Monday, July 20, 2015

And your QT Winners are..

QT is officially in the books.  Cities is next and the winners get to be the next team to feel the pressure to disappoint Dallas at sectionals.  There will be wildcards but the DTA will refuse to let us know if we receive one until afterwards.  I really do not understand that logic but it is what it is.

In 4.5, the winner is the blog's own Corey Noel/Fretz team.  Congratulations and represent the fine Fretz name this weekend.

In 4.0, they decided to go all Big XII and make 2 True Champions.  The heavily favored Greenhill team faltered and Oak Creek/Head advances in one of the 2 true champions.  The other true champion is Oak Creek/WeiBinLai.  In fairness, I couldn't count 5 people I know on either in roster.  Both of you get to represent the fine one time prestigious Oak Creek name.

In 3.5, Fretz/Clark emerges.  Go represent the fine Fretz name there too.

The lesson is clear, if you want to win a QT, you really need to play out of Fretz or Oak Creek.


  1. What about city playoffs preview?

  2. We should go ahead and cancel city playoffs. Tiny Lee will run away with this.

    1. true. Send Le straight to sectionals. If Zack had not of tattled on them they would be the favorite to win nationals.

  3. Reiman has the best roster. Michael gets everyone out and 4.5 shouldn't be close.

  4. Flights are out in 4.0..
    Looks like Head/Bartlett will have to go through Tony Le's team. The other flight are the clear winners as they get an easier road to sectionals: Moehler, Sisk/ Wei-Bin Lai. Looks like Wei-Bin Lai has a 4.0 and 3.5 team in cities.

  5. Wei-Bin Lai is the new Sisk. Who is he? He brought Yakuza with him.