Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!!!

I wanted to wish the blog a Happy Birthday! One year ago today I got really bored at work and was reading about Houston tennis as I was closet drinking to forget about Houston derailing our Las Vegas plans in 2007 and thought I could take my mind off that my creating this blog.

I truly thought it would be me and Marc trashing each other forever but it has really caught hold here in our tennis circle. I hope it can continue to grow with the help of great contributors like Marc, Racer X and New AR Hacker and of course Corey Nancy Noel for his tirelessly posting efforts in every single thread I post.

I hope I can keep you entertained but of course I know I will never make all of you happy, (whiny bi**hes, I am talking to you).

I think the Fall season will bring some great competition and lead into a very hotly contested Spring season in 2009.

And I have to thank Dirty Garland as well for providing all types of drama for us to get riled up about. Don't ever change Sisk and Snotjock, we hate you just the way you are.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!! I am off to play tennis and then hit the pool with a frosty cerveza.

I will put up some week one stuff late Monday or on Tuesday.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

4.0 Fall Preview

I may have to rewrite this if some rosters change this week but I will go off what I see so far. I hope the Lifetimers are happy with my thoughts and now you can post about how your close losses show how fabulous you are. Post to your hearts content LTF.

Flight A

Well Springpark still has their doubles teams intact minus Rasor who did come up very big at sectionals. The loss of Davis and Mcgowan is more than huge, although Mitch didn't live up to ringer status at Sectionals he was still a force in the regular season and DCC. I think they are used to winning and will be the team to beat and I will be curious to see who lands on that roster, your move Walters.... After that we have the Garland "C" team who was added once their 3.5 team was forced to move up/split up and the Canyon Creek "B" team, I have to think both these teams will have a rough go here. The LBH team has a few good players but don't see enough depth to make noise, JCC and Fretz have solid players but yet again depth will be an issue for both of them unless they have some roster bolstering soon. That leaves Brookhaven and the Village. BH made the playoffs although they underwhelmed upon arrival and not sure they will make it out of this group. The Village made a huge grab in Kyle Rhodes but I am not sure he can carry a team that has hovered at 0.500 lately, although Kyle can turn a 2-3 loss around. I believe there is another team in there but I don't know much about their roster so I won't guess.

Pick to win: ????

Runner up: Springpark

Surprise team: Village

Flight B:

Much like Springpark, High Point/Somabut is used to winning but lost lots of players and really the only "A" team members left are Voss, Nguyen and Smith and the legendary forehand of Carlquist. There are some other good players on their roster but I would not be surprised to see some additions to make them stronger very soon. LBH/Hicks played well in the Spring but much like Brookhaven underwhelmed big time in the QT so it all depends on which version of these players show up to play, I am surprised Kyle Rhodes didn't opt to play with this group, I think he would have made them a favorite in this flight. I think this 2nd Village team will struggle but other than that I think the rest of these teams could make noise and cause problems for HP and LBH. The 2nd Lifetime has some solid players, Stonebriar has talent, althought Moomjian might be gone by season start. I heard Sisk's team is being called the "B" team but looking at that roster, hmmm, don't think so.

Pick to win: LBH/Hicks

Runner up: High Point

Surprise team: Garland

Flight C

Oh boy do I really have to talk about them. Ok I guess along with Brookhaven, Lifetime/Eddie is the favorite here. I like Burt's group but I am still shocked they couldn't get 1 line v. Springpark to get to the QT in the Spring but alas that is the past. I am sure they are hungry again. After that Garland will be OK although I am struggling to see line 1 singles in that roster or depth at doubles past Odulio/Gervelis. Singh will need to step up and looks like he will have plenty of playing time if he wants it. Eagles Landing looks solid but they will need to get out those top guys each week to be in the mix.

Pick to win: Lifetime

Runner up: Brookhaven

Surprise team: Hackberry

Flight D

Good ole Flight D. I know I should jump back to the Lakes and Greenhill who seem like they should keep up their winning ways but I don't have good feelings about their rosters. Stonebridge and TBar also seem like question marks to me due to some losses and lack of strong singles play. Eldorado and OC also have good teams but lack that certain something to get to the top so guess who that leaves. Brookhaven Bartlett crashed hard in the Spring but I know Brad likes to win and I can't see this team having two bad seasons in a row.

Pick to win: BH/Bartlett
Runner up: Lakes
Surprise team: Not sure I see one so I will nominate High Point, these guys are looking good at practice lately. So what the heck.

Mixed DCC

So in 9.0 the favorite team from Greenhill beat the Village to take the sectional spot. Two close matches and one blowout by Pham/Gonzalez at line 2.

