Thursday, July 30, 2015

4.0 Cage Battle Royale

Tony, Ryan and Jorge, awaiting fresh meat.

Now comes Cerebrus, the three headed hell hound guarding the gates of Nationals.  Originally chosen for High Point's three super-self rates, it now symbolizes the impenetrable barrier between Freeman and another sweet captains gift from Nationals (taking a cue from USTA Texas they are now giving out towels).  Tony Le has taken some hits since the season started, now three notable ones, that have lowered him from the prohibitive favorite to merely a crushing disappointment if they don't make it.  Nonetheless, this is his year and Tony takes a hard fought 3-2 win over Freeman in what I expect to be the final.  Now to the undercard.

Austin and San Antonio, separated at birth?  Or should have been?

Flight 1 is interesting, with Austin and San Antonio sharing bunk beds making it possible for Fort Worth to finally have their own room.  With Lubbock, Amarillo and Wild Valley as room mates, I don't see anything stopping these two from deciding who gets to Sunday.  As you can see, from what I can tell they are fairly interchangeable but I'll take San Antonio on reputation.  Clearly the guy on the left lost.

Flight 2 has Tony's Dallas team with a pretty easy draw.  I don't see Corpus, San Angelo, Wild Fort Worth or Wild Austin derailing this train.

Freeman looking pretty svelte.

In Flight 3 lurks the ever present Freeman.  Just at the water's edge he waits patiently to attack.  With his past success and reputation it would be hard to say he needs to lurk or be patient, but this year he's a little more cautious with a three headed hell hound on the prowl.  Waco, SETX, Wild Dallas and Wild San Antonio will be a light appetizer before Sunday.

Rigney, well, just being Rigney.  But who is that next to him?

And finally flight 4.  I have a hard time saying this but I think Rigney's Fort Worth team wins this flight.  Yes, the guy who's team finished dead last at sectionals last year (only winning two lines all weekend).  Yes, the guy who after losing the first sectionals match 2-3 last year had all his guys dump 15 lines in a row.  And then told anyone who would listen that he was doing it.  Yes, the guy who thinks he has the secret USTA decoder ring and can show you anyone's rating to the 100th degree (no, he actually can't).  I could go on and on, but yes, that guy.  What can I say, it's a really easy flight.  Laredo, Valley (aren't they the same team?), Wild Houston (no, not the Unicorns) and Wild San Antonio.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On to Sectionals 5.0 and 3.0 Preview--The Big Boys and The Small Guys

In 5.0, there is never a wildcard but I was hopeful.  Dallas has some great 5.0 teams this year.  Perkison's Village People are in a 5 team Round Robin to compete for a chance to make it to Nationals.  As usual, this is some good quality tennis.

The teams with us are San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Fort Worth.  With only 5 cities fielding leagues in a section as big as Texas, you would think the USTA would understand our fear and loathing of going to 5.0.

Dallas:  We already know the Village has Loren Collins.  He is formidable against anyone.  Johann Jooste is another very formidable player but a little rusty from his Baylor playing days.  Still, if he is practicing some, that is a mighty pair that is hard to get by.  Tyler Jiminez is pretty strong too.  Should be fun and good luck

San Antonio is anchored by Juan Carlos Moreiras.  I can't say I know him but he is a Self Rated 5.5 and if that not a great tennis player name, I don't know what is. 

Austin is always tough at 5.0 and above.  It helps to have a VERY LARGE flagship university in your town.  Universities of this size Club Teams and Greek System can field a competitive D-I roster.  The have Eric Cohn as their 5.5.  I think he played for SMU some years back.  At least Juan DeKruyff isn't on this roster to torment us again.

Houston has no 5.5 on the roster.  I see Craig Bobo is on the roster but he is getting older.  I can't say I know much about this team from a quick look.  The did beat Freeman's Hurricanes team who finished second.

Fort Worth (aka West Dallas) comes out of River Crest. They have Jon Stitt and Rafael Omana.  They also have Tristan Stitt but he is playing for the real Dallas 4.5 team.  I see Jack Seider on the roster as a 5.5 and if memory serves me, I think he is a former TCU player.  They have another 5.5 of Zach Nichols.  He too may have played for TCU.  This may be a sleeper team.

This level is so hard to pick.  There are only three lines and everyone is really good.  A bad day by a player and only three lines creates upsets.  I am going with a homer pick of Dallas.  I am not certain in the slightest.

3.0 is a 6 Team Round Robin.  The participants are High Point/Bender with Austin, NETX, Fort Worth, San Antonio and SETX.  Analysis is extremely tough on 3.0.  First, I know extremely little.  The players have very little history.

