Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tourney Deadlines, League deadlines and challenge ladder tourney starting

So much going on I will just combine some thoughts.

First, the deadline for the Denise Terrill tournament is TOMORROW. The sign ups have jumped us this week but I hope more of you can get registered to make these draws even bigger. I look forward to seeing some of you at the tourney next weekend.

Also the USTA Fall League starts the weekend of September 6-7 with the playoffs slated for November 21-23. This is a change from previous fall season where we played up until Thanksgiving and had the playoffs the first week of December. Unless my math is bad there are 11 possible weekends and no holidays in there so hopefully we get plenty of scheduled matches for this fall season. Deadline for signing up a minimum of 8 players is AUGUST 10th. Please sign up in time and don’t stress out your team captain.

I know there is a combo tourney going on as well but that is just overkill, YIKES too much tennis too little time.

OC BL has started a tennis forum for players in search of teams and teams in search of players. I know some of you were bumped up or bumped down recently and if you no longer have a team I am sure there is someone who needs you. I know I still need some players for the two 4.0 teams I am coordinating. So check out the link to the RIGHT >>>>.

Thanks to OC BL for setting up our first challenge ladder tournament as well which gets underway Monday. We have a 32 player draw and some great matchups. Next time you see OC BL, Klameckopolis or whatever he might be going by that day please thank him for all the work he does to keep us entertained. He truly is Jason (wunderkind) Garrett and I am kind of like Wade (Big Doofus) Phillips. I hope combined we can provide you with all your tennis needs.

Sectionals Baby!!

Ok so only some of you are that excited since the majority of us are not playing this weekend but I hope you all can get out and see a match this weekend and if nothing else try and make it out to the finals on Sunday. The semis for 4.0 are at 7 AM (hello SBUX) @ LBH and 4.5 semis are at 9 AM @ Brookhaven

4.0 Finals: 12:30 PM @ Brookhaven
4.5 Finals: 1 PM @ Brookhaven

Unfortunately another team has pulled out of the 4.5 draw. The Valley team due to personal reason and lack of players had to pull out last minute and the rumor is another FW team will advance in their place. That means I won’t get to see Alfonso Rodriguez play I was looking forward to seeing how he would stack up in sectional league play but there is still some good players to see in action this weekend.

I know we have said many times we would cheer on Dallas teams and secretly to ourselves wished they would get swept out of flight play. But remember if any of our teams advance to nationals they have to “move up together or split up” so....... Go Springpark! Go High Point!
Even AR Hacker might hope this is the year that Branch’s team can win sectionals and have to break up this team. Also if they are busy booking flights to Nationals one of us can win the fall league and secure our playoff spot for next year.

Best of luck to the four teams and you 5.0+ players as well!!!

I will see you this weekend and post results and thoughts as you know them. I will post via comment here all weekend and maybe start a Sunday thread if warranted if some of our teams are still in it by then.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Challenge Ladder Tournament

The Challenge ladder Tournament is Coming in August.

Seeding will be determined by you ladder rank so if you want to improve you position I would recommend you get some matched played ASAP.

More details to come soon!!!!

OC BL (your ladder coordinator)
(I think I would be seeded last, yikes do I have to play Noaman first, that sux! You are going down Noaman)

4.5 Sectionals

I might sound like a homer but I think the two reps at 4.5 have a chance to make it far next weekend. I had a chance to watch them play each other and these guys are good.

Branch is built on depth and has top players from top to bottom and even on the bench. Royal Oaks is built in the other common USTA league way, "get three ringers and then fill the rest of the roster up with good guys.". Royal Oaks will rely on the big three of Molina, Bui and Gonzales but those are three guys I would love to depend on in a tourney like this. Gonzales has smooth and powerful strokes, Molina wears you down with a slice that probably literally cuts into the ball and Bui has the whole package.

Here is a look at what they will see.


8:30a @ Greenhill v. Wild Austin (last minute entry from Austin blogger Tatu)
This team is good but not sure if all were prepared to make this trip before they got the call. One thing is for sure coming in 2nd in the town where the national rep came from is not a bad accomplishment. They will be tough test for Branch's group.

1p @ Greenhill v. FW
The battle for the metroplex and most likely this flight occurs at GH at 1p. FW has some good history but so does Branch. FW has a couple of new guys that are supposed to put them over the top but not sure they can matchup from 1-8. This should be a great match.

noon v. Abilene @ Brookhaven. This is a curious one, this QT qualifying team had to play some good teams to qualify. Dallas will obviously know by this point how good they are and of course they have the hammer Jason Kern playing for them so they will be tough and not go down easy.

