Monday, May 5, 2008

4.5 Update

Flight A
Branch rolls out the big guns and puts a hurting on previously unbeaten GH/Stoner. How good ar they? They are looking really good so far. OC/Feldman also dominated in thier match to remain undefeated. They play each other in late June so that should be interested especially for Feldman's group to see if they can push them a little a month before the playoffs.

Flight B
By Kirby not showing up he spread some good luck to his team as they scored a big win over Corey Noel's Village team. Erik Uhlig took out Hiram easily at line 1 and the rest of the matches were pretty close. T Bar remains the lone undefeated team in this flight so there are four 2-1 teams chasing them now, interesting to see if someone will give them a loss, my bet is YES.

Big matches this week?


  1. Week 4 Rankings

    1) OC Branch (1) (4-0)
    2) OC Feldman (4) (3-0)
    3) TBar (3) (3-0)
    4) Royal Oaks (5) (2-1)
    5) Village (2) (2-1)
    6) Brookhaven (8) (2-1)
    7) High Point (11) (2-1)
    8) OC Boverman (9) (2-1)
    9) Spring Park (7) (2-2)
    10) Greenhill (6) (2-1)
    11) Collin Co. (10) (1-2)
    12) LBH (13) (2-2)
    13) Hackberry (12) (1-3)
    14) Canyon Creek (14) (0-4)
    15) OC Juhn (16) (0-3)
    16) DFW (15) (0-3)
    17) Lakes (17) (0-3)

    Jumper of the week: High Point- which is the real High Point- the losing to Collin County 4-1 or the beating of the Village 3-2. From the looks of the blog, it appears HP picked up an additional player or two from the first week lose and if they jokes are right, they had the added advantage of one player riding a long 150 miles on a bike. Makes my arse sore just thinking about it.

    Oddity of the week. OC Feldman's weekly improvement. Great team getting better each week. Won week one- 3-2; Week two- 4-1; Week 3- 5-0. Winning one extra match each week can only mean that they will beat LB Houston by a score of 6 to -1.

    Woodshed of the week:
    OCFeldman 5-0 over Springpark. I thought OCF would win but not this comfortably. Springpark played with about the same line-up that took OCBranch to 3-2. Great win for the OCF's. You don't expect match of the week match-ups to go 5-0. Will be a great battle of long time rivals when OCF faces OC Branch in the June.

    Woodshed of the week #2:
    OCBoverman 5-0 Collin County- Looks like OC Boverman is starting to gain momentum. Was this the same team that took down HP 4-1 a couple of weeks ago?

    Pre-woodshed of the wook- Hide the women and children #1 OC Branch takes on #17 The Lakes when play resumes after Momma's Day- Don't forget your Momma this coming Sunday- Splurge and get her the good can of balls.

    Match ups for Week #5:

    4.5A- yawner of a week- Royal Oaks (4) v. Spring Park (9)- Royal Oaks should win easily- with or without the big guns but Spring Park needs this one to keep fading playoff hopes alive.

    4.5B- Two live ones.
    TBar(3) v. Village (5)- TBar hasn't faced huge challenge teams yet. This will let us all know what they have on that mysterious roster. Will the Village slump and go with 2 L's in a row. This is a five star match up of the 4.5B division- probably the best, most interesting match up of the season in 4.5B. I predict 3-2TBar which will put them in the drivers seat for the automic city spot for 4.5B and will send the Village scrambling to stay in the top 4 in B division.

    Can't forget: Brookhaven (6) v. High Point (7)- Will Brookhaven get out their best? Is High Point for real? A week ago this wasn't even on the radar but with HP's slight whipping of the previously unbeaten Village team, we have knew interest. Brookhaven 3-2.

  2. Here are your top 2 4.5 teams, records don't matter at this point:

    1. OC Branch
    2. Royal Oaks

    Everyone else is just playing for 3rd.

  3. I would love for Royal Oaks to be #2, but right now Feldman is #2, now if Royal Oaks brings out Molina, Bui, Zachary, Rauschuber, and Gonzales each week, then yes they are right in the mix, but Molina will miss more matches for his kids, Bui is a teaching pro, Rauschuber has kids and weekend jobs. Also they have solid players in Webb and Eckel (if he is back into form from Junior days). Player wise if all 8 play Royal Oaks is on par with Branch, but family obligations make it tough.
    Would love to see Molina v. Branch and Bui v. James

  4. would be hard to put RO above Feldman since Feldman beat y'all 3-2. Could be really interesting at the end of the year. Really good chance either OC Feldman or RO's won't make the city playoffs. Making the playoffs out of 4.5A will be much tougher than out of 4.5B.

  5. No offense but Royal Oaks will be lucky to make the playoffs. If they were in our flight they probably would but their flight is much tougher, and they have proven that they can't put out a consistent lineup.

    BTW, Cary, how did I get on the poll with Wesley James? I don't even know the guy. But to help you, I will say he sucks. Just kidding. I would love to play him though.

  6. Hello Corey,
    Brent James here, and I do suck as long as you hit me soft, weak, short balls to my forehand wing. Use that helpful tip if we do play. Just Kidding, I heard my name was mentioned on this blog and had to check it out. Love to play you as well, I am so sick of hitting with Branch.

    While I am here I am going to call out OC Feldman. The captain is not utilizing the talent on his team very well. The only way they are ever going to accomplish anything is if they can get Rodney Mathews game up to speed. The only way this can be done is to pair him with Ramos and watch him work his magic. That Ramos and Lasalle team sucks! I have witnessed Ramos and the Rocket Rodney Mathews tear through Sectionals in the past. All I can say is they are running out of time to get this fixed. The city tournament is just a couple months away. It is kind of like Avery Johnson is coaching that team.

  7. Ahhh. We have done it we have pulled out a Branch team member from the abyss of Carrolton. Nice to have you. You mean all I had to do was put you on a poll and you all appear. What power I wield?! Much like my skill at Trivial Pursuit it doesn't amount too much in the end.

    Maybe I will put Barack and Hillary on a poll next week and see if they chat with us about the dominant OC 4.5 teams and what can be done to take them down.

  8. Welcome to the blog Brent. We will be lucky to make the city championships if we play like we did last Saturday. Hopefully we will get to face you guys again.

  9. I'm interested to hear Brent's opinions on the other teams for two reasons: we rarely hear from anybody from Branch's team (that we know of) and most of the discussion in the blog is on his team.

    Brent, what do you think of some of these other teams: T Bar, Brookhaven, Village, Royal Oaks, High Point, etc.?

  10. Brent, comments? what's wrong, the Rusty got your tongue? Come on, don't you ole farts have anything to say? (I remember thinking ya'all were a senior division team at Twin Creeks). ha! Course by now you are bound to have a couple twenty somethings to lead the way. Heck, Brent, you can't be 35.

  11. I thought he was 25.

  12. Brent, How old are you? Does the heat bother you when you play singles? Can you play twice a day? lol - just asking. I know I couldn't - that is why I admire tournament players so much!