Monday, February 25, 2008

NETX Rules Men's Tri Level

Well NETX had a great weekend taking both the Upper and Lower Tri Level championships. Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of the upper level matches since we were on the court contstantly but from looking at the results they were pretty strong but did lose a match to College Station who was hurt big time by not bringing 3.5 players. College Station was missing 3.0s in our tourney as well. Eugene Davis the Dallas Tri Level star did not make the trip for Madison's team which obviously hurt them as they pretty much had to sacrifice each 4.5 match.

The NETX in the lower tourney was very strong Will Rohrer was probably the class of the weekend but Erik Fleming was also very good along with Eric Schroeder of College Station. At 3.5 Charles Lusk and Marc Ivy were very tough. I didn't get to see too much of the 3.os but the SETX team was very solid at that level. Overall there was truly no weak team which explains why I am so exhausted today. I think it probably helped NETX because at each level they were very efficient in their victories whereas the other four teams had some long hard matches that might have drained them by Sunday.


  1. I had to research my own stats to find out that was the first time I have ever been double bageled in a league match or any match for that matter. We actually only had two games v. NETX that we had game points on and they were both on my partner's serve. I even think Will and Erik let up in the 2nd set. Somehow that loss doesn't hurt at all but the two losses to College Station (3rd set TB) and the loss to FTW 7-6, 7-6 are much worse since we were up 5-1 in the
    1st set v. FTW.

  2. We were missing Andrew Frye, Steve Walker, and Gene Davis. Pretty much our 3 best players.

    Made for a long, or i guess you could say short, :) weekend

  3. That hurts but you guys still put up a little fight. It is tough when in events like this when you have to have smaller rosters. Steve Harrigan was sick all weekend and was able to play Saturday but couldn't make it on the court Sunday so that made me shuffle the lineup. It might affected one match but NETX was by far the best team in our division.

  4. bazan-

    Will is a very strong player who could easily play 4.5. Erik takes some getting used to with his wildman strokes and volleys.