Wednesday, August 13, 2008

4.5 Flights announced

4.5 20 total teams, catching up to 3.5 now…

Hmm. Who might be the favorite here? Other than the sectional semifinalists, Brookhaven, Northwood, GH and possibly Loose’s new HP team could make some noise.

T Bar still has to be a favorite after a good run last season. High Point/Pham is collecting all kinds of players and should be good. Feldman’s OC team might be the quiet favorite after and will try and make up for last year’s loss in the QT.

Any thoughts Racer X and New AR Hacker, Corey?


  1. My predictions for 4.5 this season.

    Flight A

    1. OC Branch
    2. Northwood
    3. Brookhaven

    Flight B

    1. OC Feldman
    2. T Bar
    3. HP Pham

    If Royal Oaks can get some more pros to sign up again they will be a contender.

  2. 4.5-A
    OC-Branch by wide margin
    Brookhaven -- addition of Ramos and LaSalle is big.
    Greenhill -- can compete on weekly basis

    Darkhorses -- Northwood and OC-Boverman

    4.5 B
    T-Bar Lemke always good team
    HP- Pham looks solid but not spectacular
    Village darkhorse due to addition of 5.0 main staty Perkinson.

  3. you have to take into account the tank factor that has been so historically common in the fall league. lots of teams/people recognize that the fall is a good time to put some "cushion" in their ratings. Additionally, the fact is that the good teams recognize they aren't playing for anything.

  4. Come on now, let's not talk about "tanking" again, the Branch apologists/teammates will come out in full force again and we'll be on our way to another 155 posts! They aren't "tanking" they just might struggle a little this fall. I wish we were in their bracket this season to witness their "struggles" first hand again.

  5. Man, my team drops from first place last fall to darkhorse now. If Brookhaven hadn't lost Sechen I would pick them to go higher but I'm not seeing the singles players on their roster. Greenhill consistently has a solid roster but inconsistent results for some reason.
    Bovermann also loses Dante Edwards who should never have been playing doubles to begin with.

    Also, Dustin Viktorin e-mailed me to say he's joining Feldman which will give them a good chance to win line 1 singles every time out.

  6. Those Branch guys can blog!!!

  7. Curious. What's the story on Ft. Worth's Myron Krueger? I watched him play in Waco and he seems to have some anger management issues.

  8. Myron is a good guy and solid player. I've not seen him get angry at anyone but himself personally but I wasn't in Waco.

  9. Jason,
    Come join Phy's team. We have a fun group of guys. I think we could suprise some people.

  10. I'm not sure Phy would want me, he's seen me play.

  11. Sure, why not. Kern, email me if you are interested. Get my email from Ed.

  12. Text me if you are interested J and I'll give you his email..

  13. I think Nancy's team will be in the running!