Friday, May 30, 2008

Waco Results

So if you know any early results or recaps. Feel free to post them here. I will keep an eye out but so far nothing has gone final or at least been posted on the site.

Ratana/Saldana did get a walkover against Dibua and his partner which were the #2 seeds at 4.5 doubles.


  1. Foad Ansari lost 1st round again.

  2. I lost to Jason 6-4 in the third. I played horrible so I guess I should be happy it was that close. I played a good second set but the first set was the worst I've played in a long time. It was a very competitive match though.

    I also know that Trey McKinney won both of his matches, including over the #3 seed.

    Ken Ratana beat Jay Bigam in a long three-setter.

  3. that is too bad Corey. I watched him a little last week but that in mixed doubles. he has some good solid strokes.

    Foad sucks! Ok I don't know Foad but for those you concerned about seeding, how does he keep getting #1 seeds when he loses in the 1st round. Shouldn't that be reserved for more consistent peformers. We are almost 1/2 way thru the tourney season, how long can he rest on 2007.

    good job Ken, stay down in Waco till at least 1:30p or so on Sunday.

  4. Looks like Eddie got bounced early as well and rather easily. Shoulder? If that bad Eddie you should probably skip the consolation rounds as well.

    Schick beating Russell is a little surprising.

    Marcus, Hutchison and Bowman out in the first round as well.

    Dallas not faring too well so far at 4.0.

    Forrest Feuille we are counting on you to make us look good. That first round beatdown is a good first step.

  5. No wonder Dallas doesn't send anyone to Nationals.

  6. Eddie, so you never brought up your shoulder until you know your gonna lose. pfff.

  7. You don't know me man. It's been sore for months, but I hurt it really bad last week. Shooting pains when I put me hand above my head. I don't need to make excuses. I could have just not showed up, I chose to give it a try. Most people would have retired after 3 games when the pain came back even with the cortisone. that is not how I work. i played through it and took a bad loss. I hate to lose under any circumstances. I am still here in Waco trying to fight my way for some extra points on the consolation side. I may have to take the next month or so off, but still fighting to win for now.

  8. John Kraemer lost 6-3, 6-1 to a guy that played level 3.0 last year.

  9. Matt Ellis is no 3.0 in fact he was DQ'ed. He now is captaining a 4.0 team from NETX that should be a contender at sectionals in part because of his play.

    I don't want to speak for Kraemer and our games are very different but I think we fall into the same category which is we can hang with just about anyone at 4.0 doubles and probably not even get embarrased by lower level 4.5 players at doubles but singles we are top tier 3.5s and the move to 4.0 is tough.

    I have to give props to him and others like Jonathan Marcus and Zach Stein who keep signing up at that level to compete. If I ever get a free weekend to play a tourney I would like to try it at 4.0 but I wouldn't have high expectations. In fact if my draw was tough I might lose on purpose to get to the consolation rounds.

  10. Do you think we can finally get Kirby to stop talking about how he's actually a 4.5 now after his two first round exits in Waco?

  11. give Kirby a chance to takedown the great Foad and then you can rag on him. BTW Kirby is not singles specialist at all. As far as doubles he is pretty good, which is why I picked him to play with against Dirty Garland. Although that match looks like it might not happen until 2009.

  12. Kirby is 4.5 caliber in doubles no doubt. even he admitted he was a 4.0 singles. Atleast he is not like Eddie, who is the self proclaimed 4.0 king.

  13. Cary, lay off on Foad! I played him today in the consolation quarter-finals and the reason for the recent losses is a broken toe. He still moving OK on it but he is definitely hurt. He took me 7-6. 6-3 in a 2 hour 15 minute sweat bath. He told me that he is going to follow Dr's orders and rest it for a few weeks. He seemed like a pretty nice guy except when I kept passing him with my backhand.

    I had fun joking with and rooting on my fellow Dallas players. Eddie Hill made it pass his consolation quarter-final match but will not play in the semis. Eddie's shoulder was killing him but he kept plugging on having to really on the rest of his game because he had trouble serving.

    Leonard Hutchison gets the "IronMan" award for playing 3 singles matches (2 were three setters) and 1 three set doubles match yesterday and then still came out and played a tough consolation singles match this morning.

    I am sure that Dallas will represent a little stronger in Tyler!

    Trae Bowman aka J.T. Bowman

    By the way, the tournament bug has now bit me and hopefully you will see me cause a little damage in the near future (had to get those 1st tourney jitters out of my system)!

  14. Yeah. It was great seeing Tre and talking to all the Dallas guys. My shoulder is bad, but I came home after winning my consl qurter match to coach my 8 year olds team at 6pm in Plano. I will not go back to play the simi-final because our Lifetime team plays at 2pm and the simi is at 11am. Team comes first because we have 4 guys out of town this week and I have to play. Once I figured out the how to get a serve in I played better. Still hate losing in the first round again. GO Lifetime Eddie

  15. Oh yeah. Tre is hitting the ball well and signed up for every tourney in sight over next month. Look out 4.0.

  16. T.McKinney of gtc is kicking ass in waco!

  17. My ass kicking has ended (slightly). I am in the semis tomorrow morning for singles, but Scott and I just lost in 3 to Steven and Keith. It will be a HP final for doubles. I will say this may be my last tournament for awhile, 9 matches over the last 2 days was a little much.

