Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Three Stooges

Men's 3.5
In the 3.5 MOW Father Bob's Fretz crew gets to assert their dominance this week by taking down the 1st place Prosper/McKinney/Lifetime team.
Other than a handful of the guys on the Fretz team, I have never heard of any of these 3.5 guys.
Been a long time since any 3.5 players have made any noise on the blog. If you know any, send them this way to represent themselves.

Men's 4.5+
4.5+ MOW: Looks like we have a week 3 Show down here with 2-0 Brookhaven/Harllee vs. 2-0 High Point/Loose
After this week only TBar and one of these two teams will be undefeated.
Both Brookhaven and HP are rocking some serious depth, Perhaps too much for a 7 match season.
This should be a close 3-2 match, I'll give the edge to HP.

And here is what you all came for..
Men's 4.0
We are now down to the three stooges..
Canyon Creak (Moe)
Rye Point (Larry)
Greyhill  (Curly)

With 2 losses in the first three weeks of play I am calling both Springpark and Rockwall D.O.A,
Especially disappointing for Rockwall, who I thought would be in the thick of it.
Any one know what happened? After looking at the line up played in the last week's match is it inexperience by Capt Newman or are there tankers in the mist?

4.0 MOW pits 1st place Greenhill vs 2nd place Canyon Creek.
Both teams possess quality players, but no real triple lock power houses.
I see a split in singles, and it coming down to line 3 doubles.
Whichever way it falls it should come down to 3-2 with a couple 3rd set TB's.
This one is a Pick-um, Flip a coin folks.
CC is the home team so maybe they have the edge.


  1. Newman/SP are not DOA yet but they are both on life support.

    I don't think Newman is tanking, I think he is short of players on his roster and if you can't get your best players out, you can lose.

  2. Looks like no changes today. Rain out for all.

  3. did CC play indoors?

    1. Those cheap private clubbers? I doubt it.

  4. Looks like only 2 matches played on Saturday

    Brookhaven/Harllee 4.5+ beat High Point/Loose 4.5+ 4- 1

    Greenhill/Alzuro 4.0 beat Huffhines/Prather 4.0 3-2

    1. Looks like it is time to take GH/Alzuro serious. They lost to Wiley 3-2 and 4 matches went to tiebreakers. His team looks Kline the old Brookhaven teams.

  5. Greenhill/Alzuro will likely lose all or most of their next four matches. CC/Mchugh, Greenhill/Peterson, Rockwall, and Springpark.
    Which of these do you think Greenhill/Alzuro will beat?

  6. Rockwall and Springpark

  7. Already a DQ in the 4.0 division, fascinating.

    1. Nice to see the old farts cheating too. Must be one of those HP guys.

  8. Hai's DQ has nothing to do with Dallas, It started over in FTW.
    I never did get to the bottom of what it was about.
    It was the result of a complaint, and most likely BS.
    If you want to check is record it can bee seen here:

  9. Hai is a solid player. If the complaint came from the last team we played in Fort Worth, it wasn't a competitive match and it wasn't anything Hai was doing. This team over hit everything and there may have been 2 or 3 points that lasted longer than 3 strokes. We have not been asked by our captains to "manage our scores" and we go out to win every time. Hai has great range and covers lots of ground and maybe they weren't used to seeing that. It's my honor to play tennis with him.

  10. I see no reason for the DQ. I know Hai and he is a good player but he is not really some way out of level player. He is ready for 4.5 but there are others in this league you could say the same.

    It is total BS that he got DQ'd and I don't see anyone in this league that should be DQ'd. There are no real (or very few) true self rates. He signed up legitimately and I see no evidence he did not; he should be allowed to play.

    Peterson v Wiley should be a good matchup. I take Peterson 3-2. I think Wiley's good luck finally runs out but it depends on who each can get out to play.

  11. Hai got dq'd bc he was already bumped up to 4.5 mid season.