Royal Oaks

8:30a @ TBAR v. Houston
What a way to get your morning started, I would love to watch this but I already called in for a "doctor's appt" to watch a 4.0 match. I will be checking my computer to find out this score. I am obviously pulling for wild Dallas here but I am not sure they can match up but if there is a time to play them it is when the big 3 are fresh and that might just be the difference.

1p @ TBAR v. Corpus Christi
All the talk is about Maingot but I am not sure this young gun is in the same league with Bui or Gonzales but might be able to take Molina depending on his skill set. I am not sure how deep the CC team but this will not be an easy match after a 2 hour or less break coming off the big Houston match.

10a @ Greenhill v. Waco
Not a bad way to end the flight, kind of hard to look at this Waco team, they did not really have to play anyone to get here and not sure they are up to the task of taking on this Dallas team.

Friday, July 25, 2008

FW Major starts today

Kern has made some good picks in the previous post about this tourney. This looks a lot more like a major zone draw than the SA one did so you all should get some good tennis.

Good luck to you Dallasites and I guess you Fort Worthians.

Post any results you know as they come in.

Sectionals Week One Preview 4.0

We have two strong reps from Dallas. Springpark will be in Flight I.


1st match 7a v. Abilene @ LBH: This should be one of those get off the court match quick matches and it won't be too hot at 7a so this not a bad way to start the tourney.

2nd match 11:30a @ LBH v. Wild Valley: It is also hard for me to see this 2nd place Valley team making a dent in Springpark. Not a bad way to start for them and shouldn't be sore at all on Saturday, no heavy drinking on Friday night Mitch, it will get tougher on Day 2.


3rd match 7a @ LBH v. Waco. I know Bill Sanders won Nats two years ago but most if not all of the group is gone. Although they cannot afford to take a team like this lightly.

4th and final flight match:
4p v. Jason Freeman's Houston team @ LBH: This will be a great matchup and I will be shocked if both teams are not 3-0 when they meet each other. If I pick a winner I am just guessing because it all depends on how the lineups fall. The winner of this match has to be the favorite to win on Sunday.

High Point/Somabut (loud cheering, ooooo, aaaaaah) will be competing in Flight IV

Bob's team got the wild card and avoided a tough Houston team but still have to contend with some good teams.

1st match. 7a v. Noho @ Greenhill-Not a bad match to start off with although they are a solid team that will require an early morning Starbucks run for the team. This is one my way to work so I hope to stop by for the ending. They have a big roster but nothing that is making me quake in my sandals except for a few mysterious new self raters and some others mentioned on the Houston blog. This could be High Point's toughest match although #2 is not easy.

2nd match 11:30a v. FW @ Greenhill
This will possibly be the toughest match for the HP boys. FW has more than a few solid players that have done well in sectionals competitions before. I think this will come down to depth which I don't believe FW has but if they can push HP here if the lineups fall a certain way.

3rd match 7a v. Valley @ Greenhill
I think it is toughest on them to get all the way up here but they usually bring the minimum players and are tough to beat. The should be rested on this 2nd day but not sure they can contend with this HP team.

4th match 11:30a v. San Angelo @ Greenhill
If this flight gets tough and all have one loss this is the type of match you want as your final match. If HP needs a sweep they could get it here and if they need to rest players they could also use this match for that reason. Not ragging on San Angelo, I actually went to college there so I have many fond memories and many events I don't remember fully. Go RAMS!!!

I would love to see Dallas v. Wild Dallas final on Sunday and I plan on watching the final, so make sure you guys get there because the odds of me waking up at 6a to drive down and watch the semis are very slim.

Go Big D!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

FW Major Zone Draws Posted

3.5 Singles
Molina get the number one seed and he better win or I will feel bad for losing to him last week. GO ENRIQUE!!! Getz, Reitzer. Two other favs meet in the first round Wisdom v. Koziol. The bottom half of this draw is tough though with Ballestreros, Prather and Lookabough as well as the two previous mentioned who hit each other on day one. This is one of the better 3.5 draws of the year from what I can remember.

Aranda/Prather and Kinson/LeClair are the two top seeds and will be tough to beat but I do seem some other team members of the FW sectionals 3.5 team looking to get some quality matches in before August 8-10.

4.0 Singles
This draw is massive, I can only imagine next year when most of the 3.5ers will be still rated 4.0 by this time next year. Ansari got the #1 seed let’s see what he can do with it. Feuille is the #5 seed and has to be a fav to make it far. He could hit Nguyen in the semis which would be a good matchup. The very bottom of this draw much like the 3.5 draw is tough, Blackwell, Gonzalez, Blackwell, Khaning, Carter and Dreskin and I didn’t even mention Trey Mckinney v. Dutchover in the 1st ROUND. That really sucks, that could be a final. I will go out on a limb and say the loser of this match will win consolation.

