Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4.5 and 4.0 are down to 2 team races

Epic Fail Of The Week
Greenhill Peterson

Men's 4.0
A tough week-end for Greenhill Peterson - In two days going from Contender to Pretender. 
Back to back losses to High Point on Saturday and Canyon Creek on Sunday have moved Greenhill into the danger zone and in jeopardy of not making the play-offs. If they do make it to the post season they are firmly in long shot status.
This week they will be looking to get back on their feet vs the other Greenhill team.
Canyon Creek has an interesting match this week vs the inconsistent Rockwall team.
And High Point Wiley should have smooth sailing over Stonebriar

Men's 4.5
Brookhaven and Tbar continue to cruise toeords their final week show down.
Greenhill and Highpoint will battle it out for 3rd place.
Greenhill still needs to play both Tbar and Brookhaven so it will be an uphill battle to say the least.

I did get confirmation that the play-offs will be a 1 day event,
With 2nd place playing 3rd place, with the winner of that match playing the first place team.
So a definite incentive to finish 1st in both the 4.5 and 4.0 divisions.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

40 and Over Week #5

I hate rain out weeks.
Totally messes up the flow of things,
and there is always that one team that waits until the last day of the league to post their score.
Or if your in Ft Worth there is always one team that says 'Fuck It' and does not play that match.
It really messes with my OCD streak.
Hopefully we will get the make ups played right away.

Up this week....

Men's 3.5

I just don't know anymore....

Men's 4.0

A minor test this week for Canyon Creek Hughes vs Greenhill Alzuro.
It's not the CC vs GH match we want. But it's probably the match we deserve.
4.0 MOW - Wiley vs Peterson
Looks like Wiley has added a few more quality Lifetime players in recent weeks adding some much needed depth.
Wiley is going to be a tough out. The winner of this match will be the odds on favorite to win the whole thing.
Should be fun to watch.

Men's 4.5+

With their win last Week Brookhaven has moved to the top of the heap.
Brookhaven will get to continue the winning streak vs Fair Oaks this week.
There will not much to report until the Final week of play when Brookhaven meets TBar, just love when that happens.

9th Annual Bent Tree Country Club Late Nite Indoor Doubles Classic

9th Annual Bent Tree Country Club Late Nite Indoor Doubles Classic

One of the few tournaments I endorse is coming up next week-end.
The registration fee is a little expensive, But this tournament is what may are not 'FUN". Player party with free food and beer, Great door prizes, Late night matches, great atmosphere, and Craig Bell does a great job as tournament director and is a super guy. I wish more tournaments were events like this.

So if your getting a little bit of cabin fever, grab a partner and play some indoors tennis!
Registration Deadline is tomorrow, Sign up HERE.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Three Stooges

Men's 3.5
In the 3.5 MOW Father Bob's Fretz crew gets to assert their dominance this week by taking down the 1st place Prosper/McKinney/Lifetime team.
Other than a handful of the guys on the Fretz team, I have never heard of any of these 3.5 guys.
Been a long time since any 3.5 players have made any noise on the blog. If you know any, send them this way to represent themselves.

Men's 4.5+
4.5+ MOW: Looks like we have a week 3 Show down here with 2-0 Brookhaven/Harllee vs. 2-0 High Point/Loose
After this week only TBar and one of these two teams will be undefeated.
Both Brookhaven and HP are rocking some serious depth, Perhaps too much for a 7 match season.
This should be a close 3-2 match, I'll give the edge to HP.

And here is what you all came for..
Men's 4.0
We are now down to the three stooges..
Canyon Creak (Moe)
Rye Point (Larry)
Greyhill  (Curly)

With 2 losses in the first three weeks of play I am calling both Springpark and Rockwall D.O.A,
Especially disappointing for Rockwall, who I thought would be in the thick of it.
Any one know what happened? After looking at the line up played in the last week's match is it inexperience by Capt Newman or are there tankers in the mist?

4.0 MOW pits 1st place Greenhill vs 2nd place Canyon Creek.
Both teams possess quality players, but no real triple lock power houses.
I see a split in singles, and it coming down to line 3 doubles.
Whichever way it falls it should come down to 3-2 with a couple 3rd set TB's.
This one is a Pick-um, Flip a coin folks.
CC is the home team so maybe they have the edge.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

40 and over back from the Holidays, Sort of

 Typical 40 and over match
After an extended holiday break the 40+ league begins again this week-end, Sort of.

Men's 3.5
No matches this week.
Men's 4.5+
No matches this week.

No play for 3.5 and 4.5+ until 01/12/2013, questionable scheduling continues to be a theme for the 40 and over season.

Men's 4.0
This week is pretty much a yawner,
Springpark/Femrite takes on Wiley. If Springpark wants to stay in the conversation, this is a MUST win.
If they take their 2nd loss in 3 matches the season is pretty much over for them, with a win Springpark can start to make this interesting.

Peterson 4.0
VsHigh Point/
Jameson 4.0
Winner: Greenhill

Prather 4.0
VsCanyon Creek/
McHugh 4.0
Winner: Canyon Creek

High Point/
Wiley 4.0
Femrite 4.0
Winner: Wiley

Bell 4.0
VsRockwall Golf
and Athletic/
Newman 4.0
Winner: Rockwall

Canyon Creek/
Hodge 4.0
Alzuro 4.0
Winner: who cares?