Sunday, December 21, 2008


In very Un-DTA like manor the draws have been posted early.

Notable early round matches
In 3.5 -Pedro Montalvo v Sam Bert
In 4.0 -
Trae Bowman v
4.5 - Jonathan Marcus makes it into the 2nd round!

And in keeping up with our blog being the most Active, Vulgar, and technically advanced of all of the Texas tennis blogs we have a new Feature.
Interactive Tournament Draws

You need to have an account and be logged in to place your picks.
Special Prizes for the winners


  1. effin sweet website!!!!!

    ummm.. im having a hard time describing how i feel about this website. Please bloggers help me with my thoughts....

  2. deliously natrilovaly Gay

  3. Huffman/Kiron first round 4.5. That could be a final.

  4. that website is actually pretty sweet. Nice action pic.

  5. better win the tournament. lmao

  6.'s strokes get me hot and excited

  7. 4.0 favorites: Carter, Newman, Renwick

    4.5 favorites: Wescoup, Huffman, Kern

  8. What about doubles favorites? Everything on this stupid site seems to be about singles.

    How about 3.5,too?

  9. "What about doubles favorites? Everything on this stupid site seems to be about singles.

    How about 3.5,too?"

    Agreed I am only playing doubles.

  10. if is in the doubles draw he will win.

  11. Eddie Hill= Scott overrated.

  12. "if is in the doubles draw he will win."

    hahaha someone better warn TJ in the open draw about

  13. Huffman v. Kiron with the winner playing Matlock. Ouch!

  14. Dare you mock His textbook groundstrokes and celebrity status amongst Lesbian Hall of famers will DESTROY YOU.

  15. "Dare you mock His textbook groundstrokes and celebrity status amongst Lesbian Hall of famers will DESTROY YOU."


  16. hey guys, lets talk about the tourney.

  17. Lots of interesting matchups.

    Nothing stands out - I mean this is basically girls tennis. Should be some good discussion between points and on changeovers though.

    TQ and J. Archer played last spring and Archer had to pull in a line judge. A little bad blood there, but I think TQ wins this in just under 3 hours, 6-3,6-2.

    Bowman vs Russell should be a good match. It just depends which of these guys shows up.

    Keith Robinson vs L. Khaing - no idea who wins this. Khaing wasn't too consistent last time I saw him but he has the skills to win not only this match but go pretty deep.

    Chris Phelps vs Gomez. These two guys have very similar game. Only thing I know for sure is someone will throw their racket before this match is over, just not sure who - probably both guys.

    Kiron vs Huffman is the one that stands out, but I am not sure this will be the match most think. Paul has really been focusing on doubles and Justin is a proven opponent in singles.

    Jeff Wells vs Jeff Wise. Depends which Jeff shows up.

    Finch vs the 4.0 bump up of Zachary. Neither of these guys goes far, but should be a close match.

  18. Trae bowman isnt that good.

  19. Just looking at the 3.5 doubles draw and isn't one the number one seeds a 4.0? John Bacon?

  20. It appears you are right about John Bacon. He is the #1 seed in 3.5 doubles and the #4 seed in 3.5 singles. If you look at his end of season rating he shows up as a 4.0 B. I think the reason he is allowed to play in the 3.5 division is because we are still in the 2008 season. Starting January 1 he will have to enter as a 4.0.

  21. I really don't see how this is the 2008 season. All points earned after sectionals go towards 2009 rankings so to me this guy is on pussy alert.

    Mr. Bacon, grow some meat and move on up pal.

  22. I have played John Bacon before,
    Tall young kid from Austin with a huge serv, But his big ground strokes rarely find the court.

    He would be a better fit in 4.0,
    3.5 is frustrating for big hitters.

  23. Bacon = Meat

    that's funny

  24. Check out Jonathan's Draw picks,
    He has himself beating the #1 seed?

  25. I would hope that everyone who's playing this tournament would believe they can win. Otherwise, why play?

  26. let's be realistic.

