Saturday, May 25, 2013

Nothing Is A Given

Nadal lost to Rosol in the 2nd round of Wimbeldon in 2012.  He lost to Soderling in the 4th round of the French in ’09.  Other greats have stumbled. 

 I don’t want to compare Dallas tennis to the top tier of the ATP and not up to elaborating with a full post, but I feel the following warrants a separate thread and deserves a place for its own conversation. 


This coupled with the loss of HP/Le to Fair Oaks, QT becomes a lot more interesting, and 4.0 City Playoffs are wide open.

Based on this news, I wouldn’t be surprised if the spouses at Canyon Creek are already planning a post-season party for their play-off bound boys.   

Let the bashing begin……

Monday, May 20, 2013

ratings estimate

changing the subject..... kindof

mid-year ratings will be posted in July.  Typically before play-offs.

I believe that they will not include tournaments or mixed or tri-level but will include fall league play-offs, 40s league and spring league matches

Last year I found this link:

Kevin Schmidt can be contacted at:

He accepts paypal and the report costs $20 ($30 to include sectionals)

It is not official USTA but a simulation based on his tools and assessments.  I found it quite interesting

I would encourage those of you that are interested to send some business Kevin's way.

Monday, May 13, 2013

4.5 & 5.0 update

4.5 mid-season update:

These are the teams that appear to have a shot at the play-offs:

  1. High Point/ Le 4&0 (still have GlenEagles & Royal Oaks ahead) flight C
  2. Brookhaven/ Goswami 5&0 (still have Lakes & Village to play) B
  3. JCC 5&0 (Still have Oak Creek/ Herget ahead) A
  4. GlenEagles 4&0 (High Pt & Sisk) C
  5. Fair Oaks 4&1 (BHaven/ Harlee) A
  6. Lakes/ Way 4&1 (BHaven/ Goswami) B
  7. Village 3&2 (already in QT via Fall win) B
  8. Oak Creek/ Herget 4&1 (JCC & Brookhaven/ Harlee) A
  9. Royal Oaks 3&1 (Sisk & High Pt) C
  10. Sisk 3&1 (Royal Oaks and GlenEagles) C
  11. Brookhaven/ Harlee 4&1 (Fair Oaks & Oak Creek) A
  12. TBar 3&2 (Greenhill & Village) B
  13. Greenhill 3&2 (TBar) B
Technically still in it are Canyon Creek 4&1; Collin College 3&2, Oak Creek/ Myrick 3&2 but they are behind the 8 ball re schedule remaining and tiebreakers

Likely flight winners & automatic to Cities at this stage appear to be:
B: Brookhaven/ Goswami
C: winner of High Pt vs GlenEagles
+ QT winner

Correction to previous post: QT will have 6 teams! 2nd place teams plus Village plus next 2 best 3rd place teams


I believe there is a 3 team play-off.  With the Village winning a close match this past weekend over Oscar's Tbar team, I believe they will now get a bye and play either TBar or the 3rd place finisher for a shot at Sectionals. That looks to be Corey's Fair Oaks team!  What a season Corey is having with a strong 4.0 team, great 4.5 team and likely 5.0 play-off team.

Of course they have to beat the formidable Oak Creek/ Monkee team..... 

{what a joke!  I am very disappointed (although not surprised) with what Joel is conspiring here.  It's the worst kept secret in Dallas that he is trying to get Phy, Jean, Almazan & Kelly all down at 4.5 to make a run at nationals 4.5 next year.  I don't understand it.  It can't be any fun!  All of those guys would be extremely successful at 5.0 - they are great players.  Hell, Jean did well at Sectionals for the Blumberg team last year!  Why not play the best competition every week? It is pathetic!  My nativity thought they had turned over a new leaf but the fall and now this spring's antics indicate otherwise!  Everyone of them should be embarrassed! To those of you that play on their teams, whether you tank or not, remember that other's perception of you is influenced by the company you keep........ 

As a result Fair Oaks is a shoe in to take 3rd and showdown vs Tbar}

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Midpoint Season Review

Interesting weekend for Mother’s Day.
4.0 is scheduled to play on Saturday and will have to put any weekend plans for Mamma on hold.  Out of 5 flights of teams, the first place and second place team will be playing each other in 3 of the 5 flights.
Flight A is between Garland and Eldorado – When you look at up-to-date stats, each team has 22 wins, 3 losses, 9 sets lost.  Eldorado has fewest games lost at 128.  On paper, it makes up for a great match.  In reality, neither team has really been tested, and I have to favor Sisk with a 4-1 win.  Eldorado should secure 2nd for a trip to QT.

Flight B  Springpark/Walters and T Bar/Snow – T Bar stumbled to Oak Creek a few weeks back and could be an indication they are not as tough as Springpark who beat OC.  They still have Brookhaven/Bartlett  to face although not sure what is going on with Brookhaven having lost to Fretz/Jayaram 1-4.   Springpark should finish out the season taking this flight, with a 3-way fight between Brookhaven, Oakcreek and T Bar for 2nd.
Flight C  - High Point/Le and Fair Oaks/Noel face off as well.  Both teams are undefeated and both teams very close in stats like flight A with same # of wins and losses.  High Point has fewer sets lost by 1, but Fair Oaks has 12 fewer games lost.  Again, like flight A, it’s one thing on paper, but another story once they hit the courts.  Neither team has been challenged, so the numbers to this point are meaningless.  However, if Le doesn’t have his top 8 and Noel has his, I think it becomes a closer match than one would expect, but still take Le with a 3-2 win.

Flight D – no drama this weekend for this flight.  Canyon Creek/Dawson leads the pack followed by Gleneagles/Fults.  This flight will have their showdown the last week with these teams facing each other.  I still go with CC taking this flight.
Flight E – McKinney/Bazan and Huffhines/Prather are both undefeated and face off each other next weekend.   Bazan has won 2 matches 5-0 and the other 2 matches 4-1.  Prather has won all of their matches 4-1.  Can Greenhill/Ohl provide an upset this weekend and knock Huffhines off their undefeated path?  Just depends on how many beers Greg has in his cooler and if they hit a few before they step on the court.

So with Mamma to please, will enough of the boys get a hall pass to play and each team come stacked with their best rosters?  Or will Mamma, tired of the Sunday Brunch buffet, demand that the weekend is tennis free, and matches get postponed or teams exposed to vulnerabilities?   

Post your thoughts…..