Friday, May 30, 2008

Waco Results

So if you know any early results or recaps. Feel free to post them here. I will keep an eye out but so far nothing has gone final or at least been posted on the site.

Ratana/Saldana did get a walkover against Dibua and his partner which were the #2 seeds at 4.5 doubles.

Monday, May 26, 2008

4.5 Big matches

Branch v. Wildberger should be great, :) But seriously this could be a serious woodshedding, we might hear the cries and sobbing all over Collin County.

OC Feldman v. Greenhill looks like a good one, the winner of this one will be sitting rather pretty in the playoff mix especially if OC pulls it out.

Big match up in the other flight pits unbeaten TBar v. Brookhaven. If TBar wins they all but cement thier position at the top and if Broohaven wins they will be tough to catch as well. Village will take on Oak Creek. Captain Noel will be down in Waco so they Village will have to step up or they might be saying adios playoffs.

3.5 Big matches

Flight B features Greenhill v. Canyon Creek. Kayser's fall runner up is one loss away from watching the playoffs from the sidelines if they don't score the upset. They are good enough to do it though, but my fav team Canyon Creek will be hard to beat.

LB v. Gleneagles should be good as well, isn't this about the time of the season Gleneagles starts to fade..........

Flight A and C are pretty boring if the big boys don't care of biz this weekend it would be a shocker. But it will be intersesting to see what tourney player heavy Oakridge has left to throw out this weekend.

4.0 matches this weekend

4.0 Flight B should get interesting as the two unbeaten teams face each other, Lakes v. BH/Helterbrann. I think my mid season #1 will crush them, oops did I just jinx them. I will keep jinxing them till one of them posts. Also Garland plays Springpark in the same flight with the loser pretty much saying sayonara to their playoff hopes and the winner hoping to catch the loser to the big match in this flight.

4.0 Flight C has a Greenhill facing off against JCC, both have one loss and the loser will be in bad shape in this flight. Eldorado faces Canyon Creek who need to get back on track after their first loss.

Flight D has Stonebriar v. Brookhaven/Pearlman who need to get back on track after getting waxed by LB Houston. Stonebriar may be 1-3 but they are a solid team who much like my team has had some very close losses to great teams. Speaking of my group we face the aforementioned LB Houston team, I will take on Ratana and Walker by myself in a preapproved 1 on 2 match and I will crush them.

Should I mention Flight A, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I am sorry I fell asleep on my keyboard.

Waco Draws out

I have just perused them a little. Any thoughts on who will win at each level at this Major Zone tourney.

Samuel Grand had a small tourney this weekend and Noaman Azhar took the 4.5 title and Greg Wiley took the 3.5 title. He took out of couple of Oakridgers in the process, good stuff Greg.

4.0 looks interesting with a lot of Dallas entries but there are a lot other good players, 4.5 shouldn't be interesting because Alfonso keeps racking up points by merely showing up and scaring people off the court.

Who looks good in 3.5, Tran of Houston or maybe an Oakridge boy?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Challenge matches

So Eddie Hill is starting to beat down everyone in his path. We need some big guns to face him on the ladder and send him down a few rungs or me may have to rename the ladder after him.

Interesting result with Curren taking out OC BL in three. Oakridge looking more impressive now, huh?

I guess I have to come up with something to entertain you all when we have an off week. Any mixed doubles smack talk????????????

Mixed actually has about double the players than last year from what I saw initially and some big names are playing on many teams out there.

I liked the idea of the some blog tourneys to pass the time after playoffs because I don't know about you but the Combo tourney........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I say we create our own event around that time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4.5 Mid season rankings

As posted by our resident 4.5 expert-Racer X

Racer X said...
Week 5
4.5 Rankings:1) OC Branch (1) (5-0)
2) OC Feldman (2) (4-0)
t3) TBar (3) (4-0)
t3) Royal Oaks (4) (3-1)
5) Brookhaven (6) (3-1)
6) Village (5) (2-2)
7) Greenhill (10) (3-1)
8) Spring Park (9) (2-3)
9) High Point (7) (2-2)
10) OC Boverman (8) (2-2)
11) DFW (16) (1-3)
12) LBH (12) (2-3)
13) OC Juhn (15) (1-3)
14) Hackberry (13) (1-4)
15) Collin County (11) (1-4)
16) Canyon Creek (14) (0-5)
17) Lakes (17) (0-4)

Best Week 6 matches:4.5A- OCF v. Greenhill- probably an easy OCF win- Greenhill is in a good battle with Spring Park for the last PQ City spot

Lakes (0-4) v. Canyon Creek (0-5)- the zero bowl- both are fighting for the right to be the only 4.5 winless team in Dallas and to receieve the first draft pick in next year's draft- prediction- CC

4.5B-TBar v. Brookhaven- TBar's last real test to see if they can go undefeated for the season- Brookhaven has the guns to win if they bring the "A" Team- Plus they had a big win vs. High Point (a woodshed candidate- A Brookhaven win could push them into contention for the first place buy to the city playoffs- should be a barn burner. prediction- TBAR 3-2-

Village v. OC Boverman- first I must comment on the big oops- OCB losing to OC Juhn allowing OC Juhn to get their first win. Proof again that OC Boverman can beat just about anyone and lose to just about anyone- they may regret losing this match when they find themselves fighting for the last spot for the PQ city playoffs- They really need this win to make the city playoffs again. Prediction Village 3-2. Village needs this one to get back on the winning side of things after 2 straight loses. If this one comes down to Coman's, you have to put the money on Village- OC Boverman continued to lose the Coman in its loss. OC Boverman will easily win the year end anti-Coman award.Watch out for the mid-year awards and predictions- we are half way done.