Newman/Voss have #1 seed but had a bad weekend at the DCC so maybe this tourney can get them back on track. Brouer/Robinson are at the bottom of the draw as the #2 seed again. Let’s see if they can make it to Sunday together. Dutchover/Nguyen might do well if not worn out from doing so well in singles like they have been lately. Morrison/Nishsaki could be a good combo and Hai Nguyen is missing a partner but whomever it is should be solid. Mckinney/Russell also look strong.

4.5 Singles
Another strong draw with Zheng, Kern, Kallus, Noel, Bigam, Wise, Champagne, Warren, Viktorin, Jelev. I see Don Buford and Trey Berry playing up. Not sure if this was the tourney to play up in but best of luck to you guys. Hard to pick a winner in this bracket, I will leave that up to Corey or Jason who know more about this pack of 4.5ers.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Final day of DCC

So a great day of tennis yesterday still has a lot up in the air in some of the divisions.

Garland and High Pt are tied at the top with Oak Creek and Lifetime trying to claw their past them. Two sets of matches today. One is underway now and will go a long way to determining the two sectional spots.

Someone mentioned Flora and Slemon are in DQ limbo and I have to agree. They are probably playing one another right now and my guess would be the winner of that match gets yet another strike. It doesn't really hurt Slemon to win big since his team is out of it and Flora can't let off the gas either because Garland can't afford a 2nd loss and he is their lone superstar left although Rockjock is winning well in dubs this weekend.

The Lifetime/Garland match was curious since Ferrell decided to throw Beck to the wolves and take one for the team but OMG Flora wasn't there and he was playing Key who he lost to in straight sets. If LTF doesn't advance that has to be a decision they will think about for awhile. I have to think there was someone else on the roster who could have beaten Key in singles.

High Point and Greenhill play one another after both beating TBar M yesterday. I have a feeling this match might be closer than expected but it depends on the lineup. If John can get out his best 8 which would include Durand, Windham/Ryan, Contreras, Englsebard and Sline and take your pick at throwing in the last two I think they could give High Point problems.

The High Point doubles has looked vulenarable, I really expected the pairings of Newman/Voss and Robinson/Brouer to drop the hammer but they haven't quite dominated. Should be a great match.

Springpark v. Lakes could be interesting, I know my Lakes coughed up a big one yesterday but they have the guys to hang with Springpark and Jim is managing playing time and that might cost him a close one but most likely Springpark will advance.

5p Final: I think Jim put it best, this will not be a tankfest but the best 16 players will probably not be on the court and if I were them I wouldn't put them out either. This is a good time to put out the bench players and have them prove themselves for playing time at sectionals. I would be shocked to see McGowan and Davis on the court although they have managed their scores well.

All but sealed for Royal Oaks and OC/Branch. I don't see these teams going down and losing their top two spots.

T Bar won and is advancing to sectionals, congrats guys!

Friday, July 18, 2008

DCC begins

So there is a dearth of men’s tennis tonight, only the 3.5ers in action. It is ladies night at the DCC.

Only matches are Gleneagles v. OC. Should be a fairly easy win to start off the tourney for OC but don’t take the GECC lightly they have a few strong players.

The interesting matchup is the bad blood bowl between Garland and High Point. Can the 4.5 ringers Flora and Courtney carry the night over a doubles heavy High Point lineup? Gunfire in the background, grievances, Highland Park phenoms, 3.0 nationals champions, Rock Jock and Big John. Oh this might be more like a circus instead of a tennis match.

Someone call me when this one is done, I would love to know how it turns out. You have my number.

Action will ramp up tomorrow morning with numerous matches. I hope to make it down to the Royal Oaks v. OC/Branch match at Greenhill. I think that has the potential to be the best looking match of the weekend. So I am going to try and drag myself out of bed to see that one and then retreat back to my air conditioned home and check the computer every so often in between laps in the pool.

Best of luck to all you, even the sandbaggers (they need love to)!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Message from USTA Texas

2008 Early Season Ratings--7/15/08 7:29 PM

The 2008 Early Season ratings will be available Wednesday afternoon, July 16. We apologize for the delay, but we have been instructed by the national office that they are double-checking some information.

We are looking at "dirty" Garland and "evil" Springpark as well as "cheating pros" Royal Oaks.

For whatever reason that last sentence isn't on the site anymore but I swear it was there before when I looked. Totally sucks I was going to watch the all-star game tonight and needed something to do while it was on since baseball is so damn boring.

Thursday night tennis:
Anyone looking to get some last minute warm-up for the DCC or get out some stress for losing in the QT come join me and a few others at Frisco HS at 6:30 PM this Thursday. If you can come later should be OK, there will be players there till late. RSVP to me if you think you are coming.

