Thursday, January 24, 2008

League Doubles league

For us non-seniors who are looking for competition some USTA regulars have joined this new league for free.

Long Pham/Hai Nguyen
Jim Burns/Zach Stein
Batman and Robin
Billy Wu/Kartik Jayaraman
Kalyan Bitra/Diwakar Dewan
Furquan Azhar/Noaman Azhar
Kyle Bowman/Rob Johnson

Bowman and Johnson have already racked up two wins and last night Long and Hai crushed Batman and Robin 6-2, 6-3 so our undefeated streak is over.

I can honestly say we were in the match but they are just better players and over the course of the match they won the important points. they both have great hands and overheads.


  1. I just saw that this site has sign ups posted for the next season and the fee is only $5. Sign up early and often. This will run along with the Spring league so should be a great way to get ready for weekend USTA tennis or you could play if you aren't in the lineup, etc.

  2. Any thoughts on the upcoming tournaments in Abilene and at Brookhaven?