two matches on Saturday, guaranteed!!!

ELIGIBILITY: Any USTA men’s or women’s team that is going to compete in the fall season (of any level) is eligible to sign up for this event. Only players who are officially signed up on your team are allowed to play.

SITES: The main site is Fair Oaks Tennis Center and additional sites include Huffhines Tennis Center and Village Tennis Center.

PARTY: Party for all participants will take place at the Village Tennis Center on Saturday August 22 at approximately 6 p.m. Kegs of beer and a buffet will be available for all players.

FORMAT: Teams will sign up as a team and compete as a team in their appropriate level. Only players signed up on a team’s USTA roster will be eligible to play. Each team must have a minimum of 8 players to compete in 2 singles and 3 doubles matches every round. Each team is guaranteed 3 matches (win or lose) and teams will be divided into even-numbered flights. A USTA official will be provided at each site. All USTA rules apply. Matches will play regular scoring, two sets with a third-set tiebreaker being played in lieu of a third set. Teams will be divided according to their level, although levels could be combined if draws are small, just like any other tournament. Teams will be able to warm-up 30 minutes prior to the match and lineups must be exchanged at least 10 minutes prior to the match start time. Draws will be distributed via e-mail to all captains.

COST: $27.50 per player paid by team captain or team representative. Once the captain determines how many players he/she will have available, he/she will pay for the entire team. Your payment is your entry so, once we receive the check, your team will be entered in the event. There is no limit on the number of players you can have on your roster, but every team must have a minimum of 8 players.

Make checks payable to Rains Tennis Works, Inc. and mail to:

Fair Oaks Tennis Center

7501 Merriman Pkwy

Dallas, TX 75231

This should be a great event and a great opportunity for teams to get prepared for the start of the regular season. This is also a great chance for teams that don’t normally make the playoffs to compete in a team competition.

Contact Corey Noel at 214-670-1495 or with any questions you may have or to sign your team up.

I will also answer questions about this event here.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4.0 QT Tourney

I want to make sure Alex and Eddie have a good 4th of July weekend so I thought I would go ahead and breakdown the QT Tourney that starts next weekend.

#1 Seed: Lifetime (Team Eddie)
Returns again to the playoffs touting they are the "best" and based on seedings they are, so the DTA has decided to forego the matches and award them a trip to the DCC. But then Andre was DQ'ed and they decided to make them play it out. They do boast an impressive roster as they did in the Fall now with a rejuvenated Myers and improved Mudsam. New recruits like Studey, Gonzalez, Shahab, McAfee and Moore will need to contribute because temps should be hovering at 100 degrees and Brandon most likely cannot play 4 singles matches since his opponents will be much stronger than the early rounds of the East Texas MZ. I am guessing Hill and Studey will anchor some other singles lineups and that is where it might get tricky. They are the favorite to advance but then again weren't they the favorite to win the Fall and we all know how that turned out.

#2 Seed: HP/Bazan (SWAT)
I didn't even realize we were the #2 seed, our season has not gone as planned with some setbacks and injuries along with the way. I am proud how my guys escaped at the Lakes and then after a tough loss at Brookhaven turned up the heat to finish strong. After getting beaten by Bob in the Fall I realized we needed to get deeper and we did but unfortunately I feel I could always use more. We relied heavily on singles in the Fall and now I think our team has actually become stronger in doubles and our singles crew has grown with Victor and Mark Carter being added to that part of our team. I am confident we will do well next weekend but I am not making any insane predictions. I know there will be 4 tough opponents in front of us but I feel we are a team peaking at the right time.

#3 Seed: Oak Creek/Smith
This team was a sleeper in the Fall playoffs but there are no secrets this time around, they have very solid doubles play and singles play that can scratch out victories when needed. The addition of Campbell was big as well as Myrick. Galnares has had mixed results as a new singles player and got double bageled in the season finale v. Lifetime. The rest of the crew returns from the Fall. The roster size of 12 seems small but all 12 should play although I am guessing some players like Webb and Barnhard may have to help out at singles which will leave some gaps that players like Galnares and Kelley cannot fill. While I can't call them the favorite I am all but certain if one the "favs" falters it will be because this team stepped up and took them down.

#4 Seed: Brookhaven/Bartlett
Our team knows firsthand not to overlook this team. They may have stumbled hard against Garland but so did most other teams this season. Don Buford will be a huge key, just how many matches can he play for them. They have a bye Friday night so that means he would have to play two back to backs. Past Don the singles options start to get questionable with Moore, Archer, Deutch and Lazzara. Archer is probably their best 2nd option but yet again he would have to play four times. Moore is someone who is not your normal singles player and his playing style might actually be good for the heat since he either aces you or double faults. Doubles are the strength but they are little thinner than years past and at this level since Buford is not a guarantee as he is most weeks I am not sure I like their chances to win 4 matches.

#5 Seed: Village/Johnson
This is the surprise team for sure but I for one am not shocked because looking at their roster compared to LBH/Hicks this team was just better and I am glad they have joined the QT dance. With that said now we have to play them on opening night. For them it will start with John Vacalis who has never lost a singles match in league or tourney play. Yep you heard me right and he took out Renwick (2 and 2) He is a force to be reckon with and by the way they guy doesn't lose at doubles either. Along with him they tout some good doubles players like Burt, Gregory, Smith, Deitrick and Sestak. Bebb and Montgomery are not too bad themselves although not quite to the level of the previous ones listed. My only apprehension in putting them high on the list is their lack of playoff experience and the fact that after this top 8 they drop off considerably. The rest of the roster are good 4.0s but not playoff caliber and in round robin play you need some bench strength. They do still have a shot at scoring some upsets and most of these guys are young so who knows maybe they will just play all the matches.

Friday night @ LB Houston-8 PM
Lifetime v. OC
SWAT v. Village

Sat 9 AM @ Brookhaven
Brookhaven v. SWAT
OC v. Village

Sat 1PM @ Greenhill
Village v. Lifetime
Brookhaven v. OC

Sun 11a @ Northwood
Lifetime v. Brookhaven

Sun 3p @ Brookhaven
SWAT v. Lifetime
Village v. Brookhaven

Lifetime: EVEN
SWAT: 3 to 1
OC: 6 to 1
Village: 12 to 1
Brookhaven: 15 to 1

I am looking forward to a good weekend of tennis, see you all then.