Monday, July 14, 2008

4.0 DCC thoughts/odds

4.0 Blue Flight (odds to go to sectionals)
Well High Point earned this starting last July when they put their fall team together and have kept this going and I don’t see the journey ending this weekend. I don’t think it matters who wins the flight playoff and to be honest winning a trophy and getting to see Jason Freeman’s Houston team early at sectionals doesn’t seem that exciting (AAAHHH, I just had a flashback. OK I am better now)

High Point EVEN
I don’t think the loss of Blumberg kills them but he was a good addition to this team because it forced other teams to respect them at singles and not send a strong player down to doubles to attempt to get them there. It is now up to Keller to be that guy at the top where he hasn’t really played before. Guys like Dreskin, Brouer and Pickett may have to step up and take some singles matches to insure they win this weekend. If they miss sectionals it would be a major upset.

Greenhill 50 to 1
A team not to be forgotten but not sure they stack up with these top four teams. They do have experience throughout this team but I am not sure they have any big guns other than Contreras that other teams must account for. I like them to score one unexpected win that will surprise us but don’t think they could beat multiple teams in this round robin.

T Bar M 100 to 1
As high as I will go on the odds and I know I shouldn’t knock on Flight A since they stepped up but past Wallace this team should not be a factor but I hope they prove me wrong and make this a close race from top to bottom. It depends on their doubles teams which dominate good teams and then seem to disappear at other times.

4.0 Red Flight (odds to go to sectionals)

This flight is ridiculously tough and I really think any one of these teams would be a solid rep or WC to send to sectionals. It sucks only one will get to go. I would rank these teams 2-4 behind HP and in front of GH and TBar.

Lakes 2-1
My adopted team although they never return my calls. It’s OK I am still their tennis stalker that has a man crush that won’t go away. I figured I would call out myself before Marc and Eddie do. But in all serious I like this teams’ chances to get a berth to sectionals. Key members in that push will be Holt, Valtierra, Runda and Richardson. I think what might have taken off some of their luster is the sub par showing of Brookhaven and Garland this weekend. So truly who have the Lakes beaten but it isn’t their fault they landed in that flight and the regular season means nothing now. If Runda and Holt can lead the way I see this team doing very well. It will come down to doubles play for them and I think they can come up with some pairings that will make it happen.

Springpark 5-1
Hmmm. Evil Springpark, ok they aren’t that evil and after LBH Spagnola’s wimper this weekend for our “mega tough” flight they are also looking a little softer than advertised. I think it is no secret Jim has been hiding Mitch but in order to make it out of this weekend he needs to play each match as well as Mr. Big Serve Davis (I only got aced twice but I think he was being nice). Ok that makes one guaranteed win and one pretty solid shot at a win. Where does the other win come from? I don’t think Walters or Pearson are a lock at this tourney in singles this year. I think it will be up to players like Wildberger, Lazarine and Rasor to toe the line at doubles to keep the train running strong.

Lifetime 8 to 1
Feuille, Hill, Wines, Nishaki, Kennedy and Myers. This team just matured over the weekend. I will be honest before this weekend I would have put them at a 25 to 1 shot but I am starting to drink the Eddie Hill Kool-Aid. I do think Forrest has to come up big this weekend in order for them to stand a chance and he hasn’t played much league tennis before. He was a lock in the tourneys before but showed he could be beaten by Blumberg but that kryptonite is gone now so that might have just been the one road block to make the LTF miracle continue. HP isn't in their flight either which they have lost to before. How does Feuille match up with players like Holt, McGowan and Davis, that is the realy question for this team.

3.5 DCC thoughts/odds

Garland EVEN
Maybe I can curse Big John and the group again this week since my bad predictions cursed the 4.0 team. I do like their chances to grab one of the two spots. With the two super studs Flora and Courtney John now has to decide how and where to use them. Do they both play singles and then Garland hopes to grab a doubles line to get the win.

Oak Creek 3-1
I like this team but I don’t LOVE this team. I think they look pretty similar to about a year ago just some different names. If Yauch was with this team I would feel a lot better or a hammer at doubles like they have had in the past. Rivera is good but not sure he is a guarantee although that depends on who he plays with. Flores seems to be the mystery to me, I guess it is good he can’t play Prather who seems to have him figured out. Marc is playing solid and I think Phillip will be out there a lot so they will be in every match.

