Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cotton Bowl Rap Up

The Cotton Bowl is over, people won and people lost.
Feel free to discuss the results here.

But the news everyone wants to know!!!

Who made the best picks.

3.5 Draw
We have a two way tie, both winners having a 79% pick percentage
James Kinson
Greg Wiley
4.0 Draw
This proved to be the toughest draw to predict. Our winner had a lowly 63% correct
Robert F
4.5 Draw
In this draw our winner had an incredible 83% correct, Picking both semi-finalists and the champion, and he is not even in Texas.
Jason Lyons

Next up the tri-level

Sunday, December 21, 2008


In very Un-DTA like manor the draws have been posted early.

Notable early round matches
In 3.5 -Pedro Montalvo v Sam Bert
In 4.0 -
Trae Bowman v
4.5 - Jonathan Marcus makes it into the 2nd round!

And in keeping up with our blog being the most Active, Vulgar, and technically advanced of all of the Texas tennis blogs we have a new Feature.
Interactive Tournament Draws

You need to have an account and be logged in to place your picks.
Special Prizes for the winners

Friday, December 12, 2008

COTTON BOWL CLASSIC Registration Deadline is Sunday the 14th

Just a friendly reminder that the registration deadline for the Cotton Bowl is Sunday.
If you want to play tennis in 2008 this is pretty much your last chance.
Also keep an eye out for a little interactive treat after the draws are posted.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

End of Season Awards

OK, so the fall season is still somewhat fresh in everybody's mind, but enough time has passed (hopefully) for the wounds to have healed. Let's look at the season objectively and try to determine who is worthy of post-season awards.

Feel free to put your nominations for any level, with compelling reasons. You can also make your own awards. This should hopefully give us something to talk about before tri-level and the Cotton Bowl.

MVP (Singles and Doubles)--This person(s) should have been the one(s) who had the most impact on his team's success this season. Without this player or team, the overall team could not have done nearly as well.

Rookie of the Year (Singles and Doubles)--This person immediately made an impact in the first season of playing Dallas league tennis.

Most Improved (Player or Team)--This award goes to the player or team who surprised everybody by completely turning around his/their results from spring to fall.

Captain of the Year--This captain was able to achieve the most success, motivate his players, maneuver lineups, and/or win the respect of his peers in the process.

Biggest Sandbagger--This player had no business playing the level he did, but he did so anyway and dominated lesser players all season.

Most Overrated--This player was expected to make a big positive impact for his team this season but actually ended up contributing very little.

Upset of the Year (Individual or Overall)--This matchup appeared to be all but decided before the players stepped on the court but it ended up shocking everybody.

All-Star Team--This would be the ideal lineup for any captain to put out there to be able to succeed at the next level.

Remember only players who were on a roster this fall are eligible for these awards.

Have fun with this and let the debate begin!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tri-Level on the Horizon

Since somebody mentioned the tri-level competition in the now gargantuan topic about the ratings, I thought I would start my first topic for anybody who wants to talk about the upcoming tri-level events next month.

The deadline is coming up soon for teams to have their rosters full.

Many of the usual suspects have teams: myself, Somabut, Pickett. Who are the favorites? What would the dream tri-level team be? (Hint: Just look at my roster.)

Too early for predictions but it should be a lot of fun. Also, a lot of players could be competing at their new levels for the first time since year-end ratings will be used for this.


Monday, December 1, 2008

2008 Year end ratings about to Drop

Since Cary appears to be suffering from a post-season tennis nervous break down after his crippling play-off loss, I thought I would pick up the rock and start the year end ratings ying-yang.

Who will be bumped up?
Who will appeal down?
And how many Anon's will judge you for it?

3.5 Ratings

4.0 Ratings

4.5 Ratings

Here is some info for the little ladies who want to appeal their rating.
go to the USTA ratings website.
Search for yourself by USTA number. (Only the USTA number, not Name)
The put on your dress, and appeal away.