In 8.0 High Point/Lazarine in convincing fashion swept all three of their matches. They didn't even a drop a set. I would think this team will be a favorite at sectionals.

In 7.0 a pretty big upset occured as High Point was beaten by Greenhill. It came down to a 3rd set tiebreaker and Greenhill won, the other two matches were somewhat lopsided. A very curious result, after looking at again I still don't get what happened. But congrats to Greenhill on your victory.

Mixed Doubles sectionals is in Corpus Christi, October 3-5.

4.5 Fall Preview

Well 4.5 to me looks more wide open than in the past. Mainly because some teams have decided to branch out and create more teams. There are many teams with as few as 10 rostered players, that could change but it seems like teams are shooting for more playing time which I think is always a good idea. There are some exceptions like the 18 man team at High Point and the 17 man roster out of Hackberry.

I really think this will tighten up most of these races and who knows maybe Branch will take a break from winning the fall or someone might just beat them.

Flight A:
Team Loose and Branch decided to split up and I would not be surprised if they both finish at the top and it will be curious to see their results when they play one another to see if they will have a chance to help one another move on to the playoffs. The two other contenders would be Northwood and Brookhaven to stop the OC party at the top.

Pick to win: OC/Branch
Runner up: Northwood
No surprises but it should be a photo finish between Brookhaven and HP/Loose for 3rd place. Not sure if three will advance but that might be the format.

Flight B:
I guess since TBar retained a lot of players they have to be a favorite but not sure any new names look impressive, heck this whole flight isn't that impressive. No offense but Flight A looks a little stronger. Still someone will come out of this flight and will be used to winning some matches and could be a factor in late November. I guess I have to look to High Point to make some noise not because they got a bunch of bump ups but because they have a lot of guys from their Spring team that did well. I would love to see Royal Oaks keep going strong but without the big three it seems unlikely.

Pick to win: High Point/Pham
Runner up: TBar
Surprise team: Springpark if they get Gene on the team, if not hmm I guess OC Feldman will finish in a close 3rd.

I could be way off but on these but I am going stick with these picks, I will be interested to see if any new names pop up over the next couple of weeks on some of the regular contenders.

Friday, August 22, 2008

3.5 Fall Preview

So I know you 3.5ers are tired of picking on Ed and David and remembering the good old days when we could all just hate Durdy Garland but alas those days are over. Onto the future.

Flight A:
This is stacking up to be a good flight and I hope some of the better teams play each other early so we can see how this one will shake out. There are definitely some solid players in this flight and some mystery teams like Fretz and the Village who could muck it up and hopefully they do. I will be curious to see how Brookhaven will do without Evan who won some good matches for them in the Spring. I see them in contention like last time but not quite making it.

Pick to win: High Point
Runner up: Canyon Creek
Surprise team: Lifetime/Kaiser

Flight B:
I know many disagree when I announce a flight to be tough but this has got to be the best flight from top to bottom. Greenhill, High Point, Oak Creek, Stonebridge and Westlake. None of these teams were big time depleted from the Spring but OC probably lost the most. Picking this group is tough and I am not saying the Shores will finish at the top but they will not be an easy out at all.

Pick to win: Stonebridge
Runner up: High Point
Surprise team: Shores

Flight C:
This flight is a little light on talent compared to the other flights but there are still some good players mixed throughout the teams. I just don't see anyone beating Oakridge and Gleneagles other than each other but LB Houston could get in there just on pure experience. Canyon Creek has McHugh which should be good for one win but not sure where they can find two more wins against the top three teams.

Pick to win: Oakridge
Runner up: Gleneagles
Surprise team: ummm. I don't see one here so but as I said I think LBH will hang tough with these two teams.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why the hell not, let's talk Mixed Doubles DCC

So I don't want to curse some of you I know on the team but High Point has to be a big favorite to win the 7.0 and should make a run similar to Bob Somabut's team from last year at this level. There are some solid players like the Blackburns, Kirby, Jonathan, Dima and Sandra Rohde.

Greenhill won the other flight but not sure I see anyone on that roster or the Hackberry roster that strikes fear. The Lakes looks solid with Mr. Rocketman and his wife as well as the Richardson crew but they did lose 0-3 to HP in the regular season.

The only safe prediction is that TBar has no chance. Past that I don't think I can take a good guess because Springpark, Lifetime and High Point are all loaded with talent enough to make 6 good mixed doubles teams. I think it will come down to Lifetime v. Springpark but High Point has a chance for sure.