  18. trae, you lost to Foad. We might have to release you from our roster. JK :0

    I am sure Foad is a good guy, rest that toe you don't want to be limping for the rest of your life. Same goes for Eddie, tennis isn't worth ruining your body especially at your age. Wait till you are 70 like the Oakridge boys then you get all broken down.

  19. Trae B.,
    Way to go up there in Waco. Everybody else......It was HOT up there. I wish I could have given Trae a complete match, but playing a second match that exhausted me and then playing Trae in the HEAT of the Texas Sun for a little over 2 hours just wore me down.

    Hats off to Trae for at least signing up, trying and playing these tournaments.

    Most of us like Eddie, Trae and myself are fathers and we constantly tell our children that giving up at the first or second sign of adversity is not an option. Well, that is what we are doing. Not giving up even though most of us consider quitting half way thru the match. I had to retire during our match because I had nothing left to offer, was physically exhausted and had to drive back and take my daughter to some event that I promised.

    Are you signing up for the Plano Open? A tournament can't get much closer for you and I would love an easier first round match.


  20. Cary, You just cant stop your negative comments about The Oak Ridge Boys. We dont have 1 player 70 yrs. old. I am the oldest at 65 I guess we should change our name to Oak Ridge Old Guys.Regardless of our age we are still playing hard and winning matches. Fyi Prather in semis & Molina in cons. semis this morning. I think both are going to win today. This is not being senisitive like everyone thinks. Give us credit for going out and taking care of business!!!

  21. For the earlier poster who ragged on Dallas looks like we are headed for a 4.0 showdown in the final between two Dallasites if Trey and Forrest meet which I expect to happen. I like Forrest in that match but it will be close.

    The 4.0 dubs has two teams not only from Dallas but from the same league team.

    Houston SUX! Waco SUX! :)

    JD Miles putting up some good scores in the 4.5s as well and Kern from FW also in the semis taking on the two entries from Espana, will it be an all Spanish final?

    I am curious why the usta listed everyone as from the United States, is there any entries not from the US?

  22. Good win by Prather over Aranda, maybe a preview of sectionals if Oakridge can make it there v. FW.

    I think these two have played before.

  23. Ed I really don't care one way or the other about 3.5, I secretly might want one team to win over the other but realistically just interested to see how you all turn out. I respect you "Old guys" for doing the tourney thing, trust me I am jealous as hell. I like hanging out with my infant on the weekends but when she goes off to summer camp in 2015 I will be signing up for all the major zone tourneys.

    No need to apologize Jonathan and that goes for anyone this summer. I had to sound all like careful mother but if you are close to feeling heat stroke like symptoms or even think you might then just retire or at the very least take 10 minutes to see if you can get your bearings back. No ranking points are worth your life. If NFL players can DIE in summer workouts and they are in great shape don't think a middle age adult in one of the top 5 warmest states can't die on the court.

    that is actually one reason I don't run out to play tourneys especially in the summer because I don't handle the heat very well. I got sick after playing my match v. Gene and Will two weeks ago and that was doubles so playing singles in July, I don't know Jonathan, I will have to think about that one but I will check my schedule. I would prefer a smaller draw like that because playing 2-3 matches in a day is not anything I am interested in doing.

    Be safe!!

  24. I have to make one note about Foad. I played him a couple of years ago and he got a point penalty for flipping me off in the second set.

    He was friendly but I think that speaks for itself.

    Keep it going Trey.

  25. Damn. High Point swept the doubles tourney in Waco and their benchwarmers took care of business. If they added Eddie HILL they could probably beat Davis Cup Champions.

  26. HP/somabut is till overated.

  27. Is Doubles tennis even a sport??? When I think of Doubles tennis, all I see is fat ladies and old men.

  28. Sounds like an opinion from someone who doesn't have the skills to play doubles. Anyone can play singles.

  29. Ping pong and checkers take skill too.

  30. Your probably some 3.5 hacker who can't play tennis anyway. Wait is that Cary posting anonymously?

  31. trey is a stud

  32. Cary,

    You nailed it, Foad sucks!

    You will never find a person that beats him say anything positive about him. He is only polite and respectful when he is winning, a clasic jerk.

  33. Judging by the comments that were said about Foad being OK when he is winning but a jerk when he is losing, I guess I didn't push him hard enough. I had him cursing himself on the court for most of the match but I didn't have the match toughness to close out my opponents this weekend. I was up a break in both sets in my 1st round match to Thomas Lowe and wound up losing because I couldn't deal with the sun in my eyes on my service games on the north side of the court and I ran into the same problem with Foad on Sunday.