Dallas with Bob Bender has won a number of these titles.  He has 13 players on his roster and the only name I have ever seen is Robert Bender.  I am still confident he will do well.

Austin They were 6-2 in their flight to win it.  While that may not mean anything, it may mean it is an entire flight of beginners.

NETX comes from a two team flight.  Once again, it is difficult to tell anything.  I don't know a name and with only two teams, I get skeptical if the matches were ever played.

SETX can be a mirror of NETX.  2 Teams without a known name.  They were 8-1 in their flight over the other team and didn't even play one of their matches.  One has to think they would hold them off in that last match.

Fort Worth has another 2 team flight.  If you read either NETX or SETX, you already know more or less what I am going to say.  It is easier to just look up at those.

San Antonio has a huge flight and a playoff.  A team out of Sonterra emerged.  Sonterra usuallyhas good teams so this could be a tough match.  I suspect it will be between Dallas and San Antonio.

In the end, I am going with the homer pick again.  Also, I am going with a captain that has been there before.  Best of luck to both of you.

I started with these two because there is a lot less to preview.  I will be putting something together for the other levels later this week.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Cities are Done... Congratulations to your City Champions!

City Championships are in the books.  I will make an On to Sectionals Post later this week after I take some time to look at a few other cities.  As someone mentioned, I managed to pick the champs for all levels.  If I were this good at picking numbers, I would be rich playing tennis somewhere cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

With nothing else...  Your winners are:

5.0+  The Village took down a very good Lakes and then a very very good TBar team.  Any of these three teams were capable of representing Dallas well at sectionals.  I think this team could have a legitimate chance.

4.5  JCC won as expected.  The beat a good Oak Creek team who comes in as the runner up in this round robin.  I think this team should also represent Dallas well at sectionals.  Any word on wildcards?

4.0  High Point beat a team of players and the only player I have ever heard of was the Captain Moehler and that goes waaay back.  I am not even sure it is the same guy.  High Point is everything they were advertised.  I can't imagine Dallas does not get a wildcard here so I am sure the new kids on the block will be getting a second chance.

3.5  Fretz went through QT and then they make it through City playoffs.  Second place is McKinney.  Like 4.0, I think 3.5 always gets a wildcard so they should be testing their might against the rest of the state.

3.0 High Point had this one already won so they didn't play.  I was pretty sure on this pick.

Those are your city champs and likely sectionals representatives.  It is time for the bickering to stop and cheer for your Dallas rivals.  Lets be honest, Dallas is a great city but we have underwhelmed at sectionals all too often.  We are always competitive but it is time to bring home some sectionals championships.

Best of Luck and I am hoping to get my creative juices flowing this week for something entertaining.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

101, 101, 102, must be city playoffs

Just a quick update on the festivities this weekend so far.

4.5 - Reiman had an impressive 4-1 win over Harllee, taking three of the four lines with relative ease.  As long as that massive roster doesn't confuse the lineups he's looking good.   In the other match Herget-Loose dropped Noel's squad 4-1 as well but two third set tie breakers that both went HL's way were the difference.  Reiman and HL don't square off until Sunday so today both should roll again.

4.0 - On one half of the draw the HighPoint team rolled to a 5-0 sweep of Brookhaven.  Three of the lines were blowouts so this was never in doubt.  Oak Creek may be able to take out Brookhaven this morning but then to have to turn around and play High Point a couple of hours later is too much to expect.

On the other half of the 4.0 draw the magical mystery tour continues for Oasis as they took down Garland in a tight 3-2 match.  That probably lands Oasis in sectionals one way or the other.

3.5 - McKinney is still undefeated on the season and they rolled last night to a 4-1 win over Oak Creek.  QT winner Fretz swept LB Houston setting up a battle of 1-0 teams today.

Give us some updates on today's matches if you head to the courts.  I may try some Wii tennis in the air conditioning instead.  I've never seen a better swinging volley than those little guys have.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

City Schedule. Time for the Season to FInally Start

City Playoffs Information is on the link below.

City Playoff Information and Schedule

The second week of the post-season is finally here.  This is the weekend when things get interesting.  The scrubs have all been dismissed.

5.0  is a 3 team knockout format.  TBar is in the finals already and  Lakes v Village play for the honor of taking on TBar.  I still think the Village has the best roster but with only playing three lines, it will be tight.  I have to go with the Village in a couple of 2-1 wins.

4.5  is a 4 team Round Robin.  The teams are Oak Creek/Herget, JCC/Reiman, Brookhaven/Harllee and Fretz/Noel.

