Monday, February 21, 2011

New USTA / Tennis Link / Tri Level Sectional Results

So what is the take on the new USTA / Tennis Link site? Looks like we have some serious Ooops! going on here.

So, doing the best summary on Tri-Level with the tools available. (which kind of majorly bites because you can't see the quality of the losses, or which lines lost...whine whine, bitch bitch. - HINT: I think Klamecki is a good gun for hire, he seems to be a smart techie guy... but i digress.

Sisk did not match up well with SETX and lost to SETX. This opened the door for Houston, whom won the flight, but took a loss to Sisk along the way. (3 way tie for first in that flight, and Houston won with 4 less sets lost in flight A).

Meanwhile, Team Pickett cruised through flight B, never dropping a set in there flight!!! WOW!

Finals summary (Pickett beats Houston 2-1) INTERESTING NOTE!!! The exact same score that Sisk beat Houston by as well) Again, I can't tell if it was a match up thing, which lines lost, or what happened there, but inquiring minds want to know. So, feel free to make your Sectional and USTA website comments. Me, I made my comments already, so it seems silly for me to bash further.

P.S. I Would, however, love to hear from a USTA rep on an ETA on the site being fixed (since it does appear they peruse the blogs from time to time). - So, I nice SWAG from USTA rep and I guess we could file this under positive communication.