Monday, May 19, 2008

3.5 Mid Season Power Rankings

1-Oak Creek-Their Oakridge wins is looking more impressive as time goes by and if they take out Lifetime and Brookhaven in this flight they will be one battle tested team ready for July.

2-Garland- While they don’t have any true ringers like in years past this team is actually just full of solid players which may in the end prove to be better than previous Garland strategies.

3-High Point- Solid doubles is keeping them undefeated, good news is their flight isn’t extremely tough and they have time to interview some singles players for the playoffs.

4-Oakridge- With the Lifetime win they earned a spot in the top 5. Much like Garland they don’t have ringers but they are solid and many of their players can switch from singles to doubles without any real drop in quality.

5-Lifetime- Probably would have had them number one preseason but with the Oakridge loss they will have to regroup and figure out what their A+ lineup is because obviously last week’s lineup was not it.

Almost there: Canyon Creek/Jolly- I will be interested to see how they play in the next couple of weeks. They might not be playing these grueling matches like OC, Oakridge and Lifetime but they are gaining confidence and that is a good thing to have come summer time.

4.0 Mid season power rankings

1-Lakes-Too be honest I don’t see much difference between these three teams but I think the Lakes might just be stronger of all of them. But since they don’t have any past playoff pedigree they still have something to prove. I like their makeup though, very deep and have some players that can move from singles to doubles and back again pretty easily. They also have some new blood which the big two are unfamiliar with and probably will not be fully unveiled until July.

2-HP/Somabut-Probably just about even with Springpark, their biggest challenge is staying awake until they play TBar which will be their first match of the season where they don’t play a team consisting of mainly 3.5 players or new 4.0 players.

3-Springpark-They may not be crushing people like many expected but they are in the toughest flight and they are undefeated and put a 5-0 whooping on perennial playoff team Stonebridge last week. After seeing them first hand I will be interested to see what Jim considers his A+ lineup come July.

4-LB Houston/Spagnola-I think they had a rough opening match but almost pulled off the upset over Springpark. They took it to previously unbeaten BH/Pearlman yesterday and they look to have added a little help to get them over the hump. I think a team like this benefits from the new playoff format because I don’t think they have the depth of SP or HP but if they can make it in I don’t see why they couldn’t beat any of those teams on any given day.

5-Greenhill/Arnette-I think John might have had the same early season issue I had which is too many players to choose from and not sure which lineup is your best lineup. I expect them to turn a corner but I would still love to know what happened in that LB Houston match.

Almost: LB Houston/Jones- too new for me to throw up in the top section but they have had some strong results but if they truly defaulted a team match they are out of the running entirely.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Early results

So any good results so far this weekend. At first glance High Point and Garland posted wins. Sisk and Smith lose big at line 1, was that for real guys?

Big woodshedding of the weekend so far was CC/Jolly sweeping Stonebridge. And you all said I was foolish for getting behind Jolly's team. I really was going off their strong results at the Tri Level since they beat some very good 3.5 teams there. Halverson and Reitzer seem to be doing well. They are my new favorite team, yes I am jumping on the bandwagon, don't let me down Mike.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Good matches this weekend??

So any thoughts on good matches this weekend at any level. After a late night rush look these popped out as good ones to me.

Canyon Creek/Jolly v. Stonebridge (I like Stonebridge in a very close match but I picked Jolly to do well so part of me is hoping my intution works out as well.

Oak Creek v. Brookhaven (OC should win this but it will not be easy, don't sleep on this BH team)

BH/Pearlman v. LBH/Spagnola (It all depends on the lineups because either team could beat each other. The winner has the inside track on grabbing the 2nd spot behind Springpark who plays my team by the way. I am about to make a large beer offer if Mitch and Gene agree only to be spectators.)

Lifetime v. TBAR
What life in Flight A you have go to be kidding me. Bad news after this match this flight will go back to being a snoozefest but this match should be good. Winner gets shot to chase HP for the top spot and with this screwy playoff format that is important.

Springpark v. Royal Oaks
Springpark should sign up McGowan and Davis and then I would pick the upset over Royal Oaks.

BHaven v. HP/Martin
Should be a good match up with new blood on the High Point team I am picking them to stay on a roll. Go HP!!!!

Village v. TBAR
Noel's group tries to bounceback after their first loss but this is a tough flight no gimmes and this should be a close won as well. I have never met Hiram but I hope for his sake he can get out of that woodshed if not he might be beating up on us 4.0s in the fall.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blog Challenge Results

So feel free to use this area to post up results from the four challenge matches this weekend, starting with two good ones tonight at Springpark.

