Thursday, January 24, 2008

League Doubles league

For us non-seniors who are looking for competition some USTA regulars have joined this new league for free.

Long Pham/Hai Nguyen
Jim Burns/Zach Stein
Batman and Robin
Billy Wu/Kartik Jayaraman
Kalyan Bitra/Diwakar Dewan
Furquan Azhar/Noaman Azhar
Kyle Bowman/Rob Johnson

Bowman and Johnson have already racked up two wins and last night Long and Hai crushed Batman and Robin 6-2, 6-3 so our undefeated streak is over.

I can honestly say we were in the match but they are just better players and over the course of the match they won the important points. they both have great hands and overheads.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Senior League Update

Teams are about ¼ of the way through their season and so far here is what it looks like

3.5 A Flight
Oakridge and High Point/Bender clash this weekend in a battle of the unbeatens but seem to be the class of this flight. I am not sure how many teams advance to the playoffs but my guess is two and these two teams seem pretty evenly matched and a lock to stay at the top of this flight.

B Flight
This flight is much more evenly matched with 4 solid teams in Huffines, Gleneagles, Greenhill and High Point/Northcut. I thought Northcut’s team looked solid but with 2 early losses they have dug a little hole but they still have a shot to climb to the top.

Springpark and T Bar stand alone at the top as the only undefeated teams and Springpark has only lost one individual match so far. I expected Northcut to do well here and they are tied with Eldorado for 3rd place with one loss. This will come down to the final weekend because there are too many good teams for someone to run the table. Bartlett’s team who won this league last year is sitting at 1-2 and even if they are out of it I wouldn’t want to play them towards the end of the season if you need a win.

Best of luck to you all and STAY WARM!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Upper Level Tri Level starts Friday

Red Flight:
Favorites have to be Team Martin and Team Noel. Noel’s team has a good depth but not sure if they match up well against Martin in the first match on Saturday. Kraemer and Madison have strong groups as well but are lacking some locks which helps win you need two out of three.

Blue Flight:
I like Cormier and Pickett in this flight mainly again because they have some top players at each level and don’t seem to have any weak areas. Myers and Stevens have some solid players as well but might be lacking at 3.5 a bit although look good at 4.5 and 4.0 respectively.

Even though I see those four teams as favorites I don’t foresee many lopsided results this weekend.

Odds to join Team Bazan in Houston on February 22-24:

Team Pickett 3 to 1
Team Martin 4 to 1
Team Noel 6 to 1
Team Cormier 8 to 1

Team Stevens 12 to 1
Team Myers 15 to 1
Team Kraemer 25 to 1

Team Madison 25 to 1

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lower Tri Level Results

Final Results

Team Bazan 3-0
Team Kelsey 2-1
Team Hess 1-2
Team Dewan 0-3

Some great matches at all levels and some good tennis some of the time. Referencing an old blog chat I got that bagel on Craig Kotlarek I wanted but unfortunately I lost the next set but won in a match tiebreak.

The weekend came down to this morning with 2-0 Team Kelsey and 2-0 Team Bazan facing off for the title.

All the matches were tight but we prevailed in all of them. But I would be remiss if I didn't brag about Steve Harrigan and I clawing back from a 1-6, 1-4 deficit to win in a 3rd set tiebreak against Zach Stein and Jeromi Kesley. Oh Batman you need your Robin back very soon and you will get your chance when we take on those Garland chumps in the next Blog Challenge and also as we rip up the competition in the doubles league.

I will say Jeromi and Zach played awesome to start this match we just caught some breaks and were able to get back in the match and then take over in the match tiebreak.

The studs award of the weekend would have to go to Candelario Jauregi and Greg Wiley who won in straight sets all weekend and never really looked to be in trouble.

Thanks to all of you who participated I enjoyed it, can't wait to do it again next year and we will try and represent Dallas well down in Houston.

Best of luck to those players next weekend I will be posting some odds soon.

Tri Level Weekend