Friday, May 9, 2008

Blog Challenge Results

So feel free to use this area to post up results from the four challenge matches this weekend, starting with two good ones tonight at Springpark.

Unfortunately no tennis for Lucky Thunder this weekend but my wife does start her 3.0 USTA league this Saturday so I will get to play the role of obnoxious fan a little bit this weekend. I am looking for some former college players for her 3.0 team so I can take them to Nationals, anybody’s wife up for sandbagging, name changing???


  1. WELL???????????????????????

  2. I don't know about sandbagging,
    But, If anybody's wife is up for teabagging let me know

  3. Dang, Oc bl, that's quite a statement here on the family forum!

    Anyway, I'd like to chime in that Gene and I barely covered the spread on the score, so Jim Walters is on my list for a free ticket to Vegas.

    I also think that with the way that Gene played, I am safely way out of the zone of getting a strike. It was nice to be along for the ride.

    The beer over/under may have worked in Jim's favor again. I'm having a challenge typing right now, with 9 beers b/t Gene and I during the match, then 2 for me afterwards, and then let's get to Eddie Hill.

    First, let me say that I was under the assumption that Eddie was a little bit of a blowhard on his challenging and was all talk. This guy is a real gentleman on the court, and a helluva athlete. Very quick, with an accurate topspin forehand and a punishing serve.

    After that much beer, Keith and Steven and I were hanging out talking, and having more beer, and Eddie comes up about 15 minutes late for his match with Evil Mikey P. Mikey had left about 2 minutes beforehand, and we couldn't roust a response on his cellphone. Too bad, I think these two will have a great match. Both of you won the same amount of games against me during your matches within two weeks of one another.

    Keith and Steven, thanks guys. Y'all are both good sports and we enjoyed meeting you both. Keith has a great serve and Gene and I discussed keeping it away from Steven's backhand; both formidable shots.

    These challenges make the league even better.

    Enjoyed it tonight guys,

  4. I was a bit worried about my over/under predictions. As I finished playing and started watching the match, SP had won the first set 6-0 but Steven and Keith won 3 games in a row. Worse yet, Gene wasn't drinking so how were they ever going to go over on the 5.5 beers during the match. Not to worry, Mitch drank his and Gene's beer and the tennis form reverted. But it was a good match and HP was very competitive and hit some really great shots. They had their chances to win a couple more games. For playoffs, I'll try to find Mitch a better partner.


  5. That is a good strategy Jim. I really think Mitch gould use a stronger Partner. Gene was dead weight on the court, and Mitch was having to do all the work. I would probably just bench Gene for the playoffs.

    I really enjoyed our match, and hopefully we can do it again.

  6. Eddie sorry I missed you we must have passed each other on the road. Thanks Mitch for playing in my place. Eddie maybe we could play another time again sorry I missed you.


  7. Gene,
    I will step up for you - I was there, and I didn't think you were as bad as they are saying. Hang in there man, and keep practicing!

  8. So am I reading correctly that Mitch and Gene won 6-0,6-3, and did it go down 6-0,0-3,6-0?

    Pretty impressive.

  9. There were a lot of great points in the match but it could have been much closer. I can't speak for Gene and Mitch but I know I have seen Steven and Keith play a lot better, but the opponents obviously had something to do with that. If these teams play again I think it will be much closer.

  10. I guess it's safe to say that all you guys who voted that the HP boys would win don't know squat about talent levels. If those teams played 100 times the SP boys would win 100 times. It was a no brainer.

  11. Yes, it did go 6-0, 0-3, 6-0.

    Gene and I were having a burping contest there for about 10 minutes.


  12. OK everyone, Jonathan Marcus really played a great match against me today. It went approx. 2 hrs. and 45 mins. long and he played very consistent and smart. He won 7-6, 5-7, 6-2. None of his teammates were there for him and no coach with him, but he didn't need it. His loss to me in our league match was not what his team or he wanted, but I played better that day and he did today. Anything can happen on the tennis court and it's not right to be upset with someone just because they lose a match, as long as they give it their all.

    I really appreciate all of the guys from my team that came out to support me, I'm just sorry I let them down today. I really am glad to have friends like the guys on our team, " GO OAKRIDGE ".

    Last but not least I want to thank John Kraemer for all he did to promote this challenge match and try to get others involved in another dimension of the game of tennis. He really went all out in this and perhaps in the future others can join in on another event like this. THANKS JOHN THIS WAS FUN AND I HOPE TO BE ABLE TO BE APART OF ANOTHER EVENT LIKE THIS IN THE FUTURE.


  14. Marc "OC BL" Klamecki Defeats Brian "BMO" Morrison 6-3, 5-7, 6-3

    I got off to a slow start and Brian Got up 3-0,

    I proceeded to take the next 6 games for the first set.

    I then extended what I like to call a "courtesy" set, I am a courteous guest after all, and then finished him off him off 6-3 in the 3rd for a beer and some milfs by the pool.