  27. If players are smart and realistic their goals should align with their abilities. If everyone's goal in a 64-draw tournament is to win the tournament 63 players failed to reach their goal. For MOST players their goal should be to play to the best of their ability, learn from the experience, and have FUN!

  28. JM draw is great.

    Dennis Hiilsmeier beating Kern and going all the way to the semis is great. This guy's record on the year is 2-8 and the 2 wins were by Withdraw.

    Frankly JM vs Dennis would be a great match.

  29. Well the 2 wins Dennis have on the year are both to the #1 seed JD Miles. Maybe JM sees a pattern forming and feels another Wd coming.

  30. FYI...tournament rankings work on a calendar year basis. For 2008, Bacon has played tourneys all year at 3.5 and this will be his last opportunity to play at 3.5 if his rating is now 4.0. All entries in 2009 will use the newer ratings.

  31. Speaking of the 3.5 doubles draw does anyone notice Alexander Shahab played in a 5.0 league in 2002. Clicking on his name he is a 4.5. Then this fall he somehow self-rated as a 3.5.

  32. Maybe it is a different Alexander Shahab? That is a pretty common name... much like De La Rosa or Delarosa.

  33. Wow in the 4.5 Draw they put Huffman/Kiron vs. Matlock.
    any of those 3 could win the tournament but 2 will be out by the end of the 2nd Round!!
    Also interesting 2nd Rd will be Hillsmeier/Pollard.
    A sleeper will be Tom Murray if he has been practicing with his son.

  34. That Shahab is one the NTRP gestapo should be questioning. If he played for Sisk, there would be 20 posts complaining about him unless Sisk has him already locked up for the spring.

  35. Um fellow - if you are a fellow - nobody notices the 3.5 draws or spends anytime researching them.

  36. Is it just me or is the top half of the 4.5 draw a hell of a lot tougher than the bottom.

  37. AR Hacker - Hillsmeier, seriously? Wake up! It's not 1995 anymore man. Hillsmeier would lose to 80% of the players in the draw. And that's being generous.

    Also, the top quarter of the draw is the weakest. The 2nd quarter is very tough though.

  38. Should be some good consolation matches too.

  39. So who is in the 4.5 main draw final and the consolation final

  40. top half kern or wescoup. bottom half the winner out of the kiron, huffman, matlock trio. my money is on huffman to win the big cotton.

  41. I don't understand how this site works, help please.

  42. I am sooo pissed!!!! Scott locked his website! Now, I can't see! WTF? Seriously>>>>> so, what he teaches tennis. Can he not take an effing good old fashioned ribbing? scott goes on pussy alert! Hell, I would send a spouse to learn tennis for a good price. Can't teach them yourself (we all know why), and if it's cheaper, why not?)

  43. I would consider this free advertising.

  44. Why are you surprised? Scooter is known to be like that.

  45. You guys are priceless.

    Scott here, by the way.

    My website is still up. It was never It has always been

    For the record, as I have said in the past, I don't think I'm the best tennis player in the world. I'm rated 4.0 afterall. I'm simply a decent player who likes to teach tennis, mainly to beginners of course.

    I do love all the publicity, though. My guess is that if you are reading this site, you probably don't want me to teach you because you are probably an above average player already.

    Happy holidays.


  46. Hey I'll teach your girlfriend for ya,

    Just post her email address here for me,


  47. If it was left up to me, I would rate u a 5.0 just for the pictures. I mean, comon, thats got to be worth one or two levels.

  48. Klamecki, Marc M Lewisville TX 3.5 12/31/2008 A
    When did that A show up next to your name?

  49. I'm in, cool site for the interactive draws.

    I'll take Wescoup over Montgomery in the finals. Would not be shocked to see a Kern/Huffman final though.

    Where's the interactive draw for Open???

  50. I've got Huffman over Wescoup in the finals myself. I'll admit I filled out the entire bracket with little knowledge about a lot of the players but I feel pretty decent about my final four.
    I even ventured into the 4.0 although I have even less knowledge of that as you can see by who I picked to win the tournament. I did laugh that Keith picked himself to win the whole thing as I have him out in the first round (before I looked at anyone else's bracket). I'm guessing I'll probably be the incorrect one on that one but that's a lot of pressure for Mr. Robinson.
    Has anyone played at Las Colinas Country Club? I'm assuming it will be pretty nice but was looking forward to being at Brookhaven and watching the real tennis. Oh well guess I'll have plenty of time on Sunday to do that. Good luck to everyone but Robinson and Ratana.

