Friday, January 30, 2015

For USTA Officials

Here is a request to post this from the reader.  If anybody wants to participate, feel free.  I don't know much about it but feel free to discuss it or sign up.
The DFW National School will take place on February 7th and 8th at Grapevine High School (3223 Mustang Drive, Grapevine, TX). 
Saturday's schedule includes the USTA course for officials with 3+ years of experience (8 am to noon).  After lunch (on your own), the ITA (1:00 to 3:00) and Referee classes (3:00 to 5:00) will take place. 
Sunday's USTA class (8 am to noon) is for officials with less than 3 years of experience.  There will also be a Roving 101 class for officials who have not taken it.
Texas officials should register for the appropriate classes at
How to become a USTA Official:

2015 Texas USTA School List:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 2 recap

Week 2 is in the books and while everyone may or may not have played 2 matches, the season has begun.  Weather was nice and expected to be good this weekend too so more matches will be played.


Flight A: The big match between Greenhill and T-Bar ended with a big 4-1 Greenhill win and puts them clearly in the driver's seat.  T-Bar and Brookhaven face off today in basically an elimnation match.  Fike's crew is 0-1 but can still run the table and needs to.  Tridib's posse is 1-1 and needs ti run it as well. I like T-Bar in this elimination match.

Flight B: Brookhaven is sitting at 2-1 and Greenhill at 1-0.  Brookhaven needed their strong singles and a doubles line.  That is a lot closer than I though it should be.  Still, BH's best is the best in this flight.  Greenhill plays OC/Loose.  This is a must win for OC to have a chance at the playoffs.  I don't see it happening and GH goes to 2-0.


Flight A: Not a lot has happened yet as there are 4 undefeated teams and  expected to be.  This week one goes down as Fretz plays McKinney.  These are 2 of the favorites so one emerges and one puts themselvesin a hole.  I pick Fretz 3-2 and maybe 4-1.

Flight B: There are four undefeated teams but the favorite Greenhill is the only one sitting at 2-0 and not expected to lose this week.  Undefeated Brookhaven and McKinney play this week.  One of these teams lises.  I pick Brookhaven 3-2.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Another week and not much to report

The weather is definitely limiting the playing time.  The indoor facilities are the only ones getting matches in.


In Flight A only 1 match was played and in a small surprise, LB Houston beat Brookhaven.  Tridib has a quite a few mediocre 4.5s so this is not the best BH team.  This week has Greenhill playing T-Bar.  T-Bar has added some strong players and should make this interesting.  I like Greenhill to win 3-2.

In Flight B only 1 match was played.  Brookhaven/Harllee beat a good Oak Creek/Loose team.  That was not a surprise but beating them 5-0 is pretty dominant.  In the MOW here, we have JCC/Reiman taking on OC/Loose.  I think this buries Oak Creek and they are likely out of the playoff picture.


In Flight A, the only match played had McKinney/Peterson-Frick beating a solid Brookhaven/Tarangioli 4-1.  I couldn't find an obvious match of the week here but I choose Brookhaven v Huffhines.

In Flight B, Greenhill/Ohl beat T-Bar/Craig.  Once again, I couldn't find an obvious MOW so I am going with Springpark v McKinney.

Next week should be more interesting when we have more results and some better matchups.  For this week, it is all about T-Bar versus Greenhill.  I like Greenhill 3-2 but not a lock.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Let's Get The Old Guys Out In The Cold Already

The Ice Bowl 1967 Was The Coldest NFL Game Ever: Packers Vs. Cowboys At Lambeau Field May Be Ice Bowl 2?

Just when I thought tanking discussions were reserved for the fall.  Oh, well, let’s see if we can jump start a little discussion about the actual season.  Of course Sunday is the Cowboys – Packers game and it’s currently showing a 60% chance of rain and 40 for a high here in Dallas.  Not quite the Ice Bowl but rough conditions for tennis.

4.5 MOW – Flight A doesn’t look to have a big match this week.  I’d expect the favorites to roll.  Flight B has Greenhill/Rossouw versus JCC/Reiman (again).  Do these teams ever get tired of playing each other?  With the small number of teams in the 4.5 flights and about six teams who can really compete for the playoffs, expect some level of fireworks every week.  Not much of an opportunity to take a week off for most of these guys, particularly in flight B.

4.0 MOW – Flight A would be McKinney/Peterson-Frick versus Brookhaven/Taragioli: it’s a little early to be a ‘lose and you’re out match’ but these two teams have a shot at the playoffs and one will be 0-1 on Monday.  Flight B has two similar matches:  Brookhaven/Bartlett versus Springpark/Walters and McKinney/Jacobson versus Canyon Creek/Patterson.  Don’t take anyone of these four lightly because somebody from this bunch will be in the playoffs, maybe two.

OK, fine…for 3.5 watch Canyon Creek/Gable versus JCC/Mellman.  Not my picks to win but either could contending with some good fortune.

Finally, a quick peak at 8.0 mixed since it seems like that’s going to be where most of the comments come from.  Springpark started with a win over Greenhill/Murphy in a pretty convincing fashion.  Not much else to discus since Canyon Creek and Greenhill/Moseley still haven’t reported, or maybe finished, yet.  For this weekend, Canyon Creek and Brookhaven play the two Greenhill teams.  Neither Greenhill team is bad but comparatively, those are the matches you’re going to have to play your B team so watch out for an upset if that happens.  The excitement doesn’t really start until January 18 when Springpark and Canyon Creek collide for one of two matches.

And if you didn’t have a chance to get out to the Cotton Bowl for any of the Open matches, Arjun Kadhe (#2 seed) from Okie State defeated Will Stein (#1 seed) from Frog Worth in the final.  The two paired to win the Open doubles as well from the #1 seed position.  There were no seeded players in the 4.5 or 4.0 singles finals.