Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tourney Talk

So it seems a little too soon to talk about the first Spring match, we can save that till we get our schedules on April 2nd but in the meantime there is a big tourney down in Houston as well as a big tourney that just concluded here at Brookhaven so I thought I would open a forum to talk about this upcoming big tourney as well as other upcoming tourneys.

Here are my thoughts on the Gallery Furniture Open MZ in Houston.

Yep I am excited about how many Dallas players are headed down there to play. I wish I could be there but I haven't played in almost two weeks so I will stay home and practice:

Foad, Tim Newman, Mark Carter and James Murray should do well. Donald Allen who did well last week in Dallas could make a run. Eddie Hill is fit enough but is he consistent enough in a big field like this? Nguyen and Dutchover have seeds which should help them but I don't see them making it to the later rounds.

JD will be there and Corey Noel got a 7 seed which should help. Good luck Corey! Sarosh Ahmed who is constantly hated upon I expect to do very well I think he had to manage a lot of scores before nationals and once he got to 4.0 nats he didn't lose a match, scary.

4.0 dubs
Voss/Newman as a 2 seed and the 3 seed is Brouer/Robinson and Martin/Nguyen are seeded 5th. Wow that is 1/2 Somabut's team seeded in the top there. They should all do well. Thanks god I didn't pull you all in our spring flight.

I hope Dallas can bring home some points from Houston. Let them know who will be winning in August. I will be home alone this weekend so I will update results as they are posted.

Good luck to all you D/FW players.


  1. I played against John Sisk and Dan Vandefifer and they played really well. We (Molina & Moore) just got out played. John's serve was on fire. Which set up Dan for an easy kill shot.

    Good job John and Dan.


  2. That was a good win guys. beating that FW team in the final is pretty strong as well, if you can make sectionals you might see them again. That TCU team is pretty stacked at 3.5. They were asking around Dallas to find some leftover pieces to add to thier group. I expect them to be a contender in August.

  3. That Donald Allen guy has no chance in Houston. But thanks for the mention.

  4. I think that Allen guy could do some damage in consolation.

  5. Yeah, that Allen guy is a fat ass and will be lucky to not pass out in his first match.

  6. 3.5 Draw in Houston is wide open.

    It is really up for grabs. No super strong players just solid players. Carlos Campos (Mr. Hacker From Hell)will definitely be working his way through the draw and his opponents nerves. He will frustrate people and win by just pushing the ball. Scott Blackburn will likely face him in the Quarters. I hope Scott stays relaxed and does not over hit. Scott if you are reading this take this week to practice your overheads from the T. Also practice with any 3.0 or 2.5 players you can find to get use to much slower pace. Trust me.

    Unfortunately two Oakridge Boys, Mark Anderson and Phill Grider are going to meet in the Round of 16. I sure wish they were in different sections of the draw. One of these Oakridge Boys will most likely face Robert Wisdom in the Quarters. I like their chances against Wisdom.

    There are some good ranking points to be had at this tournament.

    Good luck to all.

  7. I think you underestimate yourself Donald. I saw you had a win over Forrest in the past. I think you might be the only 4.0 to beat him in a tourney. Unless he was sick or injured that day that shows you can beat just about anyone on any given day.

    Also makes me a little scared we will face you in the Spring regular season, feel free to call in sick against my team.

  8. Uh, a win over Forest is not saying much. That guy is a head case. No mental game, loses it and simply makes too many mental errors. Anyone in 4.0, that isnt just HORRIBLE, can beat Forest.

  9. I have never seen Feuille play but I have heard good things and his results are rather strong. He finally got pushed last week v. Jim Walters.

  10. I'm quite sure the previous post was a joke. I got lucky to beat Forrest, rain delay after the 2nd set which he won 6-1. I got to rest, take in a few pizzas and brews, and came out fresh for the 3rd. Can anyone give me a scouting report on Kenny Ratana? I heard he's salty.

  11. Cary, I think the "blogger" is confusing Forest Gray with Forrest Feuille. I have seen Forrest Feuille play, he is at the top of 4.0 very easily. He has a solid game in every area, his record shows that. Just be thankful he is not playing 4.0 League.


  12. some interesting early results:
    Jason Freeman wins first match then ousted by 3 seed Ontiveros. Trevino sent out by Narajos 6-2, 6-0, Narajos must be solid to drop a bagel on Paul.
    Dallasites Brouer, Newman and Robinson all through but captain Somabut gets beaten in 1st round.
    Tom Le beats Zelienski 6-0, 6-2 now Stanley wasn't a contender to win but still solid so Le should do well I would think.
    I must have jinxed Donald Allen since he lost in the 1st rd but did win his first consolation match. How good is Losada.

  13. Houston is the toughest tournament of the year, by far. I was very impressed with the "4.5" players that I saw and felt like I was way inferior. I had one of the most grueling days of my life friday with two long three setters but I made it through.
    I didn't have much left this morning but I'm not sure it would have mattered. Alfonso Rodriguez beat the #1 player in the state bad.
    On another note, congratulations to Keith and Steven for winning two singles matches and reaching the semifinals of doubles. Good luck against the #1 seeds tomorrow.
    I was also surprised to see Don Allen lose early, but there are so many players in Houston unknown to us Dallasites that only play this tournament. I would rather play a known seeded player than an unknown ringer.
    Cary, keep the trash-talk going with John. It's a lot of fun to read the jabs back and forth. I don't know if the doubles match will ever happen but, if it does, I doubt it will be as good as the buildup.

  14. congrats on a good showing Corey. This tourney really did seem to bring out the best players. I will have to plan on playing next year because there is nothing like playing against the best.

    You are probably right about the build up v. the actual match but it might actually be a good matchup.

  15. Congratulations to Steven Brouer and Keith Robinson for winning the 2008 Gallery Furniture Houston 4.0 doubles division!

    There were a lot of good players in the tournament this year!

    I got to watch a couple of your matches. You guys really played well!

  16. Losada, 28 yr. old "kid" from Cuba. Nice kid, but I hate seeing the unknown youngster, in shape, plenty of energy, and looks like a tennis player. I'd much rather play the aging fat guy, like myself, especially for an 8:00 match. Thought he might go further in the draw but got tripped up in 3 by another youngster in Tom Le. The real ringer is this Narajos guy--he's pasting everyone. DA

  17. I second that John, good win for the dallas dubs team. Looks like there was some good names that did some damage this past weekend.

    I agree Donald, young kids are not my fav to play at anytime of day.

  18. Oddly enough I wasn't at my cpu at all yesterday and I am looking at hte final draws, is it true there are matches going on this morning??? could they not have played these late yesterday?

  19. Cary,
    When they have a big draw, they play the finals on Easter Monday, thinking that it is a holiday for most, but in reality it is just a day off for children.

  20. Hector looks like you might get your chance to show off against mr. anonymous when you all play Bender's team tonight.

    You know a lot of those guys so you should have an even match tonight. Good luck!

    don't hit the ball to Atlas or Parekh but I am thinking you already know that.