  51. That was just my rough draft for fun. I'm just hoping to win a couple of rounds in consolation. I'll do the real thing when I have more time to figure out who all these singles players are. Where are the doubles brackets?

  52. interesting that most of the brackets have the 2007 Champion going out real early.

  53. Kern - LCCC courts are quite nice, although I've not played on the indoors (they looked good though in the dark).

    You come join our team in the spring and you can play there (and its sister club) quite often ;).

    Had a couple emails bounce back last week. You block my address :) ?

  54. Sorry Vik my spam blocker is crazy sometimes and I haven't check it since I'm not at work. I'll go get them. Wish you were playing this weekend, other half of the draw of course. Have a great holiday.

  55. I'm only one man and unpaid,

    If you guys want to chip in and pay for an hour of my time I'll be happy to do the doubles draws plus the 128 player open draw.

    If this goes well and I have more that six people fill out the draws maybe I'll do doubles next time.

  56. Why the appeal back down to 3.5?

  57. Say it aint so - is OC BL on pussy alert?

  58. top half-Kern
    bottom half-Huffman.
    Kern over Huffman (again) wish I was in town to see this one.
    Good luck guys!!!

  59. W T F?

    This is unbelievable …………..

    Marc Klamecki appeals his ratings from 4.0 to 3.5? Of all the people that got bumped, Marc is one of them that appealed!

    What a puss!

    Marc - If you’re that insecure about your game, you should really consider giving Scott Russell a call and taking some lessons.

    Dude - Have some balls!

  60. Sorry that I have shook your confidence in me guys.

    I plan on playing 4.0 tournaments and league.
    So all of you scared 3.5's don't have anything to worry about,

    This as a case of the big red flashing button that says "Do Not Push"

    You just have to push it so see what happens!

    I'm thinking everyone should appeal as a mass protest against they system.

    Maybe I will auto appeal everybody,
    I have the technology.

  61. The real pussy is the anon guy that tries to call out the guy that appeals down. What a serious pussy!

    "I am scared, now I have to play that guy for another season and they are good. They shouldn't be allowed to play my level."

    Those of us with two balls prefer to play against guys that are good because it makes us better. That is the point of playing this stuff.

    Go cry to mommy you pussy!

  62. i was hoping to get bumped up so i could test the system myself. But to no avail. i guess i better go work on my game

  63. The real pussy is the anon guy that tries to call out the anon guy who called out the guy that appeals down. What a serious pussy!

    "I am scared, I just called out an anon guy and he might find me"

    Those of us with two balls prefer to call out these anon guys with our name. That is the point of writing this stuff.

    Go cry to mommy you pussy!

  64. I tested the system and lost my appeal. Not disappointed though because I am really that good.

  65. Wow I'm surprised at Corey's post.

  66. That wasn't Corey's post. Corey is under "coredawg" just another spineless anon.Corey never swears like that maybe an occasional damb,too good of kid!!!
    When that post was written he was in the middle of a ten hour drive to Missouri.

  67. I wouldn't put it past Corey to post while driving to Missouri....

  68. Marc,
    You are better off dominating 3.5 and having fun,than being mid-low pack 4.0. Darn, I want to get to 3.0 so I can join Bender and dominate.

  69. That would be be the response I would expect from Darth Sisk, Dark Lord of the Sandbaggers

    How are you feeling,
    Are you going to be able to play Friday?

  70. I got 3 shots this morning and a new antibiotic. If I don't feel 100% better by tomorrow, I'll need you to step in, my treat to you. I'm hopeful I can go,but glad you can step in if needed.

  71. Sisk,

    I have seen Corey only at tennis events but he didn't seem to that type of a person. Thanks for the clarification.

    Are all Anons spineless?

