Thursday, February 28, 2008

Senior League Almost complete

Looks like there are some close finishes at all three levels and with only a few playoff spots to be had these last couple of matches will decide everything.

Flight A
looks to be sewn up by Bender’s team but the Oakridge group is not far behind with just two losses. Lou Forte’s team is in 3rd place and looks to mix things up as they finish with Bender’s team and then last place Eldorado. If they can come up with a win over Bender’s group it will put some big pressure on the Oakridge boys to hold onto their 2nd place spot.

Flight B
Huffines has clinched their playoff spot and then there are three teams deadlocked for the 2nd spot, Kayser, Northcut and Rosemore. They all seem about even but it would be hard to pick against Kayser’s team and their recent winning ways but they do have a remaining match v. Huffines whereas Northcut does not so I might have to lean towards them in grabbing that 2nd spot.

I am not sure how many teams advance to a playoff or whether the winner of the league is the champ but nothing looks decided as close as all these records are.

TBAR only has one loss but plays Eldorado who has played just about everyone tough. Springpark, Canyon Creek and Brookhaven/Bartlett are lurking close behind to decide the rest of the top spots.

If 4.0 was close I don’t know how you can describe the 4.5 league with three teams tied at the top at 5-2 and LB Houston sitting at 3-3 only one loss behind. If the format is the same as years past these top three teams will fight it out in a single elimination tourney which should be closely contested.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SUBS for Ultimate Tennis/League

Hello all,

This is a blatant call for help for me personally and for a few others.

As you know and Ultimate have arrived here in Dallas and waived their fees so numerous people signed up including myself and now they leagues have started and it is becoming impossible to play all these matches.

The leagues don't have sub lists built up yet because this is their initial season so I am attempting to create my own sub list. These are flex leagues so whatever day and time work best for you and that can be mutually agreed upon with your opponent. Most matches are in the Allen/Plano/Frisco area.

So if you are interested please post your email or send it to me at

There are some good opponents in these leagues so I hate to just default matches so feel free to contact me with any questions or to get contact info.



Monday, February 25, 2008

NETX Rules Men's Tri Level

Well NETX had a great weekend taking both the Upper and Lower Tri Level championships. Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of the upper level matches since we were on the court contstantly but from looking at the results they were pretty strong but did lose a match to College Station who was hurt big time by not bringing 3.5 players. College Station was missing 3.0s in our tourney as well. Eugene Davis the Dallas Tri Level star did not make the trip for Madison's team which obviously hurt them as they pretty much had to sacrifice each 4.5 match.

The NETX in the lower tourney was very strong Will Rohrer was probably the class of the weekend but Erik Fleming was also very good along with Eric Schroeder of College Station. At 3.5 Charles Lusk and Marc Ivy were very tough. I didn't get to see too much of the 3.os but the SETX team was very solid at that level. Overall there was truly no weak team which explains why I am so exhausted today. I think it probably helped NETX because at each level they were very efficient in their victories whereas the other four teams had some long hard matches that might have drained them by Sunday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

San Antonio MZ Tourney

So it will be a busy weekend with a Major Tourney in San Antonio and the Tri Level Championships in Houston and some good Senior league matches going on and don't forget the Oscars on Sunday night, will No Country For Old Men beat out Juno...(wait a minute that is a whole other blog)

SA Tourney thoughts:
It does seem the draw is a little thinned out due to Tri Level and underrepresented for Dallas folks.

3.5 singles
Phil Girder may get far with this good seed. Phil I just noticed you are from Aubrey, we should hit up there I didn’t know anyone lived up near the cows with me. Other favs would be Abilene winner Molina and Clyde Parker who would meet in the quarterfinals, I think the winner of that should do well. Lookabaugh as the #1 seed doesn’t seem to have many roadblocks in his draw.

4.0 singles
This draw is stacked, amazing what a better location than Abilene will do. Foad, Jorge, Mark Carter, Brock, Dennis, Newman, Kraemer, Dutchover, Canann, Marcus, Ellis, Voss, Abilene winner Nguyen, Trevino and Zielinski. I don’t see anyone burning through this draw with that much talent and I am leaving out a few wildcards. Don’t know much about 2 seed Murray but I would think he would figure in results as well. I guess I would have to pick Nguyen to go far with this many tough matches although if he runs into a big hitter like Zielinski or if Trevino trips him up in the quarters that could end his run.

