Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4.5 Mid season rankings

As posted by our resident 4.5 expert-Racer X

Racer X said...
Week 5
4.5 Rankings:1) OC Branch (1) (5-0)
2) OC Feldman (2) (4-0)
t3) TBar (3) (4-0)
t3) Royal Oaks (4) (3-1)
5) Brookhaven (6) (3-1)
6) Village (5) (2-2)
7) Greenhill (10) (3-1)
8) Spring Park (9) (2-3)
9) High Point (7) (2-2)
10) OC Boverman (8) (2-2)
11) DFW (16) (1-3)
12) LBH (12) (2-3)
13) OC Juhn (15) (1-3)
14) Hackberry (13) (1-4)
15) Collin County (11) (1-4)
16) Canyon Creek (14) (0-5)
17) Lakes (17) (0-4)

Best Week 6 matches:4.5A- OCF v. Greenhill- probably an easy OCF win- Greenhill is in a good battle with Spring Park for the last PQ City spot

Lakes (0-4) v. Canyon Creek (0-5)- the zero bowl- both are fighting for the right to be the only 4.5 winless team in Dallas and to receieve the first draft pick in next year's draft- prediction- CC

4.5B-TBar v. Brookhaven- TBar's last real test to see if they can go undefeated for the season- Brookhaven has the guns to win if they bring the "A" Team- Plus they had a big win vs. High Point (a woodshed candidate- A Brookhaven win could push them into contention for the first place buy to the city playoffs- should be a barn burner. prediction- TBAR 3-2-

Village v. OC Boverman- first I must comment on the big oops- OCB losing to OC Juhn allowing OC Juhn to get their first win. Proof again that OC Boverman can beat just about anyone and lose to just about anyone- they may regret losing this match when they find themselves fighting for the last spot for the PQ city playoffs- They really need this win to make the city playoffs again. Prediction Village 3-2. Village needs this one to get back on the winning side of things after 2 straight loses. If this one comes down to Coman's, you have to put the money on Village- OC Boverman continued to lose the Coman in its loss. OC Boverman will easily win the year end anti-Coman award.Watch out for the mid-year awards and predictions- we are half way done.


  1. nice win by royal oaks without their big guns playing outside of Bui.
    Zachery is a very good player but no where the level of Molina, Rauschuber or Bui.
    Look forward to seeing how they do against LBH/Wise in their next match.

  2. Not much commentary at 4.5 , how come? What's up with that? Some folks worried about their ratings or what? Speaking of Bui, I remember seeing that he was rated like 3.5, maybe even 3.0, playing for royal oaks at 4.5 . Now how did that happen? This ratings system really is a pile of old nuts and bolts, like a 286 pc perhaps. It needs all kinds of updates - Ken McAlister, still waiting on the new thingy to be brought out in 2008!!!

    I sure got schooled this last week by the veteran Brookhaven Harllee - he really manages his team well, for many years now, way to go!

  3. If not for OC-Branch and the Feldman/conway teams Brookhaven and TBar would have won City several times as they are always strong every year, but just have no superstar ringers like Branch and Feldman/conway are able to find each year. Maybe the private club rules not allowing outsiders, but they are strong every year.

  4. LB Houston was right up there with TBar and Brookhaven for several years until this year.

  5. How bout them Texas Longhorns! 2nd place in the Men's NCAA. Too bad all of college tennis has come down to who can get the most foreign players. Killing American tennis.

  6. screw the shorthorns!!
    BTW before anyone asks Huck the Fogs

  7. fock you. Longhorns rule

  8. We do not have many matches this year. 9 teams in Flight A play 8 matches while the 8 teams in Flight B play only 7 matches each.

    A better approach would have been to have THREE Flights, two flights with 6 teams and one flight with 5 teams. Playing a double round robin everyone would have played more matches. (Average matches per team increase from 7.53 to 9.41.)

    Also, three flights could have given us a better playoff structure with a real round robin QT.

    The DTA should have done a better job for us here. 7 matches per team (in Flight B) is not a very good approach.

  9. I agree. The DTA often does not do a good good in setting up flights, schedules, etc. And they are pretty arrogant about the entire issue.

  10. you guys should be happy getting to play 8 matches, here in Arkansas we only get 4 matches and then pay $175 for mid-season to play 4 more matches, then pay $300 for state to play 3 matches, then pay another $20 a person if you advance to sectionals.
    Of course it helps here that they have set a team size to 16 max, but we have a ton of lazy players who do nothing but bitch and moan abiut how out of practice they are yet never step back on the courts.
    I guess DTA may not have some happy campers but compared to greedy admins here in Southern you guys are lucky.

  11. THE DTA SUCKS!!!

    Maybe some places are worse like Arkansas or Cambodia. But the DTA still sucks!

    Only 7 matches is not a decent league season.

  12. I agree! It sucks! Sometimes I just wonder what the DTA is thinking.

  13. If you don't like it, don't play.

    Maybe DTA would eventually get message, but instead we all keep sending in our check and bitching about how NTRP is bad, schedule is bad, yada yada

  14. If you have suggestions as to how to improve our leagues please give me a call at:


    - Dallas Tennis Association

  15. LB Houston was right up there with TBar and Brookhaven for several years until this year.

    History always repeats itself...takes time to gel with new and old players on different teams