Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SUBS for Ultimate Tennis/League Tennis.com

Hello all,

This is a blatant call for help for me personally and for a few others.

As you know Leaguetennis.com and Ultimate Tennis.com have arrived here in Dallas and waived their fees so numerous people signed up including myself and now they leagues have started and it is becoming impossible to play all these matches.

The leagues don't have sub lists built up yet because this is their initial season so I am attempting to create my own sub list. These are flex leagues so whatever day and time work best for you and that can be mutually agreed upon with your opponent. Most matches are in the Allen/Plano/Frisco area.

So if you are interested please post your email or send it to me at bazan.dean@gmail.com.

There are some good opponents in these leagues so I hate to just default matches so feel free to contact me with any questions or to get contact info.




  1. I also have a couple of doubles matches that might need a sub if you are not a singles player

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  3. It's people like you that make me cringe when I join these things,

    But, at least your making the attempt to get a sub,

    Nothing drives me more crazy than for me to pay between $30 - $50 to join a league and then have a bunch of jerk asses not show-up and give me a bunch of ying-yang when I have made arrangements to be available to the commitment I have made,
    I also don't like people who are late,

    Ok, Venting session over

  4. I couldn't agree Marc. This leagues are tough because although they are flexible if your schedule only allows you to play on Tuesdays and Saturdays than I guess it becomes inflexible all of sudden.

    i think I have found a couple of people so there is hope

  5. BTW Marc I had your updated email courtcheck.com or something but I deleted and your websitedesign.com doesn't work anymore, send me that other one when you get a chance.