Thursday, February 28, 2008

Senior League Almost complete

Looks like there are some close finishes at all three levels and with only a few playoff spots to be had these last couple of matches will decide everything.

Flight A
looks to be sewn up by Bender’s team but the Oakridge group is not far behind with just two losses. Lou Forte’s team is in 3rd place and looks to mix things up as they finish with Bender’s team and then last place Eldorado. If they can come up with a win over Bender’s group it will put some big pressure on the Oakridge boys to hold onto their 2nd place spot.

Flight B
Huffines has clinched their playoff spot and then there are three teams deadlocked for the 2nd spot, Kayser, Northcut and Rosemore. They all seem about even but it would be hard to pick against Kayser’s team and their recent winning ways but they do have a remaining match v. Huffines whereas Northcut does not so I might have to lean towards them in grabbing that 2nd spot.

I am not sure how many teams advance to a playoff or whether the winner of the league is the champ but nothing looks decided as close as all these records are.

TBAR only has one loss but plays Eldorado who has played just about everyone tough. Springpark, Canyon Creek and Brookhaven/Bartlett are lurking close behind to decide the rest of the top spots.

If 4.0 was close I don’t know how you can describe the 4.5 league with three teams tied at the top at 5-2 and LB Houston sitting at 3-3 only one loss behind. If the format is the same as years past these top three teams will fight it out in a single elimination tourney which should be closely contested.


  1. Hi Robin: Not sure where to post this, but I have two questions for you. One, why did you take down your picture? Two, why do you focus on men's tennis only? Kind of a biased perspective considering this is called the Dallas League Tennis Blog, don't you think???????

  2. uhhh. Stalkers? I put my pic back up just for you. I was in the process of messing with stuff and forget to repost it. I hope you like, more pics available at ladies and I have an interview at La Bare so I will see how that goes.

    I actually captained a ladies 3.0 team in 2005 here in Dallas but my wife hasn't been into it lately so my connection to ladies tennis is limited.

    I did enjoy watching the Canyon Creek ladies tri level team last weekend, they were fun to watch. :)

    I also used to be into mixed doubles but since it runs concurrently with the Spring season I haven't played it here in TX but in CA that was one of my fav leagues.

    I will try and include the ladies more but I hate to speak on things I don't know about since I am already stretching my knowledge knowing about mens tennis.

  3. Men's tennis is more competative and substantially more interesting at the recreational, amateur, and professional level.

    If you have a compelling interest in women's recreational tennis in Dallas why don't you create your own Women's Dallas League Tennis Blog???????

  4. "The views expressed by commentors are not indicative of the author of this blog and although he may or not agree with some statements made he will not take responsibility for any comments made by previously mentioned commentors"

    So to sum up, I ain't touching that last comment.

  5. Wow I had no idea that there was an expert among us in the area of competitive (or as you like to say "competative") tennis. Thanks for the lessons.
    First, I am assuming that, like myself, you have tennis to thank for your college education. No, surprising?!
    Second, I am assuming that, like myself, you have had the opportunity to play and watch national tournaments as a junior, collegian and in USTA. No, surprising?!
    Finally, my comment was only that Robin gives a biased perspective since he does not include women's or mixed tennis on the Dallas League Tennis Blog. It was not a commentary on what tennis is best or most important. Sorry for asking someone to have an open minded perspective, how crazy! Looking forward to seeing you on the courts very soon, anytime in fact!!!!

  6. Anonymous female:
    I would be open to including some info on the women's game. As far as mixed, hmm not sure that would excite anyone to actually comment. As much as I loved mixed it is like a stepchild here in Dallas or at least USTA mixed. Seems like more people are into the TCD mixed format. Yet again Metro and TCD are things I know about but would not pretend to have any knowledge about.

    As we get closer to the Spring season feel free to send me a post you would like regarding the women and I would be happy to put it up. As much as I would love to talk about Spring it is a tad too early yet.

  7. It's so cute when women think they can compete with men.