    I am going to cut down all this doubles play and start playing more singles practice matches so that I can really concentrate on my singles game again. SO I will be challenging a lot of people on the Blog ladder to get some matches under my belt before Tyler!

    Congrats to Forrest and Trey M on their showings down in Waco. Forrest seemed like he was on cruise control when I watched a couple of his early round matches. It was nice to see Dallas players take up and root for each other because the Houston area guys really seemed to like to like taking us out!

    Dallas Tennis - REPRESENT!

  34. Good Job to Darth Prather on making the Simis,
    Looking at the guy's El Paso League record it looks like if he was notching those scores in Dallas he would have been DQ'ed or at least bumped up.

    Must have been a tough player

    Once again, In th MZ's seems like the guys to look out for are unseeded.

  35. In that kind of heat, these tournaments become less about tennis and more about endurance.

    It is absolutely nuts when you look at someone like McKinney who played 11 matches (7 singles and 4 doubles) over the 3 day period. I watched his final and the guy was completely gased. Not saying he would have beaten Forrest, as Feuille was never challenged seriously in any of the 6 matches he played.

    From what I saw Dallas represented very well across all the divisions. I think we have some teams that can do well at sectionals, I would say HP is the best shot, just not sure about their singles lines.

  36. Congratulations to the High Point doubles team for their great showing at the Waco Major Zone.

    - Death Volley

    Notice how they ran the tournament. They had a seeding committee which seeded top-rated players and teams. They announced their seeds. (They were not ashamed of their choices and they did not try to hide their selections.)

    Non-seeded teams were placed into brackets by RANDOM DRAW. Whether you liked your draw or not, everyone knew the process was fair.

    Contrast the Waco tournament with how the DTA runs our leagues. ALL teams are PLACED into flights. Nothing is random. The DTA plays God and places EVERY team exactly where they would like them to go.

    The DTA seeds teams but without input from knowledge people. They do not announce which teams are seeded nor the basis for seeding. Also they do not tell us what process they use. The reason they do not communicate the process is because they know what they are doing is wrong.

    In my opinion this is an issue of TRANSPARENCY.

    ANY process which is undocumented and performed behind closed doors by 1-2 people is potentially subject to abuse. At a minimum the DTA should document their process for placing teams into flgihts and communicate it to captains and players. Unless they are willing to do that _ then I have to go along with those that are critizing the process.

    Players want to know:
    > Are teams seeded?
    > Who does the seeding?
    > What is the basis for seeding teams?
    > How many teams are seeded?
    > Are non-seeded teams placed randomly into flgihts?
    > If not, specifically HOW is that done?

    These are not unfair questions. Any decent organization would communicate this information to their players.

  39. The DTA remains silent on this issue becuase they know what they are doing is inappropriate.

    - Death Volley

  40. Congrats to HP 4.0 doubles team, you represented Dallas well!

  41. We got your point about 4 weeks ago - its getting old. Your conspiracy theory that some clerk at the DTA was out to screw you is weak and lame. How about you stop spreading rumors as you are just writing what someone told you or what you THINK is happening behind the scenes.

    Your 4 seeds.
    1. HP
    2. Lakes
    3. Sprinkpark
    4. Greenhill

    Everyone else was random. Hey - looky there, none of the 4 seeds are in the same flight. Give it a rest Pearlman - I know its you.

  42. Seeding should be done by a small committee, perhaps 3 knowlegible individuals. Seeding results should be announced.

    The random draw should be observed.

    If the DTA did that, then no one would have any complaints.

    This is very basic stuff.

  43. DTA
    Let me help you here.

    The random, unbiased placement of teams into flights or brackets is called a "DRAW".

    It is a tradition in tennis to do it that way and everyone recognizes that method to be fair.

    Look it up!

  44. Yes, our level 4.0 competition was screwed up so many ways this year.

    > Unbalanced flights based on the arbitrary assignemnt of teams by a DTA clerk. (NO RANDOM DRAW WAS MADE.)

    > 7 league matches instead of 9 or 10.

    > No longer do we have a round robin City Championship (and there was no valid reason to change)

    > We continue with a stupid system that gives the fall winner no incentive whatsoever to play to win.


    If the DTA does not change some of its practices, this kind of crap will continue in the future.

  45. congrats to Forrest. still have room for you at singles in the fall, of course you will probably get bumped now. Good playing.

  46. Why use this forum to complain instead of complaining to the DTA directly? Obviously these complaints aren't accomplishing anything here. I agree with you but I doubt the DTA is reading.

  47. The DTA is definitley reading our comments but they don't give a crap.

    Complaining to them directly has never done any good either.

  48. as much as I wish that could happen I really think getting good list together of issues and sending them to the DTA or showing up at the next meeting would be more constructive.

  49. well hopefully you guys get a better response than I do from my local TA. They no longer respond to my questions, except when I withdrew my team from the State Playoffs.

  50. I've played hutchison. He is definitely the last of the John Wayne type.