  72. Anyone who calls out an anon while pretending to be Corey and copying someone else's thread has to be a cool guy and good at tennis.

  73. LMAO - I was thinking the same thing. Only a moron would think that was truly Corey posting, but the post itself was hilarious.

  74. Serious question - I have always heard this is an indoors tournament. Its supposed to be almost 70 degrees on Friday. Will some matches be played outdoors?

  75. Yes,
    Yes they will

  76. Wind gusts up to 30 sounds like fun!

  77. Anybody out there alone for Christmas and want to play tomorrow?? Weather is supposed to be gr8.

  78. ^^^^^^^^^
    That is what you call a cry for help!!
    Merry Christmas

  79. Oh man I ate and drank too damn much. Change your picks now.

  80. I would expect a few hung over players today.

  81. I play better on hang overs.....more focused.

  82. The hang over wasn't as bad as I thought, but the wind and no-ad scoring kicked my ass.

  83. Did anyone see Huffman and Wescoup showing off their new Team Branch jersey's today?

    Not bad replacements for Clint and Walt.

  84. Huffman and Wescoup wearing Branch Jerseys? Hmmm... Does that mean that Branch and James will be sitting the bench this upcoming season. If indeed this is true,this has not only weakened Branch's chances of winning Spring League but totally put them out of contention. SAY IT AIN'T SO BRANCH!!!!

  85. Cline takes out Newman (second seed & currently ranked 12th in the state) in the first round! WoW!

    …. And many thought Newman should have been bumped up to 4.5.

    What an upset!!!!

  86. Marcus – Do us all a favor and stay at the 4.0 level. Or, maybe just move down to the 3.5 level.

  87. 8:23,

    Pushers are tough to play for the better players. It looks like the pushers faired well today.

  88. I thought all 4.0 were pushers; otherwise they would be 4.5

  89. Wrong! I saw a 5.0 pusher at a tournament once and he won the match that I watched. Pushers come in all different levels. Or there is all different levels of pushers-take your pick.

  90. I am not saying you're wrong, but a 5.0 pusher is VERY rare. You have to have a weapon to compete at that level. Maybe the 5.0 player was playing a 4.0 player who played up for some reason.

    To be clear my definition of a pusher is someone who is very consistent and rarely hits winners. A pusher does not win 95% of their points, the other guy just loses them.

  91. Joey Molina is a pusher and many on here think he is a 5.0. He is a very good one.

  92. If you want to win the tournament or move up in the rankings, you have got to figure out how to beat a pusher.

    Newman just didn’t get the job done!

  93. Molina is not a pusher.

    He is a very consistent player with smooth strokes. He just isnt a power hitter.

  94. It is noon, the sun is out and we are well into the draw. Wouldn't it be better to allow everybody to go ahead and play regular scoring and extend play into the evening instead of short sets and 3rd set tie breaker?

  95. You didn't actually expect to get your $40 worth did you?

    My opponent and I just agreed before hand to forget them and play Ad scoring. We did play a 10 pointer though.

  96. i have got to figure out how to be a pusher

  97. The 35mph wind gust are changing a lot of fortunes today! 4.0 singles draw has been regular scoring all day, even when they had 10 matches waiting with only 2 indoor courts available this morning.

  98. What the Fuck?
    Northwood's only letting the tourny use 2 out of their 4 indoor courts?

    Why even bother?

    Had 2 tourny matches going on and on the next court a husband and wife with some wilson T-2000s,

    Great job DTA,

    Good thing it was warm and didn't rain or else you would be rescheduling matches until Tuesday,

    Northwoods was a joke,

    Any reports from the other tournament sites?

  99. LCC used 3 of their 4 for the tournament, the other was reserved for member use.

    I typically either saw that 4th court sit empty or have some really bad women (2.5 maybe) tennis on it.

  100. Well, they are members, maybe they SHOULD be able to play when they want and maybe have at least 1 court for them.

  101. Canyon Creek didn't have any indoor courts in the morning. They got 2 at noon and then lost them around 4 or 5. Then at 6 they got use of all 4.

