Thursday, January 3, 2013

40 and over back from the Holidays, Sort of
 Typical 40 and over match
After an extended holiday break the 40+ league begins again this week-end, Sort of.

Men's 3.5
No matches this week.
Men's 4.5+
No matches this week.

No play for 3.5 and 4.5+ until 01/12/2013, questionable scheduling continues to be a theme for the 40 and over season.

Men's 4.0
This week is pretty much a yawner,
Springpark/Femrite takes on Wiley. If Springpark wants to stay in the conversation, this is a MUST win.
If they take their 2nd loss in 3 matches the season is pretty much over for them, with a win Springpark can start to make this interesting.

Peterson 4.0
VsHigh Point/
Jameson 4.0
Winner: Greenhill

Prather 4.0
VsCanyon Creek/
McHugh 4.0
Winner: Canyon Creek

High Point/
Wiley 4.0
Femrite 4.0
Winner: Wiley

Bell 4.0
VsRockwall Golf
and Athletic/
Newman 4.0
Winner: Rockwall

Canyon Creek/
Hodge 4.0
Alzuro 4.0
Winner: who cares?


  1. Good write up. This league is pretty evenly matched. There are no really easy weeks. Springpark/HP is the only match of interest.

  2. Marc, do you know how the playoffs are going to work? With only 1 flight, will there be a playoff, maybe top 4 teams?

  3. The playoffs will be three teams. Seed 2 plays Seed 3 and the winner plays Seed 1.

  4. Looks like Newman lost again... They have really put their back against the wall. They can still make the playoffs but they will have to run the table. Looks like no other surprises. Wiley won but had a tough time with Springpark. He is getting by but you have to wonder when he runs out of luck. Greenhill and CC appear to be the classof the league.

  5. CC just smoke and mirrors
    Next week they will finally play a tough team

  6. Prediction for final standings:
    1) Greenhil/Peterson
    2) HP/Wiley
    3) Rockwall (with three losses)
    4) Springpark
    5) CC/McHugh
    6) Greenhill/Alzuro
    7) Stonebriar
    8) CC/Hodge
    9) Huffhines

  7. Looks about right... Peterson is the top dog. I think they probably sweep CC and easily handle Wiley too.

  8. Still think Wiley pulls out the overall win. Don't see Peterson sweeping CC this weekend, as I think CC will pull out the win.

  9. Peterson will lay it on CC.

  10. Klamface, why don't you just post under your name???

    1. I will.
      None of these posts are mine.
      I have not had much to say so far.

  11. It always comes down to getting your best 8 out for the right matches. And not tripping up when you have to play the bottom of your roster. The best depth is at GH. CC noses out the rear for second. Next week shows it.

  12. I noticed that a few teams are still making additions to the rosters in the 4.0 flights however none of the additions look to be "difference makers" still comes down to Greenhill Peterson and possibly Newmans team assuming that they are trying to win...

  13. They obviously have allowed 4.5 bump downs to play 4.0 even though they originally said they woudln't, and have allowed the 4.0 to 4.5 bump ups to play at 4.0 still. Makes no sense that the same ratings rule to be used for the rest of 2013 wouldn't have applied here. Marc, go ahead and start the new thread since your team is featured in the MOW.

  14. It's an Early Start League. The USTA has published rules about how ESL works. It's all over their website and its been this way for years. Who can play hasn't changed. What's the mystery?

  15. Any chance we could get a MOW poll. I like Greenhill over CC but I would not take them light. In my opinion, Greenhill is the top team. If I had had to rate them, it would be...

    1) Greenhill/Peterson - Very strong Top 8
    2a) CC/McHugh - has a lot of depth and very good top 8
    2b) HP/Wiley - Probably has the most depth but no real difference makers. All of his players are pretty good.
    4) Rockwall/Newman - May have the top 8 but no depth. His team easily wins the underachiever award.
    5) Greenhill/Alzuro - Little depth but can field 5 good lines.
    6) Springpark/Femrite - Lots of depth but a lot like HP/Wiley, not enough difference makers.
    7) Stonebriar/Bell - Good players in Daniel/Gaines/Buster/Dowd/Schmitz but no depth.
    8) CC/Hodge - A few good players but not enough and no top level 4.0 players
    9) Huffhines/Prather - Not a bad team just no difference makers and no top level 4.0 either.
    10) HP/Jameson - Maybe better than their record, they started with... Newman, Femrite & Peterson and now they get Wiley too. Ouch. They have some solid players but no depth. It is hard for them to win 3 lines against four of the top teams in the league.

  16. Predictions for the week...
    CC/McHugh v GH/Peterson = Peterson 3-2
    HP/Wiley v HP/Jameson = Wiley 4-1
    GH/Alzuro v Huffhines/Prather = Alzuro 4-1
    SP/Femrite v SB/Bell = SP/Femrite 3-2
    RW/Newman v CC/Hodge = RW/Newman 4-1

    Just my opinion

    1. No arguments here. You should be moderator.