Lifetime 4-1
This team is about as good as their 2007 entry but last year they had good doubles play where as this year they are stout at the top with Mudsam and Tuorto. I got to see Chris play yesterday and he is solid and steady with a great serve. I didn’t see a shutdown doubles team and LTF seems like they shuffle partners a lot since maybe they are attempting to find a good combination. Yesterday in a must win Ferrell/Beck was playing line 3 and I am not sure that combo could beat anyone this coming weekend. I though Barron and Blackburn were unstoppable but they looked ordinary yesterday. (No offense guys, I have just seen you all play better tennis) I think Morrison is playing great and will be a vital piece to their success. (Ok BMo I take payment by paypal or by numerous clicks on the google ad sponsors)

High Point 5-1
I know they beat Garland but I am not slighting them at all. I think the top four are pretty even. They have some good doubles teams which last time I checked there are 3 doubles matches in league tennis so they will be a factor in every match no matter what the other team throws out in singles. I don’t think singles is a lost cause for them either they have a few that have some good history and might not be a bad thing to not be soley reliant on 2 guys at singles to carry you through 4 matches in 100+ degree heat.

Gleneagles 100-1
I set my limit at 100 so that is why I put it there. These are good guys but just don’t have the firepower to hang in this race. They aren’t 3.0s or anything so don’t think the will get swept 4 times but in a round robin format the top teams should not take them lightly.

4.5 DCC thoughts/odds

OC/Branch EVEN
They have to be the favorite but Royal Oaks has unveiled that they can make a lot of noise and now are becoming the EVIL team of 4.5.

Royal Oaks 5 to 1
It just comes down to whether they can field the big lineup this weekend. It seemed like the QT strategy was “win quick.” With only three matches to play over the weekend I think this team can manage to field a good squad and make a strong showing at the DCC and take the second sectional spot. It isn’t like they have to travel to play this matches so I expect if they have committed this far they will continue to compete strong.

T Bar M 8 to 1
Much like the 4.0 team they have some up and down results but they finished a top a pretty solid flight where there might not have been a solid OC team but there was plenty of teams that pushed them and High Point even beat them in a close match.

Village 10 to 1
Corey is giving me the skittish vibe on the blog so I am pushing them down a little but he has been honest in his team assessment and knows they cannot dominate anyone but also know they have good teamwork that keep them in every match. It might be up to Corey to tough out wins like he did in the QT match for this team to scores some big wins.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

QT Wrap

Pictures to your right. Well it was the Oakridge v. LTF showdown we predicted. Lifetime much like the poll predicted (note to self, make the poll then make your prediction) beat Oakridge in a close match. I got to watch the 45 minutes of this match and there is some good talent on the LTF team, not sure how the stack up for next week but they are definitely in contention.

Flight A dominated the weekend with TBar M and LTF headed to the DCC. Congrats to those teams. Glad to see Nishaki back in action he will make their doubles teams a threat which along with Eddie and Forrest at singles will be a upstart team none of the big boys want to see next weekend.

More of an upset than LTF was Royal Oaks beating OC/Feldman. Most were already talking about Feldman's team and how they matched up with the other TX powers but now much like mine and many other teams they will be relegated to the sidelines. Congrats to Royal Oaks!! Many had said when they got their act together they were dangerous and we will see just how dangerous next weekend.

Corey's Noel's team took the other DCC slot in a close win over Brookhaven. Good win Mr. Noel!! Give 'em hell next weekend. I will make sure to catch one of your matches next weekend. I am ready to see a schedule so I can plan out my viewing parties.

Houston City Playoffs complete

4.5 sectional bound:

LLTC-Mob Squad and MPTC-Kingwood Crush. Two teams that were the favs didn't drop a match and are headed to Dallas in a few weeks. Kingwood wins the playoff and is the city champ and Mob Squad will take the WC entry. Omon Dibua at line 3 doubles, this team is gooooood!!

4.0 sectional bound:
Hmmm. Let me guess yep Jason Freeman's Hurricane team is the city champ as they swept the Chancellor's Outlaws in the final. Is this team even better than the national rep from 2007. Knowing Jason and his will to win, probably. They await the Dallas champ who will be crowned next weekend. Not sure this Houston wild team will be a factor in Dallas.

3.5 lone sectional rep:
MPTC Racqueteers win 4-1 over one of 2007 Houston sectionals teams Sienna. Some impressive scores in the winner take all final. This team looks like they will be factor come August.

SA Major Zone tourney

Nothing too exciting here. Some SA players took some big points.

Forrest Gray won 3.5 as Campos pulled a Justine Henin in the final and didn't play.

Anthony Jones takes the 4.0 draw somewhat easily.

Ben Hawkins takes 4.5.

Rodriguez takes out Green but falls to Reader in the semis who then loses to Brian Smith.

