Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Senior League Update

Teams are about ¼ of the way through their season and so far here is what it looks like

3.5 A Flight
Oakridge and High Point/Bender clash this weekend in a battle of the unbeatens but seem to be the class of this flight. I am not sure how many teams advance to the playoffs but my guess is two and these two teams seem pretty evenly matched and a lock to stay at the top of this flight.

B Flight
This flight is much more evenly matched with 4 solid teams in Huffines, Gleneagles, Greenhill and High Point/Northcut. I thought Northcut’s team looked solid but with 2 early losses they have dug a little hole but they still have a shot to climb to the top.

Springpark and T Bar stand alone at the top as the only undefeated teams and Springpark has only lost one individual match so far. I expected Northcut to do well here and they are tied with Eldorado for 3rd place with one loss. This will come down to the final weekend because there are too many good teams for someone to run the table. Bartlett’s team who won this league last year is sitting at 1-2 and even if they are out of it I wouldn’t want to play them towards the end of the season if you need a win.

Best of luck to you all and STAY WARM!!


  1. Jeromi/Cary,

    It was great playing with you guys! Email me when you guys are ready for a rematch.


  2. Yeah not sure if great would be the way I described it. I wish we didn't have to play you all in our first match of this league but oh well. I would hate to see you once you knee feels even better. You all have a great sense of team work and it showed as you guys crushed us. Definitely would love to do it again.

  3. Looks like Oak Ridge is doing pretty good now that they've beaten the Bender team. It was a very good and a close match, but they pulled it out.

  4. Great result for the Oakridge boys. I have a feeling these two teams will battle it out along with Garland in the Spring as well. Huffines is cruising in the other flight. 4.0 is still up for grabs it looks like.

  5. The senior league is much more competitive than the regular season. Our matches are all 2-1 and we have had 7 tie breakers so far. I think there are fewer 3.0 players in it. We could just as easily be 5-0 or 0-5 with all the tiebreakers.

    Just a thought!

  6. best of 3 matches are always good. I hope in the future we have a just a doubles league maybe at the same time as seniors. In LA our fall league was doubles only and you could really compete with a good team if you were a lesser team because you didn't have to have a monster roster, just 6-7 good players.

  7. 3.5 Seniors- obviously the Huffines team is the best team since they are still undefeated

    Spotted Cat

  8. your roster is pretty solid. You all have some very nice depth which helps in this format. I expect a great playoff. when are the sr. league playoffs for the men?

    I don't know if you can say Huffines is the best just because you are undefeated since your flight is a little lighter on talent but beaten out Northcut and Kayser is impressive.

    Not to take up for the Oakridge boys but they had some people out in their loss last week but at full strength they took out Bender's team.

    As anonymous mentioned earlier all these teams are pretty close in talent which should make for a great playoff weekend.