Monday, May 26, 2008

3.5 Big matches

Flight B features Greenhill v. Canyon Creek. Kayser's fall runner up is one loss away from watching the playoffs from the sidelines if they don't score the upset. They are good enough to do it though, but my fav team Canyon Creek will be hard to beat.

LB v. Gleneagles should be good as well, isn't this about the time of the season Gleneagles starts to fade..........

Flight A and C are pretty boring if the big boys don't care of biz this weekend it would be a shocker. But it will be intersesting to see what tourney player heavy Oakridge has left to throw out this weekend.


  1. You are a week early on the CC/Greenhill match.

  2. May 31 has a very uninteresting bunch of matches for level 3.5. However, the following week will be good.

    JUNE 7
    The BIG one:
    Life Time vs Oak Creek

    Also good:
    Greenhill/Kayser vs Canyon Creek/Jolly

    Might Be Interesting:
    Garland vs Westlake
    High Point vs Canyon Creek/Carmen

  3. Everyone thinks the 6/7 match Life Time vs Oak Creek will tough.

    Actually it will be a "walk in the park" win for Life Time. You all will be amazed at how easily we crush Oak Creek. A 4-1 or 5-0 butt kicking is certain!

    - Wouldn't You Like To Know

  4. Future Lifetime SlayerMay 27, 2008 at 8:29 AM

    Lifetime goes down this week!!! They are a OVER RATED.

    Do they even have anyone that can play singles? and win? Seriously!!! 6-0 6-0! You think they could put out a better singles player than that. I sure hope that was not the best they got. That one was a laugher.

    All of our matches have been close against the top teams. Even Oak Creek was closer than the score appeared.

    This week, LB Houston gets back on the map! Lifetime loses 4-1 this week and goes back and sulks and cries for the rest of the season!!!

    Sorry Lifetime, reputation doesn't win matches. Both lines of singles and 2 lines of Doubles are going to get CRUSHED. Lifetime loses 4-1

    Oakridge whipped you guys like dogs and we beat Oakridge. You guys won't win a single line against us.

    Your team will be lucky to make the QT. You guys are a couple years away from being a strong team.

  6. Future Lifetime SlayerMay 27, 2008 at 8:42 AM

    Now that I look at the record, I predict that Lifetime FINISHES 6TH in the division.

    They can't beat LB Houston, Oak Creek, or Brookhaven, and drop 3 of their next 4 matches for a pathetic finish.

  7. OAK CREEK . . .

  8. oops, sorry I guess I was looking ahead, 3.5 is really boring this weekend then. Still looking forward to that GH/CC match, should be a good one on 6/7

  9. Jolly wins against Garland. I remember how good those 2 were at Pacific life. That is 1 win right there.

  10. I would love to say I crushed Jacques but neither of played that well but I guess I played a little uglier and was able to win in 3 sets. The first set he came up blasting big serves and winners and I was about to get ready to taste a bagel but somehow I was able to stave off the first big wave and start to frustrate him. I ended up winning with one break of serve 6-3. The second set for some odd reason I wanted to stop playing ugly and find my strokes which eluded me in the first set, Jacques took advantage of my quest for a pretty tennis game and gave me a bagel, yikes what is up with me and giving out bagels in these challenge matches.

    3rd set: Jacques broke me in the first game and then held serve. So he won a total of 8 straight games. I truly wanted to call it a day but Jacques kind of let me back in with a few bad points and I was able to run off the next 6 games to win 6-2.

    Jacques is an interesting player and a hard match up for me because he has a lot of variety which is probably why he does well against many people. I don’t think it is a secret I am a counterpuncher and with Jacques that is a hard strategy to employ since he doesn’t necessarily attack all the time and likes to come to net and uses the drop shot well.

    We look forward to playing again soon.

  11. Dirty Garland Goes Down!

    Lucky Thunder,
    I'm coming for you next!
    Right after I take care of Darth Prather tonight!

    OC-Wan Kenobi

  12. I would love to play you and Prather. I need a little rest, I think I strained my groin in the 1st set last night on a volley.

    What you think about the new Dirty Garland additions? Jerry Defeo and Glenn Flora. The first one I found a pic online, he is a contractor in Garland, no tennis history found yet. Flora sounds like an exotic plant fount off the coast of Mozambique but no tennis history found yet either.

  13. Make sure you check "De feo" and "Glen" with one n.
    You know how Garland is.

    Looks like everyone is trying to add someone for the play-off push.

