Sunday, July 21, 2013


Well the season finale of city playoffs was as fitting as the season itself, full of twists, turns, and drama to entertain all.  Rather than total domination by one team as most former playoffs have transpired, this one was tighter than Jerry Joan’s forehead after his facelift.  Full of 3rd set breakers and potential spoilers all weekend long, this was anyone’s for grab.

 With no total dominance or huge arch rivalries, and all the wackiness this season portrayed, it was more reminiscent of a tennis version of Caddyshack with the following cast of characters.

Ty Webb (aka Tony Le) – With his cool, calm demeanor and knowing how to “be the ball”, Le was the favorite entering the weekend, having just swept Sisk 5-0 and under the table the prior weekend.  His collection of players from High Point and Lifetime along with the City’s best 4.0 player, Weymer (also known as  the Tommy Le of tennis) were to be a sure thing.  However, when Weymer is MIA on Friday night, Le has to go with an alternate line-up and nearly squeaks out of a close one with CC.  All 3 dubs went into breakers, and became a recurring theme for them all weekend long.  Unfortunately, breakers have their odds, and having breakers in each and every match, the odds you end on the short side eventually take over.

Judge Smails (aka David Dawson) – While Dawson appears to be a lot more docile and not a hot head as  Smails the character, the playing out of the country club and the desire to derail Le is somewhat stereotypical .  Like in the movie, when Smails reaches for his putter, the Billy Baroo, Dawson had his own in the form of Blake Ericsson.  Ericsson dismantled Shreyas 2-0 to in singles on Friday night which put Le in knots as 2 of Le’s double lines dropped their first sets.   The boys from the country club made an impressive run, and should be congratulated for a well played season.  A point here or there, and CC would have been playing in the finals. 

Danny Noonan (aka Corey Noel) -  Like Noonan who worked for the club, Corey runs Fair Oaks tennis center, and took on a handful of players whom he had faith in, and whom he could afford at the bargain price of 2 Miller Lights.  Terrell and company were just recently 3.5’s.  But not any 3.5’s.  They were Bender 3.5s, and were the cause of Le going to the QT in the first place.  Although their weekend’s record was 0-2, they fought like champs and almost derailed HP again having split singles and taking line 2 dubs, Terrell and Schultz took Glassgow and Arcaria to their second 3rd set breaker of the weekend.  A group of guys who had little depth, but big heart, and deserves another round of applause (or golf claps) for a season well played.

Al Czervik (aka Bovie Browning) – I actually have never had an opportunity to meet Bovie nor know what he is really like.  The reference of Browning’s Eldorado team to Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) is for the care-free attitude and good gamesmanship they did display this weekend.  Eldorado is a player made up of good country club friends, and they appear to enjoy a beer or two together from time to time.   It is rumored that Blake Bearden practices with them on Saturday mornings until the club’s bar opens.  You definitely know the beer is flowing then.  If any player this weekend had a tennis bag that would have had a keg in it similar to Al’s golf bag in the movie, that player would have been on the Eldorado team.   They seem to be a good group of guys and had a very respectable season, knocking Garland down to the QT and out of City playoffs completely. 

Dr Beeper (aka David Snow) – Another captain and team I am unfamiliar with, but deserve blog space for making it to City playoffs and putting up a good fight.  They also have on their roster T-Bar’s owner, Glen Agritelley who has a great game of tennis of which I got to witness first hand.  They almost took out Eldorado on Friday night, just losing in a 3rd set breaker.   A tough weekend, but a great overall season.  Congrats.

Carl Spackler (aka Carl Spackler) – no one can replace Bill Murray in this role.  Nobody.

Which leaves me with the final character.........

The Gofer (aka Cary Bazan) – If you recall the movie, after Carl Spackler blows up the golf course, that “little fury creature” wiggles his way out of hole and starts doing a jig to the song that made Kenny Loggins infamous, “I’m Alright”.  Well that was Cary Bazan this weekend.  Perhaps some might feel his cheerings for the team was more reminiscent of a high school cheerleader who just inhaled a large Pixi stick and chased it down with a Red Bull and Coke, but Bazan was the last man (or creature) left standing this weekend, and deserved to do whatever jig he pleases. 

Cary has consistently built solid teams over the years and has always graced his presence in the playoffs.  But every dog (and gofer) has his day, and today’s was Cary’s.  He constructed a team of core players he has had for years, and each year, seemed to pick up a notable player or two to add depth and strength to his roster.   It all paid off, and Cary Bazan can now claim a City Title and will be playing in this year’s Sectionals.  Cary - Congratulations to your team and a job well done.

In closing, I thought I would throw out a stat which caught my attention, and truly provides the evidence that there was no overly dominant team this year.  There were 18 third set tie-breakers played throughout this weekend.  Three of those  in the final match.  There was a total of 7 total matches played, which means each match on average had at least 2, if not 3 third set breakers.  That tells me there was some great teams and great tennis across the whole City, and it is a season all Dallas players should be proud of. 

Best of luck to Bazan and Le in Sectionals.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013