4.0 doubles:

Newman/Voss bounced in the first round. Team to watch from HP a new one though Kemp/Nguyen lose a 3 setter in the final, will we see that pairing next weekend?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day Two

As much as I would love to be playing, it was nice to be asleep when guys were out playing this morning.

Should be some good matches today and depending on the outcome flights may get decided early but not likely with only 3 team flights unless we get some more lopsided results.

4.5s should be about done as of now setting up the showdowns for tomorrow.

Post what you know.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Let the games begin! QT Day One

So much for off court junk.

There is real tennis going on as of tonight.

3.5 and 4.0 play at 6p tonight at Brookhaven and LBH.

3.5 CC/Carman v. LTF-Can you say SWEEP
3.5. CC/Jolly v. Westlake- the winner should prove to be the one in this flight that can rain on the Oakridge v. Lifetime party on Sunday

4.0 LTF v. Brookhaven-a very even matchup but I favor LTF for some reason, maybe the miracle healing of Eddie, his greatness cannot be underestimated
4.0 Garland v. TBar-I think this matchup is even but somehow I think this will be lopsided and it could go either way. How is that for not committing on an outcome? If you forced me I would say Garland. But you always have to force me to pick Gar..sorry can't say it a second time.

Post results and thoughts about tonight as you know them. I won’t be able to make it out and won’t be home until very late so I hope for some interesting results by the time I make it home.

Courtney OK, Blumberg bumped to 5.0!


So I guess Houston isn’t the only one with drama going on near the playoffs.

Bob Somabut’s team just lost a player to DQ: Adam Blumberg. I am not sure who filed but they looked up the info that was readily available on the web to pursue this grievance. I actually saw this info as the season started along with Jonathan Renwick’s college experience but I didn’t feel either worth pursuing. Now if either started crushing people I might have felt otherwise about this issue.

I know we should all follow these guidelines but I have met guys who told me they have “college” experience but can barely keep the ball in play for a 5 ball rally so I will be advise them which level they will be competitive at.

Maybe this brings ups bigger questions like the chart we are using, is this thing really an accurate measure of our leagues and the level of play out there.

Somabut lost Phy Pham at this same time last year and they still had a successful run to the sectional finals and I wish them the best.

The Zack Courtney 3.5 grievance did fail and I have never seen him play so I don’t really have an opinion but I have seen Adam play and he has a great game but I don’t agree with this rating bump at all. As good a player has Adam is I am not sure he would have won a singles match at sectionals. And now he is rated 5.0, seriously USTA?!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tourney Talk

So the Alamo City (Major Zone) tourney occurs this weekend. Some Ok size draws and as someone noted to me not that many Dallas area players making the trip down there. Even though the draws aren't huge I think there might be high quality matches since most of the names here look pretty solid. Probably hurts that the Dallas QT tourney is happening as well as the Houston city league championships. For me personally SA would be the one town worth driving to for tennis since it is a nice town to relax in.

Also FYI the sign up for the FW Major Zone is tonight at midnight for all you tourney freaks. That takes place the weekend of July 25-27. A good tune-up for you sectional bound players. If I am not mistaken those are the last two major zones, is that right?

And then of course the Denise Terrill NF tourney in August (registration underway). Lucky Thunder might be the number #1 seed at 4.0 singles because they are using my ranking points from some XBOX Topspin tennis games I did well on in 2004.

3.5 Singles:
Not that big of draw at all.

SA player Campos gets #1 seed and should do well. Flores also making the trip down there and they would meet in the quarterfinals. Forrest Gray and Lookabaugh are in the bottom half of the draw and have a good chance of making it to the final.

4.0 singles:
A lot of SA players in this draw including the #1 seed Ontiveros. Not too many DFW players although Bowman, Marcus, Voss and Trevino are headed down there.

4.5 singles
Trautman’s home tourney but some other good players will be there. Sanchez, Kallus, Knutson and my favorite name that barely fits on the home page: Guilermo L. Martin Del Campo. Oh yeah and Noaman is headed down. Take em’ down for Dallas Noaman. I think you are the only metroplex player.


Gray/Gray v. Thompson/Wright should be the final unless there is an upset before Sunday.

Voss/Newman will probably play Parkinson/Tims in the 2nd round which should be a decent match especially that early in the draw. Hai/Jean are in the bottom half of the draw so could there be another HP final. Still some other good teams out there that could stop that train.

4.0 Sectional brackets

Much like the last post I will preface that I don't know all these teams or players. For all I know Abilene will come here and kick all of your a**es! But here are my humble thoughts. If you are in Vegas put some money down on Freeman's team, the odds might suck but it would be a safe bet. They went to Nats last year and have some good players in place for another run.