When the season started, I went with JCC and nothing has changed.  The big question is whether Dallas receives a wildcard.  In 4.5, we haven't always received a wildcard.  All four teams are capable of winning matches at sectionals but I think only Michael's team has any real aspirations of getting to Nationals.

4.0 has 2 flights with 3 teams each.  I hate the flighted city playoffs because it can come down to the flight you are in.  Dallas has always received a 4.0 wildcard so no reason to think that won't change.  Regardless, the team probably needs to win just in case there is no wildcard.

Red Flight has Oasis/Moehler, Garland/Sisk and Oak Creek/Wei-Bin Lai.  I like Garland to take this flight with ease and advance to the finals.

Blue Flight has High Point/Le, Brookhaven/Bartlett and Oak Creek/Head.  I like High Point to flex its muscle and win this flight with ease as well.

Finals will be High Point in a rout.

3.5 is a 4 team Round Robin.  The teams are LB Houston/Tinner, McKinney/Jones, Oak Creek/Wei-Bin Lai and Fretz/Clark.  I will go with Fretz based on reputation although at a glance, the record wasn't very impressive.

3.0 apparently has no playoff so I will go with High Point/Bender as it is already wrapped up.

It is city playoffs!  Lets hear some trash talk or at least intelligent discourse. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

And your QT Winners are..

QT is officially in the books.  Cities is next and the winners get to be the next team to feel the pressure to disappoint Dallas at sectionals.  There will be wildcards but the DTA will refuse to let us know if we receive one until afterwards.  I really do not understand that logic but it is what it is.

In 4.5, the winner is the blog's own Corey Noel/Fretz team.  Congratulations and represent the fine Fretz name this weekend.

In 4.0, they decided to go all Big XII and make 2 True Champions.  The heavily favored Greenhill team faltered and Oak Creek/Head advances in one of the 2 true champions.  The other true champion is Oak Creek/WeiBinLai.  In fairness, I couldn't count 5 people I know on either in roster.  Both of you get to represent the fine one time prestigious Oak Creek name.

In 3.5, Fretz/Clark emerges.  Go represent the fine Fretz name there too.

The lesson is clear, if you want to win a QT, you really need to play out of Fretz or Oak Creek.

Friday, July 17, 2015

On to QT

The much anticipated mid-year ratings came out to a big thud.  I didn't see anything very controversial, maybe a few that were odd and a few more than mild surprises, but nothing seemed conspiratorial.

With that behind us, let's move on to 100 degree temperatures and QT.  The real question isn't who will win, it's does anyone in QT have a chance to make an impact at cities.  They don't have to win cities, maybe just pull an upset.  We're really talking about a momentary breather until the real trash talking starts after cities.   Yes, there will be some before but it's easier to be mad after you've lost than before.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fall League Sign Up Begins

Everyone knows about the Fall League but sign up has started.  I am attaching a link to the PDF if you feel like you have what it takes to be a Captain.  Also, keep reading as right below this is a new league.

Fall League Information

New League for This Fall

The DTA is making a new league for this fall.  I am attaching the PDF for those interested.  For better or worse, it will not be included in ratings.  All of you ratings watchers can actually play for a change.  It is even being promoted as a NEW NON-NTRP League.

The document that tell you all about it is here:

Dallas Doubles League

One more thing, we had nearly 2,000 blog views yesterday.  We usually have approximately 500.  I wish we had more 'ratings' days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mid Season Ratings... Were you Naughty or Nice?

It is that time so you can find out if you get the honors of playing up, down or the same this fall.  I know that mid-season ratings never mean anything but we all want to know.  If you've been good you will get everyone coveted bump up.  If you've been average, you will get to stay the same.  If you've been bad, you will get a lump of coal and the embarrassment of getting bumped down and the derision of your friends.  This should be the link when they are finally released.

2015 Mid Season Ratings

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mid Season Ratings Eve... Santa is Coming With New Ratings... Have you been Naught or Nice?

Tomorrow is the day you find out if you get to hold onto your current rating or have you been so good that you got the coveted bump up?  When Santa comes with your new ratings, I will post it and with a link.

What are the masses thoughts on expected ratings?  Who is expected to get moved up?  Also, who is expected to get back down?

QT 3.5

This is a Round Robin of four teams.  The teams are seeded as 1) Greenhill/Alzuro 2) Stonebrid/Gatewood 3) Fretz/Clark and 4) Canyon Creek/Gable.

I am somewhere between Greenhill and Fretz.  I am going with Greenhill but no reason in particular other than they are the number 1 seed.

There is no 3.0 QT (not sure if there is a 3.0 playoff), so 3.5 gets the Midget Belt for the week. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

QT 4.0 , The Middle Weights

The 4.0 or Middle Weight Division is next.  Apparently, the DTA has made uneven flights again.  It is usually a math thing so it isn't there fault.

