Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2014 Ratings and 40 and Over league

Check Your Rating HERE: 
(Make sure to select 2014)

Men's 40 and Over league registration opens TODAY!!
And CLOSES on next Monday 12/09/2013.
That means you only have 7 days to get a team together.
If you want to play 40+ this winter get your hustle on!!!!

Not much time to do an elaborate post here but got tired of scrolling down 300 + comments to see whats been posted.  Actually took me a week to figure out and find the "Load More" option.  And heck, I'm a blog contributor.  Must have been heck for the common Anon out there.

Anyhow, ratings should be out Monday with lots to talk about.  Also thought would try a new look with the blog.  Feel free to say you like or dislike.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving day.  We all have plenty to be thankful for.

Captain Fantastic