  14. Apparently,
    Glen Flora is 60 miles southwest of Houston,+TX

  15. Cary,

    Good match! I came out hard and wanted to apply the pressure but you threw some great lobs and moved me more than I like. You forced me to work harder and consequently tired me out the first set and never allowed me to get into any rythym. I thought for sure the way I played the first 2 games was going to be the tempo. Man, you slowed the game down and played very smart...Kuddos! (sp?) You played a game that caused me to hit alot of unforced errors and the second set I was patient and waited for better opportunities..but in the end you played smarter..I look forward to more matches to come. I had a good time!

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  17. I guess this is the page where some are posting their challenge match victories and since I'm now being called Darth Prather, I guess I'll report what my match was like with oc bl. It was a very tough match with Marc taking an early lead and going up 1 break 3-0, then on serve to 4-1. Well I managed to fight back and take the first set 7-5. The second set was even closer and even though I had chances, Marc won 7-6
    in the 2nd set. We started at 6:15 and at 7:50 we were run off of our first court and went to see if another was available, but there was none, then all of a sudden the lady said we could play on a court til 8:45, so we went and that's where we finished the 2nd set. We were running out of time, so we played the super tie break for the 3rd set. I was up 5-0 and Marc began his comeback. It went back and forth, with Marc having a match point or two and then I finished him off 12-10 in the 3rd.
    It was a great match. Marc plays very well and he's
    a real fighter. I guess those "big boobs" are a bit too heavy.
    Thanks Marc, let's do it again in a few weeks.

  18. Well Well Well OC BL I guess Darth Prather showed you he has a bigger light saver than you...I heard it was a great match!!!!maybe next time you should take a little off your chest before you play....

  19. Last time I checked females are not allowed on this board,

    Thanks for the match

    You had more game than I expected

  20. OC BL I thought it was better to put my name down instead of those who use anonymous. It is sad if a woman writing on the blog is not allowed. It is an honor for me to be supportive of my man. Lisa

  21. sorry Lisa but Marc is right we passed an official rule at some point early in November of 2007.

    Lucky Thunder will not be so kind to Darth Prather. I don't believe in long matches, I will finish him in 1 1/2 hours.

  22. So Cary, is that an official challenge? If so I accept. I'm going to Waco tomorrow evening and I won't be back, hopefully until Sun. night, so this week-end is out, but let me know when and where and we'll work out a time. Thanks, David
    (aka Darth Prather)

  23. Darth Prather!!!! That was a good one! And DP is even tall too!! His voice needs to be a little deeper, but... maybe your new tennis attire should be all black? with maybe a cape? something to think about. And this whole time I thought DP stood for David Prather.

  24. Lisa,

    Blog all you want. It was just an insensitive remark and in jest. you have to know Marc to know that he dint mean it. I think it was tennis defense mechanism kicking in, cause he feels like is already a 4.0.

    Marc, you ready for your TuTu match? I won't even make you wear it at our USTA match, as that is too important. BUT, I will be three to witness you wear it at your next USTA Match.

  25. good win over J Marcus Brian, I was going to play you for an easy win. I guess I need some more practice before I challenge you.

  26. Hey big time 3.5 captains just wondering if anyone has started scouting other 3.5 sectional reps. I know the DCC will be tough but by this time last year I was already compiling stats on Waco, Houston, etc. Looks like many leagues are already decided including Waco, Austin and NETX. I know some of you have been throwing at the word Nationals and I would love to see one of you make it but make sure your rosters are ready to go. Sisk added some pieces and hopefully they are good enough to improve over the 2007 team that didn't advance out of their flight.

    I know some of you are still fishing for players and hopefully some names pan out for you all.

  27. Hey big time 3.5 captains just wondering if anyone has started scouting other 3.5 sectional reps. I know the DCC will be tough but by this time last year I was already compiling stats on Waco, Houston, etc. Looks like many leagues are already decided including Waco, Austin and NETX. I know some of you have been throwing at the word Nationals and I would love to see one of you make it but make sure your rosters are ready to go. Sisk added some pieces and hopefully they are good enough to improve over the 2007 team that didn't advance out of their flight.

    I know some of you are still fishing for players and hopefully some names pan out for you all.

  28. Dear oc/bl you better start playing matches against other players other than the Oak Ridge Boys they seem to have your number.Good match against Prather but not good enough.

  29. I beat'em when it counts,
    other wise it's just for fun.

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  31. Upset - High Point over Brookhaven,

  32. Nice Darth Prather Pic! Lifetime gets lucky, and gets past LB Houston. Match was much closer than the score represents. Just 1 or 2 points difference and the match could have gone either way.

    Quite an upset loss by Brookhaven.