  102. The wind real was awful this afternoon at Northwood during the 4.0 doubles draw!

  103. In the 3.5 singles it’s Kenneth Newman against Samuel “sandbagger” Bert. It should be an interesting match.

  104. Zach Stein should win the 3.5 singles!

  105. Newman should beat Bert and be deemed a bigger sandbagger.

  106. Please limit this thread results on 4.0 and up draws. All 3.5 discussions should be moved to the ladies blog.

  107. The thread is the Cotton Bowl - all levels. Your candy ass probably didn't even get off the couch to play, so piss off.

  108. 3.5s are people too.

  109. 3.5s are not people; they are some lower life form.

  110. No, we are just lesser tennis players.

  111. Of course 3.5 are people are too. So are ladies. It's just not really tennis at that level. It's more about the gossip, chit chat and cute matching doubles clothes.

  112. guys that play 3.5 tennis are just as competitive with each other at that level as 4.5 players are at their level. However, they are usually not egomaniacs like 4.5 players and recognize that they still need to improve upon their game. So why hurl insults at them when they are out their trying? It make you look small, especially when you refuse to sign your name

  113. I would rather watch a chick flick than watch 3.5 tennis. Nothing but goofy stuff happens in either one. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

  114. With all the good and bad tennis matches played this weekend, I can't believe the biggest issue is whether 3.5 tennis is really tennis.

    The question might be whether this is a tennis blog?!?

    If this blog was rated on the last post topic, I am sure it would be rated a 2.5. Let's talk tennis!

  115. I have a suggestion for the condescending prick that equates 3.5 tennis to chick flicks. Why don't you sign your name to your post and that way we can all know you for the mighty tennis god that you think you are. My guess is that there is a number of 3.5 players that can kick your butt.

  116. Guys, come on. Don't let that bother you. You know 3.5 is ugly stuff or you wouldn't try to get moved up.

  117. Are there really that many 3.5ers on this blog? That is funny stuff

  118. I am 10:24,

    I seriously doubt you 3.5'ers would know anyone who could kick my butt. If you really knew anyone that good than you would not be 3.5. It's all about who you practice with and the number of times you have quailty pratices per week. Believe me I know the difference between 3.5 tennis and chick flicks. Come play me!

    Tara C.

  119. Why don't you play Michael 3.5 Getz there in Beaumont? Seems like all of the "legends in their own mind" are from Beaumont.

  120. Ahhh Tara - you little S&M vixen
    I heard Michael Getz beat you but it wasn't on the tennis court....

  121. Earlier, someone made reference to the biggest issue is whether 3.5 tennis is really tennis. Rest assured, IT ISN'T. As a teaching pro, I normally have 3.5 women and 3.5 men on the court at the same time.

  122. If you are a teaching pro then most of you clients are either juniors or 3.5 players and under. At the risk of pissing all of these people off and insulting them, if you don't consider what they are doing TENNIS, then what do you want to call it? Also, why don't you sign your name and let them tell you what they think about your condescending attitude.

  123. A teaching pro would not make a comment like that. I guess you started out your tennis career as
    a 4.5.

  124. A decent human being would not be so condescending. I wonder what it is about these blogs that bring out the meanest and nastiest people. Please tell me what makes some of you act so pathetic. There is always someone who can make fun of your tennis too. It is not like Federer and Nadal are reading this blog and posting about how people suck.

  125. Poor little teaching pro from 9:21
    He cannot help it. He was born with a silver racquet in his mouth (with apologies to the late Ann Richards)

  126. Yes all you suck. You waist money on sport you never be good.

    R. Federer

  127. I didn't realize Federer had an Asian in the wood pile!

  128. What does all this numbering sheet mean? Don't you just play tennis during HS and then for skirt at a lawn party in your 40's? Get a life people, and play a real sport like Parcheesi or hopscotch.

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    What should I let out my salubriousness be enamoured of provider more willingly than I derive this medicine?
    They need to know if you get any of these conditions:

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    •an unusual or allergic reciprocation to lansoprazole, other medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives
    •pregnant or trying to come significant


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