Wild Valley

Wild Valley and Abilene will have a tough time here and not sure how deep Waco is from top to bottom but won’t be an easy out. The big matchup will be a repeat of the finals from last year will it be Freeman v. Somabut again but this time in flight play? Seems kind of cruel they are flighted together instead of the Wild Houston or Dallas being paired up in here. Although Freeman and Somabut haven’t qualified yet they are heavy favs going into their respective city championships’ in the coming weekends.

Wild Houston

I think Austin and Wild Houston will battle for this spot. I like the Austin team a lot this year, they have some solid ringers that should be able to compete with anyone in Dallas that weekend.

Wild Austin

Not sure who to go with here but Wild Austin should be solid but definitely a step down from the Austin champ. NETX had some good regular season results taking out the team that won last year and made it to the semis. SA could be tough as well.

Wild Dallas

San Angelo

FW should be good here, they have some solid players that have played against strong competition. Wild Dallas will be good as well, should be the Lakes or Springpark or possibly Somabut so the Wild Dallas probably has a better shot of making it to Sunday than the DCC champ.

3.5 Sectional Brackets

I am not going to pretend I know all these teams inside and out and some have not been decided quite yet but going off the info I do know here is how I see it going down. I look forward to catching a few matches.

I do believe the DCC champ has a huge oppurtunity to make it all the way to Sunday afternoon, yep Big John, Craig, Mark, David and Patrick I am talking to you, time to step up.

Wild Austin

I would consider this flight wide open but favor FW to come out with San Antonio close behind. I like this FW to be very competitive for the national spot on Sunday. San Antonio does have Campos who has been a terror on the tourney circuit and his game as described by most will wear down some players in the summer heat. Wild Austin cannot be overlooked either with some solid players. Don’t know enough about the Valley but last year they almost won a match with ½ a team on Friday so who knows what to expect from that group. Looks like some of the same guys from that 2007 team.

Wild Dallas

This flight is very tough. Wild Dallas will be a good team unless something goes awry at the DCC. Midland is the same group we played from last year and shouldn’t pose a threat but have some OK doubles players. NETX should have some solid players, not sure if they have enough depth to contend in this flight but they will not be an easy out. Austin is another quality team that could win this flight. Then there is Houston. Only one rep from Houston this year who won last year and there will be tough city championship this year.

San Angelo
Wild Lubbock

I will be ashamed if the DCC champ can’t make it out of this flight. Waco will be tough but past that Dallas should be favored in what looks to be the weakest flight.

Wild FW

Amarillo had a solid result last season and I think I see some of the same crew but I think this flight is an open for anyone to grab it. All these teams are capable although I am not sure this flight winner will be a favorite on Sunday in the semifinals. Are you listening Dallas champ??? You will play the winner of this flight if you can take care of business in flight III. Could we have a Dallas team in the final on Sunday? I hope so.

4.5 Sectional brackets

Flight I
Waco, Dallas, Houston and CC

Flight II
SA, Austin, Noho and Valley

Flight III
Houston, FW, QT team and Dallas

I would list my expertise here but I have none. I will have some for 2009 but until then Racer X, Corey and AR Hacker, any thoughts???

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy July 4th and Denise Terrill NF Tourney Registration is Open


So as you all know I am not a big tournament player but registration just opened for the Denise Terrill NF Charity Tennis Classic. I played this tournament two years ago and although I was bounced in the first round I enjoyed playing in the tourney and it was well run and I still use the free bag they gave me (today is in my back seat stacked with my swimsuit so I can get a head start on the holiday this afternoon).

I noticed past participation in this event is really strong but since this is for such a great cause I would urge all of you who can enter go to the link and sign up for this fabulous event.

If you play 4.0 singles, you may just get crushed by Lucky Thunder. I am thinking of wearing a cape, I think I will commission OC BL for costume ideas.

This is the same weekend as 3.5 sectionals but that will only affect about 30 of you and registration is open up until August 1st, so you can decide after the DCC if your team doesn’t advance to the sectional level. This is a USTA sanctioned tourney so you can rack up some more points as the end of the tourney year is coming to a close and you are trying to reach the final 8 tourney at the end of the year or just help out your final ranking.

Please visit this site for more info on the reason for this charity.

I remember one of the players on my 2007 3.5-Spring team asked me while my wife was pregnant whether I wanted a boy or a girl and I said it didn’t really matter. He agreed and said when was asked that question he always wished for a “healthy” boy or girl. He is lucky enough to have three great healthy kids and I am glad to have one “healthy” girl. So reading about Neurofibromatosis makes me even more thankful for Lauren’s health but also I would like to do anything I can to help parents who have not been so lucky.

