Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 year-end NTRP ratings have been published.

You can look up players at tennislink
 Check it out and chime in if anything looks out of line. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall 4.5 Play-offs

This weekend are the fall play-offs.  For those paying attention there has been the usual Fall BS going on.  I understand why people do it but that doesn't make it right.......

For those of us that are trying to win every time we step on the court and improve our game every week there are play-offs.  The seedings are as follows (it's very complicated due to the unbalanced schedule and flights)


  1. Fair Oaks 8&0 - have some strong players (Fleming & Cervantes) but have made it unbeaten through a seemingly weakish flight and didn't have to play Brookhaven - however, finishing unbeaten is impressive;
  2. TBar 7&1 These veterans have played consistently well all fall;
  3. GlenEagles 7&1 - came through clearly the toughest flight despite losing their 3 studs to 5.0.  This is a team to be reckoned with;
  4. Lakes 7&1 - Continue to ride Welwood & Jannesch and have enough other weapons to find their way to 3 wins every week;
  5. Brookhaven 7&1 - Not sure what to make of this rebuilt team.  Are they dangerous? of course but who will be available;
  6. Greenhill 5&2 - Disappointing showings against TBar and DFW Hilton.  Hopefully they fare better next week - lucky not to be the 8th seed or even in the playoffs at all;
  7. JCC 6&2 - I am surprised this team didn't win flight B and are the dark-horse to win the tournament
  8. Village 5&2 - Seem to have struggled to get their best players out but I suspect they will do so for the play-offs.  This is a dangerous team.  Tim Frick is a very good player as are Baker, Vacalis & Peiser
No Royal Oaks! No Oak Creek! Were the 2 Dallas Sectionals representatives drained by the August heat?

The format is knock-out!  Not round robin.

Matches are split between Brookhaven & LBHouston on friday at 6pm   Semis at Brookhaven at 11am on Sat and final at 3pm at Canyon Creek. 

Based on the above seedings match-ups are:

Fair Oks vs Village
Lakes vs Brookhaven
GlenEagles vs Greenhill
TBar vs JCC

I think JCC will play the Village in the final

I suspect that Brookhaven & TBar will lose some players to 40s sectionals which happens in Arlington on the same weekend.