Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brrr... Little to report

With the beautiful weather, I can't say much happened this weekend.  Springpark/Sweeney did appear to wrap up the flight with a 3-2 win over T-Bar.  With three matches to go, he has a 3 match lead.  Technically, LB Houston has two losses but they still need to play Sweeney and Fikes.  I don't see them getting through the end.

In the other flight, Brookhaven/Harllee are also in control and did play.  They beat Lakes/Wagner 4-1.  The only surprise is Wagner beat Braga.  I didn't see that happening. 

Nobody else apparently played. 

This weekend doesn't look ideal either.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Murray's 1st Birthday.

1 Year ago today, I made my first post.  I don't have much to say to commemorate such a monumental occasion but I do have a few observations.

First, this is a rather well read blog.  We have between 800 and 1000 visits per week to read the nothingness of Dallas League tennis.  I am impressed that so many people read and lurk.  I wish more would contribute.

Next, I have had 105,767 views of my profile.  That is an astounding number of stalkers.

I have met few people in Dallas tennis that I do not like.  What surprises me is how vitriol some of the posts can be.  I would appreciate if you would keep the language to a PG level.  An occasional word can accentuate a post but constant and offensive language is not necessary.

 Maybe next year, I will be more motivated to write something entertaining. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Week in the books...

With only a few weeks left the playoffs are coming into focus.  There really haven't been any surprises.

4.5 In Flight A, Springpark has a 2 match lead so even if they drop one, they should be fine.  T-Bar, LB Houston have to play each other so one of them will get to three losses.  The winner of those two and Springpark will be going to the playoffs from this flight.  Both get a chance at Springpark and one may even get a win but asking them to lose three times is too much.

In Flight B, as expected, Brookhaven has run away with the flight.  Everyone else has at least 3 losses.  Greenhill, Lakes and Oak Creek all have three losses.  Whoever emerges from that logjam will get the other slot.

4.0  In Flight A, Greenhill and Fretz square off this week and the winner should be in the playoffs.  Greenhill still has 1 loss McKinney.

In Flight B, Greenhill is the only undefeated team but they play second place Springpark.  Winner is in and the loser has work to do.  I expect Greenhill to win and cruise to the playoffs.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 5 and Tri-Level Wrap Up

It loos like Dallas Tri-Level lost a close match to Houston.  Houston went on to win it all.  Best of luck to them at Indian Wells.

Week 5 is in the books and most have reported scores.  Weather was great yesterday and all should have played.


In Flight A, Springpark has a 2 match lead over T-Bar and LB Houston.  T-Bar is not out of it as there is only a 2 line difference.  Regardless, I am going with my initial prediction and Springpark takes the flight.  Springpark can eliminate T-Bar in a couple of weeks but if T-Bar can pull an upset it could get interesting.

In Flight B, Brookhaven Harlee is in the driver's seat.  They have not reported their JCC so until it is reported, it isn't official.  Lakes is still sitting out there with one loss but they haven't played 2 matches.  I still stick with my original prediction of Brookhaven to take this flight without too much worry.


In Flight A, Fretz and Greenhill are headed to a showdown in two weeks.  There is nothing to report until they actually play.  At this point, I am sticking with Fretz.

In Flight B, there is more competition.  Greenhill is the only undefeated but Springpark and Canyon Creek are sitting with one loss.  Canyon Creek plays Greenhill this week and a win makes it all interesting.

Good luck to all, weather looks to be pretty good so hopefully everyone gets back on track.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Spring Flex League

Hey everybody,

For those of us who aren't over 40 or those who want more tennis, I have an option for you.My latest edition of the flex league is just around the corner.  The previous league had players from a 3.0 to 5.5 level.  The goal is to get the most competitive matches possible and meet new players to compete against.  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.  I have answered the most common questions below.

1. Where does the league play? You and your opponent determine where you play.  Typically a midpoint between the two players. 

2.  When does the league play?  You will play one match a week whenever you and your opponent are both available.  If you can't agree on a day and time the week you're scheduled, its OK!  You have the entire league to play every opponent.

3.  How long does the league last?  The league typically lasts 8-10 weeks.  So ideally we start in mid February and finish right around the time USTA begins in mid April (so ideal practice for the upcoming season.

4.  What's this prize money all about?  Assuming each flight is full (8 players/teams or more) then I pay $80 to first place and $20 to second.  I have paid out more than $2000 in prize money in the league's hisory

5.  How much does it cost?  $20 per person, $40 per team.

6.  Who can play?  Players of any skill level.  Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles all available.

7. How do I sign up?  Simply email me back at coredawg5.0@gmail.com and tell me you want to play!!  

8. When does it start?  I'm shooting for February 16 as the start date.

9.  What's the playing format?  We play two sets, regular scoring.  If both players/teams agree to play the third set out you can.  Otherwise you must play a 10-point tiebreaker.  Points are awarded for each set won.  Player with the most points at the end of the season ends.  Ties are broken first by head to head, then set win percentage, then games won percentage. 

10.  How can I track results?  I now have a Google document that will have all the players' contact information, matchups, standings, and results.  You just email me the scores and I will input the results.   Here is the last flex league to give you an idea of how it works.  

Fall Flex League

11.  Why should I play?  Because it's fun and an opportunity to meet and play with new players at a similar skill level!-- 

Look forward to having you all sign up!


Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekly Recap and Tri-Level Sectionals Upcoming

We are 4 weeks through the season and the season is pretty much going to form.  T-Bar/Fikes got upset but other than that, there are few surprises.

4.5 In Flight A, Greenhill continues as undefeated and sitting at 4-0.  They have the match of the week against LB Houston who is sitting at 3-1.  If they win as expected, everyone will have 2 flight play losses and they should have this flight wrapped.  I really thought T-Bar would beat LB Houston but LB wins 3-2.  It is far from done as each team gets another crack at each other and if Greenhill holds serve against LB both T-Bar and LB have two losses.

In Flight B, as expected, Brookhaven is running away with it.  Everyone has two losses already and a huge line lead.  They do get a very dangerous JCC/Reiman team this week.  If Michael's crew can pull an upset, it gets a little more interesting.  If JCC loses, that is three losses and it is time to start preparing for 18s.

At the end of the weekend, I see both BH and GH having a commanding lead and letting the second place teams hope there is no rain for playoffs.

4.0  In Flight A, Greenhill and Fretz are both 4-0 with the third and fourth place teams sitting at 2 losses.  These teams face off on 2/22 and nothing really will be decided until then.  Don't see any obvious match of the week in this flight this week.

In Flight B, Greenhill and Canyon Creek are both sitting at 4-0 with Springpark sitting at 2-1.  Ohl plays Patterson on 2/15.  Until they play each other, there isn't much to say as there is no Match of the Week here.

This motley bunch are your Dallas representatives for Tri-Level.  They are flighted with usually mighty Houston.  Dallas has always formidable Mike Kelly to be paired with someone from a roster big enough to keep anyone guessing. I think this is Sisk's year to take down Houston in flight play and either Austin or San Antonio from the other flight.