    But seriously,
    Thank you Brian for inviting me and my family out to the club,
    Your a great guy and a good player.

    I'm looking forward to the "pink tu-tu" rematch at Oak Creek.

  15. Thanks to John Kraemer for setting up the match at Brookhaven. The only sorry thing was that only 3 people attended the very good tennis match. All the guys on the blog seem to think these challenges are great but I guess nobody really cares except the guys playing.Congrats to Jonathan & David for a well played match in tough conditions. And Again thanks to John for spending the $$$$ to organize it.

  16. I wanted to go but I had to play a match.

    So Ed When do you want me to take you down.

  17. John, thanks for setting up the match for David and Jonathan. Me and my daughter had a good time. Having a USTA official there was really neat.

    Thank you very much.

    Enrique Molina

  18. Congrats to Jonathan Marcus. You do have a good forehand. Look forward to playing against it sometime.


  19. sounds like good stuff today. I wish I could have made it out but I had to watch my wife play. Didn't go well. great playing Jonathan and Marc

  20. Yes, it did go 6-0, 0-3, 6-0.

    Gene and I were having a burping contest there for about 10 minutes.


    Kind of a dick comment

  21. You know what,
    There are a few hundred players that come here to read the blog,
    From that, there are only a handful of us that actually post and make this thing entertaining,
    And even fewer of us that post our names and actily do things to make this site fun and worth while,
    (ie. post picture, challenge matches, ect)

    So don't call someone a dick for talking some smack.
    At least they have something entertaining to say,

  22. Yes Mitch and Gene beat us badly. They played very well. I can't remember the last time I was bageled. Hopefully we will get the chance to play them again some time.

  23. John,

    I want to hank you for setting up the mathch between David and Jonathon. It was very professional and I enjoyed the match (before I had to leave)

    For those who did not show up... your loss!

    Thanks again John

    Samuel Bert

  24. Marc,

    That was a lot of fun...
    Nice match. 1st set, I ran afoul after my 3-0 start, and you stepped it up.

    I blew you out in the 2nd set 5-2, and decided to tease you and let you come back. You did have 2 nice service breaks to get back into the 2nd set to get to 5-5, but then I figured I would go ahead and put you away for a 7-5 win in the 2nd.

    3rd set, you played well, and you handled that set easily for a 6-3 win.

    Be Weary of the pink tu tu rematch. Loser has to wear a pink tu-tu for 3 games of their next league play match, complete with pictures.

    You have a great family, I enjoyed the beers afterwards, and time at the pool. We will have to play again soon. If lucky, we could have our rematch at the Plano Open.

  25. I will say that thanks for the tip that you said I was letting up on my serve, as one of my teammates told me the same thing after OakRidge. The fact that I was reminded AGAIN, I really appreciated the input.

    Your family is so cute together. You should really make sure that you spoil your wife today on Mother's day. She has done a good job on raising your daughter.

    Hopefully, you delete the sandbagging comments from earlier, as I know, after meeting your family, that comment does not come close to representing who you really are, or your wonderful commitment to your family.

  26. I will delete nothing,
    I stand by my crassness and vulgarity!

  27. I agree Marc, the SP guys and HP crew are all nice guys and I don't think talking smack is a bad thing when done with fun. I know the Oakridge boys get offended sometimes since they were born around prohibition time and all but we even like them so get your little pink panties out straightened out and join the man's club. How was that Marc and Mitch. I am not the manliest guy in fact I can't wait for the season finale of the The Hills tomorrow. Oops I think I have said too much.

  28. Wow, didn't think that warranted that kind of response; I didn't mean to offend.

    Please read what I said after the match about Keith and Steven.

    I was just kidding around, and my bet is that Keith and Steven would not only play us closer on a second match, but would have taken the joke well, for I would have said it in their company without fear. They're good guys with good senses of humor; We were even joking around before, during, and after the match.

    Take it for what it was, a joke.


  29. No offense taken Mitch. My pride is still hurt though. I might be scarred for life.

  30. John, Dave and all,
    Thanks so much. That really was a long match. It was fun, Dave is a very tough player. I don't think there are that many players in 3.5 who can push me as hard as he just did.

    If I don't have to see that serve of his that hits those corners ever again, that would be so great. I must have gotten aced at least 12-13 times.

    I just wished that I have had the same level of play and concentration when our two teams battled it out.

    Special thanks to John Kraemer for everything. It was great to see John, Sam, Enrique, Ed and Enrique's daughter at the match.

    This should be a great rest of the season, and if our teams meet again, we'll try to do a thrilla in Brookhaven.

    And for those that post anonymous, but choose not to back up their post or show up.

    Nuff said.

  31. See? I knew Keith wasn't some panty-clad wo-man.

    Yeah, and I'm very aware of how well Gene played and that I was the drunk one that was the "skirt" that night on our mixed doubles team.

