Monday, January 30, 2017

And the beat goes on

40 – 4.5 – at this point it looks like hockey, lots of matches but barely anyone eliminated.  A full seven teams are all sitting with one loss.  All I can really say at this point is that Greenhill/Ohl and TBar/Fikes are out of it.  Past that, everyone else still has a shot. 

40 – 4.0 – flight A – much like 4.5 above, many teams still technically in the running.  The leaders at this point all have one loss and still have a lot of big matches left to play.  Springpark/Walters, Huffhines/Clark and Greenhill/Ohl have the advantage at this point with Springpark in the lead on lines won.

40 – 4.0 – flight B – things are a little clearer here with Oak Creek/Ramasami and Chandlers Landing/McLemore sitting atop the heap in the undefeated column.  Canyon Creek/Patterson lurks close behind with only one loss.

55 – 8.0 – still a four horse race at the moment.  Greenhill/Kayser sits alone and undefeated, with one loss Springpark/Blesi, TBar/Snow and Lifetime/Heflin in the wings.  I didn’t make Lifetime to be a contender at this level but let’s see how it all shakes out.

55 – 9.0 – looks like Oak Creek/Sweeney is in the driver’s seat here.  They have a one match lead at the moment but still need to beat second place Gleneagles/Juhn in the first round of a double round robin to secure the lead at the halfway mark.

Tri-level is two weeks away so I’ll try to sit down this week and have a closer look now that the flights are out.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Halftime Break

So it's pretty slow.  The 40s/55s season is just getting started.  Tri-level sectionals is a full month away.  Hell, it was COLD on Saturday and windy on Sunday.  Not exactly my favorite tennis weather either way.  As much as people can take a dim view of nationals on this blog, I have a feeling many of us will be watching another group of amateurs compete in the national finals tonight.

I'm a college football fan and this promises to be as good a game as last year.  At least for the state of Texas tennis, this Freeman versus...uh...well, whoever from Dallas is trying to dethrone him this year.

Yes, I do see a few similarities in the USTA tennis scene and college football.  A version of amateur athletics, lots of recruiting, a few rules violations, underperformers, overachievers, I could go on and on.  Throw in one Lane Kiffin per major market and you have plenty to keep Todd Reed fully employed. 

So, dynasty or new kids on the Power 5 block?  What's it gonna be?

Monday, January 2, 2017

Let's Play Some Old Guy Tennis

 Image result for old guy tennis

Since there’s only one over 40 flight in 4.5, it looks like the top three teams from the flight will make the playoffs with the format being #2 versus #3 and the winner plays the top seed in the final.
There are some tough teams in 4.5 this year.  From playoffs past we see TBar/Fikes, Gleneagles/Juhn, Greenhill/Rossouw, Oak Creek/Sweeney, Brookhaven/Harllee, and JCC/Reiman.  That’s six recent playoff teams and only three can advance.  I also see a couple of dark horses who could make some noise.  It’s going to be a very interesting season to watch in 4.5 this year.  With a few of the weaker teams falling out and not fielding squads, it really puts a premium on availability and having some quality depth.  There won’t be many easy matches to play the bottom of your roster.

4.0 has two flights again with the first and second place team advancing from each flight.  Unless we change our mind, or we don’t like the weather, or whatever. 
Flight A has Brookhaven/Bartlett, Springpark/Walters, Greenhill/Ohl and Huffhines/Clark.  All of these teams could be playoff contenders.  In flight B I like Oak Creek/Ramasami, McKinney/Jacobson and Canyon Creek/Patterson.  Flight A looks to be a tad tougher but both flights will have quality teams sitting home for city playoffs.

In 55s, there are only six 9.0 teams: Brookhaven/Bartlett, Gleneagles/Juhn, Eldorado/Entrekin, TBar/Hackett, Oak Creek/Sweeney,  and John Paul II/Gradick.  A couple of these rosters don’t look full yet so we’ll keep an eye on this one.  At the 8.0 level there are several familiar names: Brookhaven/Bartlett, Greenhill/Kayser, Springpark/Blesi and Canyon Creek/Rainwater look to be the cream of the crop.  One of these teams will be on the outside looking in come playoff time.