Is there a championship for this? I don't see one posted yet.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Combo tourney and Blog Challenge Tourney

So yet another weekend here in Dallas with something going on. The combo tourney starts this weekend. I will leave it to you all to give me your favorites. I would find it hard to go against Joel's team since they won sectionals last year in this event. But Corey's group looks solid.

7.5? Who knows.

Luckily you all will have the option of indoor and covered courts I am guessing so your delays won't be long due to the impending rain.

As far as the challenge ladder we will have to see if we can avoid those raindrops and get our 2nd round matches in. I am playing Curren on Monday evening, OC BL has hinted he might come and accost me during the match as I most likely will be blasted off the court. Klameckipolis called my win over Fraser a major upset. I swear I get no respect, no respect at all...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

4.0 Flights announced

4.0 Flights-34 total teams

Flight A
Well I guess taking Jane out for drinks worked and I got put in Flight A unfortunately sectional finalist Springpark took her out as well. I think Brookhaven and Fretz will be solid but lack some depth but there is still time to add players so that may change. Kyle Rhodes joining the Village makes me a little queasy because although most of that team is 3.5 bump ups from a year or so ago they are very solid players.

Flight B
Somabut’s HP team and LBH are the frontrunners here. I find it hard to believe there is another team in this flight that can beat either of them. There are some solid teams in here but no one up to the challenge but feel free to take one of them out, the rest of us wouldn’t be sad.

Flight C
Will further be referred to as Flight EDDIE. Pearlman as noted before has a lot of good returning players and got Jenkins as well. Team Eddie is strong but Bill Stevens group out of Allen will be tough. Harrigan’s HP teams and Hackberry will put up a little fight as well. Not sure after the split up of Garland into two teams how good Brueckner’s group will be but I think they have a few players to make each one of their matches tough wins. It will come down to Eddie, Bill and Burt’s teams though. Too close to pick a winner.

Flight D
So yes I have a love affair with Flight D and I am not even in this flight for this season. For me as a captain I wouldn’t mind being in a flight where there are one or two giants and then a bunch of guys named Joe. I like to know I can skip a weekend or two and turn off my captain brain but this flight will not get a chance to do that. There are no easy outs and our 2nd team is pretty solid in there as well. BTW Stonebridge and TBar lost 2 players combined so they were not decimated by MSRs. Early pick would be Greenhill with an sleeper pick of Eldorado.

4.5 Flights announced

4.5 20 total teams, catching up to 3.5 now…

Hmm. Who might be the favorite here? Other than the sectional semifinalists, Brookhaven, Northwood, GH and possibly Loose’s new HP team could make some noise.

T Bar still has to be a favorite after a good run last season. High Point/Pham is collecting all kinds of players and should be good. Feldman’s OC team might be the quiet favorite after and will try and make up for last year’s loss in the QT.

Any thoughts Racer X and New AR Hacker, Corey?

3.5 Flights announced

3.5-27 total teams

Pretty solid flight with Brookhaven, Canyon Creek and High Point. OC/Nehlsen and Village are question marks but it should come down to the those top three teams.

GH/Kayser, High Point, OC, Stonebridge and Westlake. I think all these teams are pretty close to even and this will be a very good and competitive flight all the way to the end. Early pick would be Stonebridge with High Point close behind.

I guess this is battle between Oakridge and Gleneagles for the top spot. After looking at this flight I realize I might officially be out of touch regarding 3.5 tennis.

With that said any input from a 3.5 expert would be appreciated.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Glenn Flora DQ'ed

So it is true Glenn Flora has been DQ'ed. Sisk just reiterated that news to me that Jacques posted. Zack is sidelined but with Nats a little ways away he "should" be healed by then.

This is quite a blow to the Garland team because with the two of them together I might have called them a favorite but with just one or one slightly broken one they will have to claw just to get out of their flight.

I haven't even glanced at Nats teams and probably won't till we get closer to that but truly you never know until you get on the court, wins and losses can be deceiving at times.

I guess the question I pose is did the USTA handle this the right way this year by not reversing matches in the middle of sectionals. I can see an argument for both sides. I do feel for Lifetime because they know if the rules hadn't been changed since just last year they would most likely be headed to AZ.


Fall Initial Roster deadline is today

So just as the sectional tourneys have ended we here in Dallas start up our Fall league which does link into our Spring season with a free trip to next years all important DCC.

I will be honest I have looked around a little at other rosters but mainly I have been focusing on filling my own teams up and keeping my players from the various vulture captains (yep you know who you are, we will bring our broom to sweep you very soon). Actually I take it as a compliment and I hope other team captains do as well because I just made a few phone calls.