I hope to see you all out there, would be a good way to unwind before we start up another season in the Fall.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

4.0 QT Breakdown/Predictions

Blue Flight (odds to win flight)

LTF (6 to 1)
The addition of Forrest will make a difference and Wines is solid at singles and will Eddie play? Either way this team has some talent like Myers, Kennedy and Asako, curious to know about Nishazaki, he is a good player but looks to be injured or unavailable. They may not have been tested in a weak flight but they have learned how to win. In there one big test they crushed TBar M. I have to pick them to win this flight. They are not that deep of a team but in this flight format that won’t be an issue.

LBH/Jones (8 to 1)
I wish I had seen them play before but based on their upset win over Bartlett and solid wins in their flight they are a very good team. The DQ at the end of the season hurt bad because it seems like they were built around Dillender coming up big at line 1 singles. Cooper seems like a more than adequate fill in at the top spot and a few others have shown some flash at line 2 singles. Doubles wise they are a little hit and miss which is why I put them a little below LTF.

BH/Helterbrann (12 to 1)
This is another team I wish I had seen more in person but based on results I have to put them at the bottom of this flight but not by much. The match that worries me is the Garland match. They had a big chance to do something there and resorted to stacking doubles and it still didn’t work out for them. I think doubles is their weakness and although Boccara is a solid singles player he is not unbeatable which makes every match for them a toss up.

Red Flight

LBH/Spagnola (8 to 1)
I do have to side with this team but barely because they came from our flight and that would make me feel a lot better if they win. But more than any other team in the QT they have big guys at the top with Ratana and Walker coupled with strong doubles players like Robinson, Crow, Burton and Griffin. Donald Allen might be the difference, if he is good to go even a little bit I think this team will make it through just fine.

Garland (9 to 1)
I wasn’t that high on Garland but coming up solid against Brookhaven showed me they are for real, at least for this round of the playoffs anyway. I put them close to LBH because of Odulio, Mckinney, Singh and Oberto. Sierp is the mystery on this team, if he plays and lives up to previous results in seasons past that got him on this roster in the first place this team could get out of this flight. But this team needs a name other than the previous ones mentioned to jump out and play some good tennis or this will be as far as they go.

TBar M (15 to 1)
I just don’t see them doing that well, Wallace can play with anyone but past that their guys have hit or miss results. Against the only two good teams in their flight they lost 1-4. Their other wins came against teams littered with 3.5 players. Congrats on getting this far but I just don’t even see them winning a match here and will be lucky not to get swept by LBH and maybe even Garland.

3.5 QT Breakdown/Predictions

Red Flight (odds to win flight)

Oakridge (Even)
Just too much firepower for the other two teams to handle. Molina, Curren, Prather, Bert and the rest of the old guys will be tough to beat. I could see them having some close doubles matches with CC but overall they should cruise through this flight.

CC/Jolly (10 to 1)
My sleeper pick to win their flight but instead they slipped into the QT by losing in the final week of the season. I think they should be happy to get this far but their road gets cut short by Oakridge.

Westlake (100 to 1)
Back in the QT again much like last season I don’t see them getting any further than this. Eddie Johnson can hang with anyone at singles but past that I don’t see much going in their favor. I wouldn’t be shocked if they pulled a win over CC if they don’t bring their top 8 but not likely.

Blue Flight (odds to win flight)

LTF (Even)
They are just so deep it is hard to pick against on my preseason favorites. I thought Jonathan Marcus would be a big addition but I am not even sure he will be used in their singles lineup. With Tuorto and Blackburn they have some solid guys that can do damage. Richardson, Ferrell, Morrison, Hamaty, Bonneau and Barron are also tough. Oh and how could I forget new addition Mudsam, he should make a difference as well.

GH/Kayser (10 to 1)
The fall runner-up should not be overlooked like they were in the prior playoffs by me and others. They may not have any all stars at singles not that Sims and Stein are pushovers but not ringers at all. Too bad they had the DQ or this could be real interesting. Still they have great doubles experience and they will need to get on a roll again to make something happen.

CC/Carman (100 to 1)
I would go higher on the odds but that would just be mean. Congratulations to Canyon Creek for taking two teams to the postseason, 1 more than High Point and two more than LB Houston. Who said country clubs are at a disadvantage? The best thing they have going for them is nobody expects them to win at all so they will be playing and god forbid HAVING FUN, so watch out as many of you know a lot of us play our best tennis when there is no pressure whatsoever.


This is just too hard to pick but if I have to go with Lifetime because of depth all the way down to #3 doubles. Depth might not matter if Curren, Molina and Prather win their matches but if they do not then LTF should be able to handle the rest. I really wish both could go to the DCC because they are both strong enough to compete at that level and beyond.

I work till 4p that day but I will be right down the street so I should be there for the finish, look forward to catching this one.