4.5 singles
Oh the trash talking draw, Trautman has to be favored every time out for now but I like Kallus, Warren, Sevin, Schmucker to do well and best of luck to Noaman one of my former doubles partner, he has an 8 seed and if he gets into a rhythm he could cause problems for anyone.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tri Level-February 22-24 at Kingwood CC

So next weekend is the Tri Level Sectional and I am imploring your help so Team Madison and Team Bazan can sweep the weekend. If we don’t win I guess I would cheer for the Fort Worth teams.

Should be some great teams and it is always hard to plan to play against teams in a State event because you are lucky if you have seen one or two of them. The easy thing about this is there are only so many lineup options. My team has 7 players so the only choice I have is our rotation at 4.0. Justin has 3 at each level so he has a little flexibility but if I was him I would play Eugene Davis until he falls over from exhaustion.

Lower Tri Level

College Station: 4.0s Eric Schroeder and Ryan Hillestad seem to be strength but entire team doesn’t have a lot of results. Could be not so good or a pack of good new ringers.

SETX: 3.5s look to be strengths with Michael Getz and Shamus Darden being somewhat regular tourney players.

Fort Worth: Very balanced team, 4.0 Tom Hillebrecht has great record at singles and their other 4.0 Timothy Hatcher is a recent bump up like myself from 3.5. Jonathan you played him any advice?

NETX. Very good looking team on paper, glad we play them last. 4.0s William Rohrer and Erik Fleming were at sectionals last Spring. 3.5 Charles Lusk also made it to sectionals at 3.5 last year.

Upper Tri Level
Much was made that the Austin and San Antonio teams are allowed to use before end of the year ratings but I think there are other teams that can hang with them.

Flight I
This flight is stacked with Austin, FW Wild and Dallas. FW Wild has Prather and Delira playing 3.5 dubs, they should be very tough to beat, they did lose to the FW team of Aranda/Kinson in a 3rd set tiebreaker though.

Flight II
San Antonio will be the favorite but NETX will pose a threat I think. College Station has Omon Dibua playing dubs at 4.5 so they shouldn’t be counted out here.

Flight III
This will be a tough fight between Houston and Fort Worth. Both teams are stacked with depth at all levels and that should be a great match. Only 3 teams in the flight and no schedule listed not sure if there is going to be an additional area sending a team or possibly a wild card.

Feel free to leave any advice about any other players you know about.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Two big tourneys this weekend

Thanks for the prod Anonymous, I have been a little sleepy lately. So there are two big tourneys this weekend and it looks like there are some good teams and players entered at both of them.

Brookhaven Doubles Indoor Tournament
Muniz and Bostick will be tough to beat. My 3.0 team(Kelly/Alzuro) from tri level will see them early, that should be a good warm up match. Montgomery and Kirk should be solid as well.

Really a toss up here. I like Harrigan and Hardaway together. I have partnered with both and they bring good strengths to form a good team. Robinson and Brouer are solid and the Somabut reps are Bob/Kirby and Hai/Jean and Deviney/Carlquist. It would be safe to pick any of those two teams. Madison/Sweeney should be good too. OK before I name the entire draw I will stop. Really looks like a good draw though, sucks there is no consolation because some good teams will get knocked out early.

A very small draw, I think some of those 4.0 teams should have moved up to play. Noel and Young play the #1 seed first and should have a good match. I am guessing the winner there has a great chance to win two more.

Abilene Major Zone

Some pretty good names headed out to W Texas, Scott Blackburn, Molina, Getz (who we will face at the Tri Level), Forrest Gray, Parker and Larry Reitzer. Tough to pick but I would probably go with Reitzer or Parker.

Good size draw, Jonathan Marcus, Mark Carter, Tim Newman, Paul Trevino, T Nguyen, Delira, Kraemer and Brian Walker. This sounds like an old 3.5 draw but plenty of talent and no clear frontrunner so I think you all will have some good matches. That type of grind out sounds good for Nguyen but I would probably vote for Carter or Walker to come out on Sunday.

All the big names, Trautmann of SA, Schumucker of Houston, Kern, Kallus, Mark Jenkins, JD Miles. Not that big of a draw so big names will play each other early. GO JD take out all these Houston chumps!!!