    Only surprise was that Keith didn't come back with a joke aimed at me...still waiting on that one, cautiously.

    We are adults, right?


  32. John just sent me like 80 pics from the match. Pretty awesome. I will try and do a post of more later. Nice work, looked like fun.

  33. Well.... looks like I missed a fun week here in Dallas. But, I'm pretty sure I had more fun on my cruise. I'm back in town for the next week or so until I leave for 17 weeks of fun in the sun at the beautiful Fort Leonard Wood in wonderful Missouri. If anyone wants to play let me know.

  34. Jonathan,

    No more size Small shirts. I can't tell what sticks out more, your breasts or your belly.

  35. i just posted a challenge ladder up. Marc is the computer guru who set it up for me. I know some of you thought it would be great to have more people attend these challenges and I agree. The scores don't have to be full matches so if an even number of players can show up and rotate and play a round robin of sets it could generate more matches, etc.

    Doubles coming soon but I think singles is good for now. Let me or better yet ask Marc if you have any questions but the site is pretty self explanatory.

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  37. What is your problem poster from 8:17 pm?
    I hope you read what I posted and then deleted because it was just for you.

  38. The Blog Challenge Match between David Prather and Jonathan Marcus was a great match! The match was held this past Saturday afternoon (3:30) @ Brookhaven on court 10 (in the barn). The match was very exciting and it was very hot in the barn. It must have been about 90 degrees in the barn and very humid. I watched the majority of the match from the air conditioned observation booth.

    Both players played very well. Jonathan was on with his very impressive / killer forehand, going either down the line or cross court. David was on with his kick serve and deadly drop shots. Jonathan was playing mostly a baseline game, while David was playing mostly a serve & volley game.

    Jonathan captured the victory with a score of 7-6 (8-6), 5-7, 6-2 and took home the $25 GolfSmith gift certificate (David took home a $10 GolfSmith gift certificate). The match was very close and could have gone either way. This past Thursday, the USTA released the 12-month rolling 3.5 singles rankings. Jonathan and David are tied for 22nd in the state with a total of 655 points. Both of them are planning to play in the upcoming USTA major tournament in Waco at the end of the month. It will be very interesting to see how they do in the tournament.

    Thank you to all that helped in being line officials. A special thank you goes out to Gary Wyatt (USTA official) for coming out and being the chair official for the match.

  39. Anybody ho needs an email invite to the tennis ladder,
    Send me your email address to

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  41. Link to Lucky's Tennis Ladder

    Link to register

    If you send me your email address I can generate you an evite that has a direct registration code

    I have already sent some out to people who's email addresses I have found on the blog.

  42. Mike, Sorry I was late. Kids game, tried to call office. no answer. Thanks to Mitch for sticking around and beating me down with 10 beers in his belly at the time. Mitch is a very good player and maybe even a better guy. thanks.

    Mitch I want to play you again under better conditions for you. That's probably not good news for me, but I am up to the challenge. Boy did I serve bad???? Eddie

  43. David P.,

    Sorry I missed your match against Jonathan. Right after I talked to you my mom had heart problems and had to get a pacemaker put in this weekend. She is doing fine now and resting well. It sounded like a great matchup of two players whom I think have great talents.

    I still plan on dropping in on your practices starting this next weekend @ noon as the HP league I'm in has finished.

    Also got 4 tournaments coming up with Waco, Richardson, Plano and Tyler all in a row.

    Ron J.
    AKA: ACEorUE

  44. Blog challenge preview tonight Cary?

  45. Hello Ron Jones, I'm sorry to hear about your mom and I hope she continues to do better.

    The match was very tough and inside the barn it was extremely hot and humid, but Jonathan prevailed and got me pretty good in the 3rd set. It was allot of fun, even though I lost, with all the guys that came out and the way John Kraemer set it all up.

    Thanks again John K.

  46. yep Corey, I think Francine is a better player than Sisk though so it might just be a little preview. see you tonight.

  47. How about some discussion on good matches this weekend.

  48. I think there’s going to be some great matches this Saturday afternoon between Oak Creek and Brookhaven @ Oak Creek @ 3:00. Both teams are currently 4 & 0.

  49. Cary:

    Let me know who might be available the evening of June 6th or Early on Saturday June 7th.
    Have been horrible in singles, but would love to play some doubles if someone is willing to partner up.

    Let me know if interested.


  50. JL (AR Hacker)

    I have friends in town that weekend but I know I am going to my wife's match so possibly we could set something up simultaneously or I am sure someone would be up for playing in the area.

  51. sounds good, so I guess I challenge for a doubles match and I am begging for a doubles partner.

    Although if memory serves me correctly I owe Keith a loss after he beat me in singles in my last match in the Dallas League back in Fall 2005. :( My wife and daughter had to endure that loss with me.

    Look forward to meeting or remeeting some of you guys.