  33. HP/Jameson's singles' woes continue too. They beat a bad Hackberry team 3-2. They lost 1 singles badly and took a 3rd set tiebreak to get the other win. They have to be the worst undefeated ever.

    Their doubles continue to carry them and they lost 1 line of doubles. Parekh, Harrison, Chan and Wiley were not playing. If they were, they probably win that line. Nevertheless, those singles are going to come back and bite them. None of those players would make a differnce at singles.

  34. Correction HP won line 1 doubles and lost line 2 doubles.

  35. Yes Mr. Anonymous 6:58pm get your facts straight. Line 2 lost not line 1. You made a lot assumptions based on that one mistake. I took a look at HP's players. I'm not am sure that there aren't any sleeping dogs. My guess is that when the time comes the better line-ups will play as always.

  36. Lifetime has the fewest games lost in dallas. Oak Creek,Lifetime,Garland best in city!!!!

  37. another big surprise is Sbridge losing to Samuel Grand, that really hurts in their tough flight with two losses now

  38. Congrats to Stan's and Lou's team for upsetting Brookhaven today. That is a good win and Andrew didn't even play I think it would have been 4-1 if Sutherland was able to play some singles today.

    Not a huge upset since I played with those guys for a couple of seasons and I think we had a couple of wins over them before.

  39. It must have been a slow 3.5 week if you guys are talking about the HP/Jameson team instead of focusing on the real top 3.5 teams like Garland, Oak Creek, Oakridge, Lifetime/Ferrell, and possibly CC/Jolly from Flight B.

    All Garland has to do is make sure they don't pick up any red flags the rest of the season, especially against HP/J. With Brookhavens loss, it looks like they've dropped out of contention for one of the top 3 spots in Flight C. So, that leaves the winner of FLight C, most likely Oakcreek getting a bye from the QT. Then Oakridge and LF/Ferrell will have to fight it out at the QT to get to the championship round. But even then it will probably come down to Garland and Oakcreek for the City Championship.

    CC/Jolly from flight B could be the fly in the ointment since no one seems to know much about them and no one is paying any attention to them. They could surprise.

  40. Does anybody want to claim George Hardwick should be playing 4.0 now? There are other players to worry about.

  41. What happened to Hardwick?

    Their scores are still not posted or has Sisk told you before the scores were reported?

  42. The Big L? It happens to all of us and some of us more than others. I am sure he will be fine.

  43. I am calling CC/Jolly a non factor.
    and the Men Saturday 3.5B div crap.

    CC/Jolly had more or less the same team last season and finished up 3 - 5 in their Div behind giants like OC and HP.

    I don't see a team in Div B that could hang with OC, HP, Garland, OakRidge, or Liftime

  44. If you are so confident in your opinion - post your name

    Bottom line is that only two of those teams will go directly to cities and the other will be trying to survive the QT.

    At least two of them won't even make it to the big dance.

    In the end only the two that make it to sctionals have anything to brag about all the rest will have fallen short.

  45. Tennis brains worried about george and vinnie! See how stupid you are!anybody posting about anybody they don't know is stupid.Show it on the court! c u at sectionals!

  46. Why hasn't Oak Ridge posted their scores yet from Saturday? Is it possible that they lost??

    Inquiring anonymous minds would like to know. :-)

  47. There are some interesting matchups this week after a week of the most mundane matchups in history.

    The BIG ONE:
    OC v Lifetime: Truthfully, I like LT in this one but OC BL will certainly disagree. This should be an outstanding matchup and I do not expect any 5-0 whippings. I think they will split singles and LT's doubles and I think LT's doubles are alittle better. OC should win 3-2.

    CC/Jolly v GH/Kayser. I like CC but this could be a tough match. I like CC 3-2 or 4-1. This is a deep flight. It may not have the depth of heavyweights like Flight C but it has few really bad teams like the other flights.

    HP/Jimison v CC/Carman
    This is not as good a match as OC/LT but it is intriguing between 2 teams that are likely headed to the QT. I think we finally find out what HP has; until now, they have been able to win by showing up. CC needs this to have any hope of winning the flight. They need help, but a win here and there is hope.

    Garland v Westlake
    I doubt Garland has any trouble but if they play bad, it could be a shocker. Westlake needs this win and a CC loss to see the post season. With a loss, Westlake is probably eliminated from any post season.

  48. Oak Ridge rescheduled their match with Greenhill, For this weekend due to the fact that they all went to Waco,

    I don't know what the rules are governing that, But if that was my team I would probably have given OR a Hard time,
    But Greenhill is not in contention so probably does not matter.

  49. gtown all the way!c u in august!!!!

  50. Yay! G-Town!!! My Boyz!
    (from a different anonymous!)