Friday, March 15, 2013

4.5/ 5.0 Preview

It will be interesting to see how the 4.5 flights shake-out but it looks like there will be only 3.

Despite some pre-season hype it looks like Pickett will not be fielding a super team as was speculated with Tikashi signing up for Tony Le & Mike Kelly headed back to the Hack.  We will see where Hai and Coach Dan sign-up – I’m guessing it will be for Tony Le…..

Pre-Season rankings:
1.       Village – No longer a surprise these guys won the fall and were tough in the Spring where they probably deserved the Sectionals wild-card spot.  Peiser, Frick, Baker, & Vacalis are tough! Their weakness is a lack of depth
2.       Fair Oaks/ Noel – combined with ex Brookhaven/ Bartlett and will be a force this spring.  With their depth they may be #1
3.       High Pt/ Le – as mentioned above these guys have some of the Pickett studs and with Alfredo Perez & Jay Benjamin will be a very tough team to beat
4.       Lakes – these guys will be very tough, especially if they can convince Vu to play….. Welwood & Jannesch are basically a lock and Blake W is very strong on singles.  If Mark Morgan and Hans Oberg sign-up this team becomes a serious contender (assuming their captain learns from past mis-steps….)
5.       Brookhaven/ Goswami – this new team has some 5.0 bump-downs and raided the other 2 Bhaven teams.  They will be tough!
6.       JCC – Have combined with the Greenhill Fall team and should be a contender under Coach Reiman
7.       TBar – Continue to be feisty every season and put up good results. 
8.       Royal Oaks – have lost some players (Jason Moore to 5.0) but will be tough every week
9.       Oak Creek/ Herget – these veterans made it to Sectionals in 2012 and with Paul Kiron back will be a force
T10.   GlenEagles – have lost some key players to 5.0 so will struggle
T10.   Sisk 1 – Have lost players from last Spring but Hiram and the O’Bannons will be tough

In the 5.0 league TBar have a very strong team (King Oscar has done an incredible recruiting job) but the Village will challenge them.  Unfortunately for the rest, they  will be fighting it out for that 3rd play-off spot!