Sunday, August 23, 2009

Upcoming Leagues, Flex Leagues and Ladder

Hello guys,

Kind of quiet, although not on the recruitment front I am sure but in the meantime I wanted to let you all know of the many tennis playing opportunities that are not USTA League.

Starting soon are the following flexible tennis leagues: (registration ends September 12th) (registration ends September 21st) Lucky Thunder registered here, come and get me (registration ends September 2nd)
NEW! usta flex league (registration ends??, I think it is two weeks from today though)

Also Oleg has started a Challenge Ladder through GTN so feel free to meet up and play some guys who may have heard of or just want a rematch with:

Happy Tennis!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Combo Tourney this weekend

It always seems very quick for me since Sectionals just ended but this weekend is the Combo tourney and there is a full slate of teams that are signed up to play.

We will start with a look at the 7.5 draw, which is broken into two flights.

Flight A

Brad Bartlett, Ruben Muniz and Scott Russell.

These tourneys usually hinge on your lower rated player and they have Mitterer and Strohl in their farewell to 3.5 tennis so they will be very tough to beat. Their 4.0s are not stellar although Rivera is very tough along with Ludwig and even Brad gets lucky here and there.

The Muniz team looks to be a Lifetime/Stonebridge combo team and the LTF 3.5ers are good and will help them compete but not sure their 4.0 players are quite at the level of some others in the this tourney. Papanek and Henk will be tough but will struggle against a few in this draw.

The durty Garland team is stacked and even brought in Chris Jones for good measure at 3.5. I don't see how this team loses with O'Bannon and Defeo at 4.0 and Clark, Wiley and Jones playing 3.5, they have to be the fav to win this flight and the whole thing.

Flight B

Terry Foy, Dietrick and Walters

The Lakes (Foy) team has some good players but only one standout from the last league in Fries, Foy is capable himself but their is no big firepower here.

Dietrick's crew is stacked with himself, Vacalis and more importantly the 3.5s of Mays, Stein and Palacoiz will be very hard to beat.

Walter's team seems like they are in it for the exercise but will not be an easy out in fact they could finish 2nd with this roster but should not match up well against the Village based team captained by Deitrick.

I see a very close Russell 2-1 victory over Deitrick in the finals.

Now onto 8.5, wait this one has already been decided. Joel Pickett's roster scared the rest of the teams off and they will just show up for the formality. This roster is sooooo stacked they are looking to not just win this tourney but the Sectional tourney.

Good luck guys!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fall Player Exchange

Have you been bumped up and looking for a new team?
Are you a Captain looking for more players?
Are you a complete jackass and got kicked off your team because nobody likes you?

You have come to the right place
Post your Name , Email address, playing level, where your are looking to play.

We are here to make sure every player has a home :)

Good Luck in the Fall
Dallas and Ft Worth leagues starts Sept 12

* Posts that do not contain a Name and contact information will be deleted.
This is a useful service for players and captains, don't ruin it by being a jackass.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sectionals Wrap Up

Congrats to all who competed this weekend. I didn't get to watch too much since I was over at Brookhaven but everyone kept giving me updates as they saw me so I felt like I was there. Thanks to Yuan Chen for knocking me out of the consolation semis so I could go see Team Bob secure a berth at Nationals.

It was a great match yesterday, there was nothing but solid tennis from all 16 players.

I would have loved to see some of Rusty's team play but it looks like they fell a little short against some very steep competition from San Antonio and Houston.

No luck for the ladies this weekend as none of them made it to Sunday, but as we know the march for 2010 has already begun as our Fall minimum rosters are due today so many are planning to be sweating out this time next year.

Hats off to all the teams that came to Dallas for the weekend and as one of our very vocal Dallas captains learned nothing is guaranteed at sectionals, I learned that lesson that hard way as well. For the one or two of you who love to second guess and have revisionist lineups and strategies I say to you, call Jane get a team number and 8 guys and get out there and play or you can hang out on the computer and keeping whining.

Next up Combo Tennis Tourney this weekend, and then Fall league, mixed championships. Yikes, we get less of a break than the pros do.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Denise Terrill Tourney Draws out

So while Lifetime and High Point sweat it out at the glorious venue of Huffhines we will be hanging out at Brookhaven watching you all on ESPN during our breaks.

So the draws are out for this weekend and I am looking forward to this weekend.

Here is a link to the tourney page with the draws

Picks to win:
3.5 Singles: Hard to pick against Anderson to win this one, although Newman should be there in the final with him.

3.5 Dubs: Stein/Strohl (that isn't a bad 4.0 doubles teams, you all should have played up)

4.0 Singles: Noaman Azhar v. McFarlane final with Noaman inching out a win. Although I do think Trae could take out Andy in the 2nd round if he plays well.

4.0 Doubles: Harrigan/Stevens.....although the team of Bazan/Azhar will be hard to beat. Fitch/Colao will be a tough one as well in the top half oh yeah and Bowman/Hutchison are the #1 seed but tough draw for them in the first round.

4.5 Singles: COREDAWG all the way. Come on big guy this is your tourney to lose. Griggs could be a tough match up though.

4.5 Doubles: COREDAWG sweep along with Trey Mckinney.