Red Flight:  We have Oak Creek/Wei-Bin Lai (Who?), Oak Creek/Pamasani (Who?) and Greenhill/Wendelken (Who?).  I guess this is the one someone thought should be broke up.  I have to say I don't know anyone on any of the rosters.  I will take the 1 seed Wei-Bin Lai as all Asian Teams are probably pretty good.

Blue Flight:  This probably is the flight of the eventual champion.  You have Oak Creek/Head, Greenhill/Ohl and Fretz/Noel.  I like Noel's chances to win if Villafane plays 4.0 instead of 4.5.  Ifhe plays, that puts the blog's own Corey Noel up 1-0 before he starts.  I think Noel's singles will be too strong.

I take Fretz/Noel in this flight.

QT Set 4.5. The Cruiser Weight Division

Now that the QT schedule has been released, it is time to discuss our Cruiser Weights.  This is the 4.5s.  These guys are a very skilled bunch but not quite Heavy Weights.  We have a four team round robin.

The teams
Fretz/Noel is the 1 seed.  He only has 12 on  his roster so he has to hope everyone is available.  Fridays can be tough to get 8 out when you have a small roster

Lakes/Way is the 2 seed.  He has a deep roster but not a lot in 'star power.'  Pollock and Fess are alwasy good.  Valtierra has been around forever.

Oak Creek/Pribadi is the 3 seed.  I was surprised as I rarely pay attention to this team.  When I look at the roster, I see Mario has put a good team together.  He raided the orient Quang is a good player as well as other.

Greenhill/Rossouw is the 4 Seed and the Wildcard.  4 Seeds usually don't fare well but Marc has a very deep and talented roster. 

I am picking Greenhill at the 4 seed to win.

Good Luck Guys


Thursday, July 9, 2015

5.0+ Cities... The Heavyweights

I will write about QT when the DTA gets the flights out.  I was hoping they would get on the stick but I should have known they wouldn't.  With that said, I will start with 5.0+.

In 5.0+, it is 3 vs 2 and the winner play 1.  In the first match, it is Lakes/Jannasch vs Village/Perkison.  Lakes won the first matchup 3-2.  Loren Collins easily won his singles match and Bergh/Gonzales beat Jooste/Arrent in a third set TB.  Also, Welwood/Vejman beat McCoy/Carona in three too.  I see Collins continuing his dominance and I think Perkison gets a doubles line.

That makes it Perkison vs undefeated TBar/Bartzen.  Usually, Bartzen is really solid to win this line but I think Collins is better.  He is significantly better too.  While TBar won 2-1 Collins didn't play.   am going to go with my early season prediction and Perkison win 2-1 as Collins and a doubles line win.

It is a shame as all three teams are tremendous.  Many years, any one of these three teams would advance to sectionals and do well.  It is unfortunate that all three are out of  Dallas.  I could be all wrong and any could win but that is my best guess.  It should be some pretty good tennis.

 I thought about discussing 3.0 as I don't think they have a city championship at all.  I opted to look and the only name I know, High Point/Bender.  I guess he will win.  I did notice his team lost 1 flight play match and then noticed there was a DQ.  It wasn't a Bender player but a JCC player.  Seeing that is why I am going to discuss the DQs. 

The guy that got DQ'd is someone I have absolutely no idea who he is from JCC.  I guess he got DQ'd on strikes.  Yet, his total 2015 record is 7-3.  He had some big wins but he lost in pretty bad fashion too.  He also had several 3 set wins.  It doesn't look like the makings of a DQ.  I really don't understand the computer...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mixed Update


Quick mixed update and I’ll get back to 4.5 playoff analysis after the holiday break.

10.0 update – Oak Creek has locked up this two team flight.  Next step sectionals.

9.0 update – same story here for SpringPark.  Of course both teams are from SpringPark so a pretty safe bet.

8.0 update – after defeating SpringPark a few weeks ago, Greenhill/Carlson was sitting alone as the only undefeated team in 8.0.  But Team Corey knocked them off that perch.  The loss dropped G/C into second place behind SP on lines.  Greenhill/Mosely and Team Corey are both tied for third with two losses.  Moseley has a one line lead and an easier finish though.

7.0 update – SpringPark sits alone in the undefeated seat but has a potentially tough finishing match with McKinney/Muniz.  High Point/Le sits alone in the one loss seat and looks like they will coast into second place in the flight.  It looks like the Muniz versus Alzuro match could be for third but won’t be played until August 2.

6.0 update – yes, this is something that they actually play.  In yet another two team race, Greenhill/Alzuro has this one locked up.