Thursday, February 19, 2009

Senior League Coming to a Close

I can't remember the last time I posted a thread. I hope I remember how. Since the Oakridge boys and others need some focus I thought I would rundown the Senior League.

In 3.0 Bender is picking out national team uniforms as his team is getting warm up v. the Bender B Team (otherwise known as CANNON FODDER), damn I wish we could have team names, that would be awesome, we should bring that to a vote at the March 7th meeting!? Jane, Brian. What do you think?????

In Flight A Mark Myers' team has clinched a spot in the playoffs as they are undefeated with 1 match to go. Their roster has some regulars from past senior teams but Parekh is solid at this level and Atlas and Myers are doing well again. Le is a new addition that seems to be a found again gem from a 2002 Adult Sectional roster. He might just be a difference maker.

The second playoff spot will be decided this weekend as Brookhaven takes on Greenhill. Brookhaven seems like the up and coming team since some of these guys won the Adult Fall league but I have learned not to pick against Team Kayser so I think they will win 2-1 this weekend.

In Flight B Oakridge is at the top since they have played one more match but still have two remaining against the 2nd and 3rd place teams. Canyon Creek and Huffines are the other two contenders. These teams all look pretty even and I don't see any standouts other than my favorite Super Senior Terry Newman (he rocks!). Canyon Creek seems to be having a resurgence of late so I have a feeling they might make a breakthrough but it is hard to bet against Ed and team McDermott so I won't, so I see Canyon Creek finishing 3rd here.

We will see what happens over the next two weeks.

Playoffs seem to be pretty much set with somewhat usual suspects making it. TBar, Bartlett's Brookhaven team, Stonebridge and High Point/Giuhat. The High Point team is a little bit of a surprise since a preseason pick most likely would have been Springpark.

I think this will be a great round robin and I doubt any team goes undefeated. TBar and BH look a tad stronger but in a 3 match team event anything can happen.

If I am not mistaken the playoff format will be 2 v. 3 and winner plays 1. So that would pit OC v. BH with the winner playing the Village. These teams all seem pretty solid but the Village has some very solid out of towners that might prove to be the difference.

Monday, February 16, 2009

San Antonio Major Zone

Sorry for the delay in getting this out but here is the thread to talk about the tournament in San Antonio this weekend. This is probably the smallest of the three San Antonio majors but it still is worth 400 points for the winners so I'm sure it means a lot to those playing.

4.5 Singles--The top half looks stacked so whomever makes it to the final will have a lot of tough matches. Sevin, Agostini, and Gloria are all strong candidates. Bottom half is more of a mystery but based on ranking, Ben Hawkins should do well. He and I are playing tomorrow so I should have a better idea of his chances.

4.5 Doubles--I'm not familiar with too many of these teams but the Dugas brothers have been talking a lot of smack on the Houston blog but I don't know if anybody can knock off the top two seeds. A lot of teams from San Antonio entered here.

4.0 Singles--More names here unfamiliar to me but I would expect #1 seed Murray to go at least to the semis. Winans had a bad showing/draw in Abilene so I expect him to rebound with another semifinal here. Spadoni and Yaremenko could surprise some people in the bottom half. Tuyen Nguyen should cruise to the semis in his section. I look for a predictable 1 vs. 2 final unless somebody unknown comes out of the woodwork, which happens in nearly every major.

4.0 Doubles--Interesting quarterfinal between 1 seeds and Knox/Marshall. Winner of that should have good shot to make the finals. Wood/Zepeda have a solid record in majors so they should make the other finals. Other good players include Tim Newman and Tuyen Nguyen but they have different partners so that is always interesting.

3.5 Singles--Still not my area of expertise but here goes. Flores, Kincy, and Whitson should all be strong contenders in the top half of the draw. Bottom half looks tougher with Getz getting 2 seed slot again and Canaan, Anderson, and Van Gompel all have good history. Any sleepers here?

3.5 Doubles--No idea. Somebody else feel free to make predictions.

Valdez should cruise through Open and Reader cruises through 5.0 unless I'm missing something.

Feel free to contradict my predictions or make your own on any other draws.

Good luck to all players this weekend!! We will be watching.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Abilene Major Zone

After hours and hours of waiting the draws are finally out for Abilene. Yes the field is watered down because of the Brookhaven tournament and because it's early February in Abilene but this is still a major zone that is worth the same as the Houston Major. All three of those points should be changed by the way but let's talk about the draws.

4.5 Singles--A lot of top players in the draw and many of them are playing each other early. Sevin will have his hands full with the winner between Moser and Urbiola but the winner of that should be the favorite in the final. If JD is back in top form he will have a good shot to make the final.

4.5 Doubles--Interesting that Rosenquist and Cherry are playing with different partners in their hometown tournament. Rosenquist and Leija should make a dominant team even though I don't believe they've ever played together.

4.0 Singles--I like Tuyen vs. Foad in the top semifinal and I'll take Carter vs. Stanfield in the other semi. I'm not as knowledgeable on 4.0 since there are so many new names so I would expect there are some sleepers in there.

4.0 Doubles--A lot of intriguing pairings in the doubles with Newman/Robinson topping the seeds. I would expect them to do well and at least make it to the semis. Watch out for Sanders and Stanfield to make noise.

3.5 Singles--The infamous Getz makes an appearance in the draw but Zack Stein could give him a challenge. Bottom half looks much tougher than the top. I look for a Pedro/Stein semifinal in the bottom and Molina to roll through to the final.

3.5 Doubles--I'm not even going to try. Somebody else feel free to fill me in.

These are the most applicable draws to the blog I think but anybody should post analysis of any others that you want to talk about. Can you believe it will actually be in the 70s too? I'll believe it when I see it.

See you in Abilene.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I think that most would concur that this draw has been watered down by the Abilene Major Zone.
And in terms of seeding, in doubles, rarely can you judge the quality of the teams by how highly they are seeded.
I don't see anyone that really stands out, so predictions from the anonymous are welcome.

Is anyone interested to doing the interactive Draws again?
It's a bit of work, but I could have it done in a couple days.
let me know.
Two-Face Out!