Unfortunately no tennis for Lucky Thunder this weekend but my wife does start her 3.0 USTA league this Saturday so I will get to play the role of obnoxious fan a little bit this weekend. I am looking for some former college players for her 3.0 team so I can take them to Nationals, anybody’s wife up for sandbagging, name changing???

Playoff format

So the playoff formats have arrived and there is a little bit of an uproar especially at 4.0. I think some of this backlash has occurred because these were released mid-season and we are used to certain past formats.

I can see good things in the new format mainly the fact the Fall wild card Spring results do count for something, that always seemed a bit odd that they were like a ghost in their own flight. This makes the 3.5 Garland v. HP/Jameson mean something at the end of the season, at least for Jameson’s group.

I saw Arnette’s notes on the playoff matter and his main problem is not with the playoff but our leagues in general. I couldn’t agree more. We have so many players and yet so few matches to play and costs keep rising like the price of gas. I had to split our group into two teams and in retrospect I could have done three teams if I had known we only had 7 matches to play.

Any thoughts on the matter????

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So who said we needed Mother’s Day weekend off from tennis, obviously you all are chomping at the bit to play some good matches. So we have a:


Friday night @ Springpark 6 PM:
Mitchell McGowan/Gene Davis v. Keith Robinson/Steven Brouer

Some 4.0 playoff players who can’t wait until July to get it on.

Saturday morning @ Lifetime:
Marc Klamecki aka OC BL v. Brian Morrison aka BMO

Some big forehanded 3.5 players who can’t wait until their regular season matchup. Lefty v. Righty. Both are in a tough flight so they are looking for some tough practice matches to work up their skills.

Saturday/Sunday afternoon @ site TBD
Corey Noel/John Sisk v. Bazan/Jeromiiii (aka Batman and Robin)

This has been talked about and forgot about and then talked about some more. I am glad to report it looks like it will happen this weekend. Still checking with Batman but I have some backups in mind if he can’t make it. Any 4.0s want to volunteer??

In the works:
Prather v. Marcus REMATCH coordinated by John Kraemer
Details to follow soon…..

Did I miss anyone, let me know and send pics of your matches if you can.

Big John wants to bet money but I deal in the monetary value of humiliation so I want him to take a picture after we beat him maybe holding a sign about how great I am. I think I will put him next to one of those guys that stands on the intersection of Alma/Spring Creek that has the new home signs. Any suggestions on the saying I should write on there?

“Lucky Thunder is my hero” “I wish Lucky Thunder was my DAD” “Lucky Thunder for President”

Monday, May 5, 2008

3.5 update

Flight A
No big shockers the top three continued to win. Canyon Creek will finally get a test v. Garland two weeks from now so that might get interesting but I don't think they are quite good enough yet to play with the big two in this flight.

Flight B
Stonebridge and Canyon Creek remain at the top as Kayser's team falls to Gleneagles but Kayser did sign up Zach Stein so they look to jump back towards the top. This flight is very tough, 5 quality teams and I am not sure anyone can stay undefeated and if someone does watch out because they will have been tested already. So far Stonebridge is looking to be that team with some solid new additions.

Flight C
OC stays undefeated along with BHaven but the big team to fall was Lifetime in a close match with Prather's group taken them out and personally taking out Jonathan Marcus. The race still continues amongst these four good teams. Next match pits OC v. Brookhaven, should be good stuff.

4.0 Update

Flight A:
Ha! as if I would zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry did they play matches in this flight I am not sure. Yes T Bar and HP won without leaving their homes. Moving on.

Flight B:
A little shocker of a result as OC takes out Garland. What happened there, Vijay Singh got taken out in straight sets and Sierp at line 1 doubles lost in straights as well. The Lakes looked impressive again this week, I don't see them being pushed until the BH match.

Flight C:
Missing some results here so we will wait and see. The only wierd thing is the team default posted in the LBH v. GH showdown. What happened???? But maybe even bigger news Bartlett's team falls to 0-3, this has to be the biggest schock of the season so far.

Flight D
Well we lost a very close match to BH/Pearlman with two of our dubs team including myself dropping 3rd set tiebreakers. BH stays undefeated along with Springpark and they will meet on the final match of the season, should be interesting. Springpark crushed Stonebridge 5-0 as they finally moved McGowan up to show off a bit and he probably earned a strike but in this flight you might have to give up a strike to make sure you actually make it to the playoffs.

Off this weekend for Mother's Day.

4.5 Update

Flight A
Branch rolls out the big guns and puts a hurting on previously unbeaten GH/Stoner. How good ar they? They are looking really good so far. OC/Feldman also dominated in thier match to remain undefeated. They play each other in late June so that should be interested especially for Feldman's group to see if they can push them a little a month before the playoffs.

Flight B
By Kirby not showing up he spread some good luck to his team as they scored a big win over Corey Noel's Village team. Erik Uhlig took out Hiram easily at line 1 and the rest of the matches were pretty close. T Bar remains the lone undefeated team in this flight so there are four 2-1 teams chasing them now, interesting to see if someone will give them a loss, my bet is YES.

Big matches this week?