I did see one interesting move. Stephen Terrell moved to HP/Somabut. I wondered why he didn't play at sectionals and maybe that sheds a little light on the matter. I wish he knew he was looking because Stephen is a solid player and nice guy I am sure Jim will miss him or maybe not.

I guess Sisk will have to farm out some of those guys on his 3.5 roster since they must split up and only carry 4 existing 2008 players on the 2009 roster. I am sure someone could use them.

I look forward to the upcoming season but I fear after looking at the number of teams that we will be flighted into four groups again and have 7 matches. I really hope we go into 3 flights I think it will make for a much better league but either way it should be good.

Friday, August 8, 2008

D. Terrill tourney starts today

I am looking forward to playing my first singles tourney since I can't even remember when, I think it was 2002. It is only 99 degrees today so I guess we are playing out the sets. I am hoping for another degree, I love me some 3rd set tiebreakers.

I look forward to watching some good matchups mainly in my draw where there should be some good early round action. Harrigan v. Rafiq, Azhar v. Gonzalez and 8p could we see OC BL v.

See you all this evening.

3.5 Sectionals has begun

Only some early results so far with SA, Waco and Houston starting out with convincing wins. Although Koziol got pushed to 3 sets from a Wild Lubbock player so maybe that flight might be tougher than expected. We know how the Red Raiders fared last weekend here in Dallas.

Post what you know. I know the last Dallas match is at 4:30p so should be results coming in all day long.

Best of luck, yep even to Garland.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Denise Terrill Tourney Draws out

So I saw these late last night and didn't get a chance to look to much till now.

Not many of the usual guys playing this one but Olivaries might be a good pick here, blog challenge guy Ron Jones got seeded and hopefully can represent well as a challenge tourney guy. Bob Cecil who I hit with sometime can make some noise if his serve is working.

I think the doubles entries are much stronger at this level than singles. Take your pick here, Prather/Girder will be tough but Stein/Burns are solid as well as Newman/Fults. Also Goheen/Ereckson can make noise.

Feuille has the top seed and I don't see any roadblocks for him in reaching the final. Crouch will make him work if they meet in the quarterfinals. Great first round match up with the 2 seed Gonzalez v. Noaman Azhar. I will go with Noaman to take him out. I like a Azhar v. Harrigan quarter that could be a great matchup. And I am not going to lie I like my draw I was worried I would have a big name right off the bat. I just hope to get to Saturday somehow, we will see.

A very small draw in doubles, I guess I should have played. I think the 1 v 2 matchup is inevitable and if hopefully Trae's vacation in CA helped and he and Leonard can take out Trey and Scott in the final.

Some solid names here although not any of the really big names from the FW tourney. Corey has a chance to shine here if he is on his game. Griggs has the 1 seed but has Gihvan or possible Mckinney to deal with before a Noel/Griggs final occurs.

Much like 4.0 this draw is small and should end up being the 1 v. 2.

I look forward to seeing some of you out there this weekend. Any advice on my first round opponent, I have never heard of him. If he bagels me I am signing him up on my team for the fall.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Garland trip

3.5 Sectionals

So to be honest I haven't looked at these draws all that much.

Garland plays: Midland, Houston, NETX and Austin.

That Midland team is the same one we played last year, they are not bad but shouldn't pose a threat, NETX just isn't deep enough but do have some talent. The big boys from Austin and Houston will push Garland and I am not sure they can take them both out since they have to play them back to back on Saturday but who knows.

Lifetime plays: San Angelo (another Plano giant killer?), Wild Lubbock, Waco and SETX.
I find it hard to see any of these teams stacking up to Lifetime and they should cruise into Sunday and see either Amarillo or possibly Wild FW.

Any thoughts from Sisk for Bmo since you all actually have broken down these teams.

How good is the FW team with Aranda, Flores, LeClair, etc?

All Dallas final, looks like it could happen if Garland can pull out some tough wins.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sectional final day

So most of the final matches are on the court or about to start. I am headed out to
Dirty Garland to play tennis so post up what you know.

Springpark v. Lubbock started about 30 minutes ago and still no posting on the Branch v. Kingwood semi so I don't know who will face Noho this afternoon.

I see Houston sewed up 5.0 and FW took 5.5.

Some strong showings by the Dallas upper level ladies as well, could be an all Dallas finals in 4.0 but not in the men's side like we expected but from the ladies of Big "D."

Wish me luck going to Garland, I left my bulletproof vest at home and I will remember to lock my doors and hopefully I don't see any copulation in the parking lot this time, I would hope not it is too damn hot for s*x. OK it is never too hot but it is getting pretty damn close. But I digress.