Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Senior League Winding Down

So welcome ladies! I was looking around I did notice the Senior Women's League completed on 2/17.

Headed to Sectionals:
3.5-Brookhaven-Ground (Starring Jane Gilpin)
4.5-LB Houston

The men are almost complete in their regular season.

Three of the four playoff spots are taken at 3.5 by Oakridge, Bender and Huffines. This weekend HP/Northcut and GH/Kayser play Huffines and Gleneagles respectively and the most impressive winner will advance since they are in a virtual tie only separated by 16 games lost with all other categories being equal. Their head to head record goes to Kayser who beat Northcut's team twice.

T Bar M finishes on top. I am not sure if there is playoff since there was only flight. I don't see schedules posted as of yet but I am guessing the top few teams would playoff against one another possibly Springpark and Bartlett's team.

There are still two matches remaining at this level, T Bar and Oak Creek are tied at the top with Harilee's Brookhaven squad needing to win out against Oak Creek and Hackberry to stay up in the top three.


  1. When does the mens 4.5 usta league play begin? What is the name of the league on tennis link?

  2. All mens league start the weekend of April 12-13. 4.5s will play on Saturday along with 3.5s. 3.0s, 4.0s and 5.0s will play on Sundays.

    Name of the league should be Adult Spring 2008 or something with the word "Spring" in it.

    Minimum roster deadline is today so I will probably post something soon but I don't want to wear out my enthusiasm too soon.

    Kind of hard to get up for Spring tennis when we are looking to get our 2nd night of snow here in Dallas tomorrow.