Monday, September 23, 2013

5.0 Nationals!!

Oscar Flores TBar team is headed to Indian Wells this week for 5.0 Nationals.

He has assembled a very strong team and they have been practicing hard for many weeks now.

Let's all get behind his team and support them and wish them the best for what will hopefully be a successful run in Indian Wells starting on Friday.

Last weekend they scrimmaged against the TCU team and apparently the bulk of the team will be making the trip including the best players.

Good Luck Oscar and team!


  • Dawid Kuczer 5.5
  • Andrew Plum
  • Alex Behar
  • Brett Ryan
  • Rafa Valdez
  • Henry Gonzales
  • Shane Johnson
  • Tom Bartzen
  • Byron Talbot
  • Ryan Haley
  • Ryan Friend
  • Jeremy Stone
  • Nick Plum 5.5
  • Stuart Keplar
  • Travis Rich
  • Pablo Mayorga
  • Larry Pascal

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Houston Hurricane Downgraded to Tropical Depression; Stalled By Dallas Cold Front

When Houstonians infiltrate our Dallas Blog and talk trash, how do we respond?  With Dallas/Fort Worth teams showing up in the 40's and Over Finals across the board in 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5, and a NO SHOW by Houston.  The humidity was high in San Antonio this past weekend, but Dallas teams came pulling through in 3.5 & 4.0 taking the first State Title in 40’s and Over.

At 3.5, Keith Clark’s team came prepared to play, starting things off at 7 AM Friday morning SWEEPING Houston 5-0.  They then faced a combatant San Antonio Wild winning a tough 3-2 battle in a 3rd set breaker.   The team then faced a very tough Austin, winning in a nail-clinching 3rd set breaker to make the trips to Nats.  It couldn’t have been won by a greater set of doubles partners, one of which flew down about 12 of his family members and friends (“the clan”) to witness his composure on the court in action.  Clark’s singles were the bedrock of his team, never dropping a set all weekend long.  A great captain, and a great group of guys which I am humbly proud to be part of.  

Then at 4.0, Greg Wiley defies the odds and did what many thought was undoable, by defeating Freeman’s Houstonian Hurricanes in flight play, and then taking it all the way to the Finals and winning.  More impressive was the line ups he rolled out all weekend, somehow seemingly to know the exact strengths and weaknesses of his opponents, and then getting the perfect match ups to secure a win.  Wiley may lead you into believing he doesn’t know what he is doing, but that’s what makes him so deceptive, and he got the results he was going for.  Also, a notable mention to Leonard Hutchison who beat Houston’s Eddie Janek in a match deciding 3rd set breaker.   I call him the “surgeon”, because he dissects his opponents on the court with his serve and crafty play while remaining under composure at all times.

The 4.5s were represented by Rossouw’s 4.5 team, but were knocked out in the finals by a tough San Antonio team. 

It was a fun filled weekend and for the most part, everyone was well behaved -- Well I say that, but I didn't stay at the downtown Marriot either, so not sure what kind of action I missed out on.  The rumors of me having an adverse reaction to Viagra and pain medicine is not true.  However, I did play a 3 setter against San Antonio with a heart in A-fib and a pulse rate of 190 +.  Thankfully I made it off the court with no trips to the hospital.  
It was nice to play a great group of guys across our fine state.  In our draw, Austin and San Antonio were formidable competitors and a class-act group of guys who exemplified true sportsmanship. 

Good luck to both Clark’s and Wiley’s teams, as they go to Indian Wells in October representing Dallas and Texas.