Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4.5 Update - if we must

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HOLY CRAP!  That thing from Alien looks a lot like Andy Murray.

4.5 flight A - Brookhaven/Harllee has jumped out to a commanding lead in this flight.  Mediocrity reigns supreme in this flight so no surprise with this result.  The boys from Brookhaven are 6-0 with their next closest pursuer mired at 3-3. 

4.5 flight B - no surprise here either, as Springpark/Aguilar remains unbeaten.  We do have a couple of teams rising up a bit, with Oak Creek/Martin and High Point/Somabut tied at 4-2.  Interesting in this flight, Greenhill/Rossouw has 27 players on the roster and the team is 3-3 so far.  Losses to HP and OC have them in a bind at the mid-way mark.

4.5 flight C - also hitting the 20 roster mark but managing to keep up the wins thus far, Brookhaven/Bartlett leads this flight at 5-1.  Springpark/Khaing sits alone in second with a 3-2 mark but three teams are tied at 3-3 with four matches left so the door is still open.

4.5 flight D - JCC/Reiman has bounced back from its disappointing 40s season with a 5-0 mark in this flight.  Lakes/Way and Lifetime/Arcaria are a peg back both stuck in the two loss column.

Since these are round robins at 4.5 a lot can still swing for any team but they're going to have to make their moves quick as the season is drawing to a close fairly quickly.

Friday, May 12, 2017

First look at how 4.0 is shaping up

We are now four matches into the season so there is enough match history to have a bit of a picture to work from.  Also I just changed jobs and my new employer has actually wanted me to work.  Hopefully that changes soon.

4.0 flight A - at the head of the pack and undefeated is Oak Creek/Iyer.  They have been in or close to the playoffs fairly frequently the last few seasons.  Tied at 3-1 are Garland/Kanchi, TBar/Snow and Royal Oaks/Templeton.  Normally I'd pick Garland to win this flight but they also have the QT wildcard from winning the fall so that muddies the water a little.  Should be Oak Creek and Garland at the end.

4.0 flight B - much to still be decided here.  High Point/Somabut is the only undefeated team in this flight but there are four teams still tied at 3-1; Canyon Creek/Patterson, Springpark/Walters, Huffhines/Ratcliffe and McKinney/Clifton.  High Point will be there when the season is done.  Who will be with them?  Inside edge to Huffhines because they have already beaten Canyon Creek, but Huffhines plays Springpark this Saturday and the winner is in the driver's seat for second in this flight.

4.0 flight C - this flight is completely back loaded for the second half of the season with four teams still undefeated.  In order of current line lead we have Greenhill/Ohl, Hackberry/Myers, Brookhaven/Bartlett and Garland/Russell.  The gauntlet begins this weekend though with the first elimination match being Hackberry versus Garland. Neither of these teams has excelled at singles and have been riding their doubles thus far.  Greenhill and Brookhaven look a little stronger on paper but all these teams are close enough that it will depend highly on who is available for the key matches.

4.0 flight D - while flights B and C are the toughest top to bottom, this is the weakest.  We currently have Eldorado/Browning as the only undefeated team followed at one loss each by Chandlers Landing/McLemore and Lakes/Reifsnyder. 

Not the strongest year for 4.0 in Dallas in general and several teams have a fair shot of advancing to sectionals.  Early favorite is still Garland/Kanchi but it isn't anywhere close to the team he had last year.