Monday, May 19, 2008

3.5 Mid Season Power Rankings

1-Oak Creek-Their Oakridge wins is looking more impressive as time goes by and if they take out Lifetime and Brookhaven in this flight they will be one battle tested team ready for July.

2-Garland- While they don’t have any true ringers like in years past this team is actually just full of solid players which may in the end prove to be better than previous Garland strategies.

3-High Point- Solid doubles is keeping them undefeated, good news is their flight isn’t extremely tough and they have time to interview some singles players for the playoffs.

4-Oakridge- With the Lifetime win they earned a spot in the top 5. Much like Garland they don’t have ringers but they are solid and many of their players can switch from singles to doubles without any real drop in quality.

5-Lifetime- Probably would have had them number one preseason but with the Oakridge loss they will have to regroup and figure out what their A+ lineup is because obviously last week’s lineup was not it.

Almost there: Canyon Creek/Jolly- I will be interested to see how they play in the next couple of weeks. They might not be playing these grueling matches like OC, Oakridge and Lifetime but they are gaining confidence and that is a good thing to have come summer time.


  1. Like that's not the kiss of Death, getting the thumbs up from Cary,
    When was the last time he was right about anything?

  2. Your ratings are close and if HP does find a singles player I would agree. Yet, until they find someone who can at least split with the other good teams, I have to drop them below Canyon Creek. Their pathetic flight has kept them from being exposed. I look at their roster and do not see one player that has had any significant past singles success. I do not know several of their players but nobody sticks out.

  3. Lifetime #5; You have got to be kidding. Are you ranking based on teams or records. Last time I checked, the Detroit Pistons lost two games to the Philadelphia
    76ers, but you wouldn't rank them ahead of Detroit.

    Last time I checked, Lifetime record is 20-5, which is the best record in their group. So, after Lifetime takes care of business on the 31st. It'll be Oak Creek's turn.


  4. Cary, good analysis.

    I do think Oak Creek, Oakridge and Life Time are all EXTREMELY close. Hats off to Oak Creek right now.

    But I think Life Time has a great chance to beat Oak Creek on 6/7. That could create a three-way tie among the "Big Three" and we could see some complicated tiebreak deciding first place.

    Garland is not really trying _ that is obvious so we all wonder what they are hiding. They have no incentive to play seriously until playoffs.

    Also congrats to Brookhaven. Their match against Oak Creek was exciting with 4 lines going to a third set tiebreak.

    Too bad Brookhavne is in Flight C. I think they would be in 1st place in Flight B and they'd definitely make the QT in Flight A.

  5. The level 3.5 QT is going to be especially tough this year.

    With Life Time, Oak Creek and Oakridge all in the same flight _ we will see two of those three teams in the QT. Also we'll likely see High Point/Jameson in the QT as well.

  6. HP and CC are both undefeated and seriously disrespected. HP has not beaten anyone but they are undefeated. CC has beaten someone and they only get an honorable mention.


    Donald Harvey playing for Garland is a serious ringer. (I saw the guy practicing.) He's keeping his scores close now but will be playing at a very high 4.0 level by City Playoffs.

    With Harvey at #1 singles and Delira at #2 singles Garland will win ALL singles lines at the City Championship. That will make Garland practically unbeatable.

    And they are smart enough to keep their scores close in the meaningless local matches. I really got a laugh when Harvey beat Robert McHugh 7-6, 6-7, 1-0 because McHugh is a level 3.0 player. Garland really knows how to work the system _ you've got to give them that!

  8. Am I the only one tired of hearing about Garland's score management? Until recently, I had never even heard the term or considered anyone doing it. Now, every 3.5 topic has the NTRP police. If they are doing it, is there really anything that can be done... if they are not, then all the better. I say good luck to Garland.

    For the record, I do not play for Garland.

  9. The only way to police score management is through embarassment and humiliation of both the captain and the tanking player. So forums like this are very important in that regard.

    Tanking is a moral and character issue. There is nothing that can really be done but it should be brought to the forefront so people can judge for themselves.

    Does Garland manage their scores and tank matches? OF COURSE THEY DO! That's no great mystery. In fact, almost everyone knows it.

    But every match Garland plays is a meaningless, exhibition match. They could finish the local league 0-9 and still go to the City Championship. THE GARLAND PLAYERS WOULD ALL HAVE TO BE RETARDED NOT TO MANAGE THEIR SCORES.

    Why take the chance of a DQ when playing a meaningless match? Why put yourself in a position where you will get bumped to level 4.0 when the matches do not count?

    The only problem I have with Garland is when some of their guys come on this site and lie about things. Garland players ... just ignore the comments, no need to be embarassed and to lie about it. You are not doing anything wrong.

    Anyway, I say go Garland!

  11. It is a crazy and stupid system we have when one team does not have to play seriously until the City Championship.

    Why even enter the scores into TennisLink???

  12. Challenge Match tommorrow
    7pm Fretz Tennis Center

    "The Oak Ridge Boys" new secret weapon,
    From the Durrty ATL:
    Ryan Curren


    The Defender of all that is Good and Pure in the USTA
    The OC BL
    Marc Klamecki

    Humiliating picture Rule is in effect,
    Please Post odds

  13. NTRP
    Just my opinion . . .

    Anyone who plays their BEST every match and is not DQed is playing at an acceptable level according to the USTA and we should not call them ringers or sandbaggers, etc. Even if they beat us badly _ it does not mean they are out of level.

    Any who intentionally "tanks" matches or "manages" their score is a cheater and I have no respect for them.

    However, you can never PROVE an individual tanked or played to keep their score close. (And they can never disprove a false accusation.)

    In order to avoid falsely accusing an innocent player of cheating, a decent person will not make those types of allegations _ even if the scores might raise some eyebrows.

    So let's play tennis and not accuse one another of misdeeds.
    - Hardcourt

  14. I do think we collectively have some issues with league administration:

    1) The distribution of teams to flights often ends up with some very weak flights and some very strong flights. Some teams have a much tougher road to the playoffs than other teams. (Just ask Brookhaven.) And the DTA keeps their process a secret.

    2) Giving the fall winner a free ride all the way to the spring City Championships is certainly a very questionable policy which should be reviewed.

    - Hardcourt

  15. I have to agree with 937 pm comment. There is no way that tanking can be proven, but that does not mean that public humiliation is not a valid and proper police-ing in itself.

    I think the point has been made, however, and I too am getting bored of reading about the tanking.

    I just look forward to the playoffs, even more now, cause I LOVE the underdog status.

    AGAIN, I AM BORED OF THIS CONVERSATION. Let's talk about something else, like the 4.0 GREAT Lifetime WIN!

  16. I have to agree with 937 pm comment. There is no way that tanking can be proven, but that does not mean that public humiliation is not a valid and proper police-ing in itself.

    I think the point has been made, however, and I too am getting bored of reading about the tanking.

    I just look forward to the playoffs, even more now, cause I LOVE the underdog status.

    AGAIN, I AM BORED OF THIS CONVERSATION. Let's talk about something else, like the 4.0 GREAT Lifetime WIN!

  17. The rules are the rules and they cannot be changed until the off season. People should take up there gripes with the DTA and not continuously bash certain teams/captains/cities/tennis centers on a blog. Does the DTA read the blog? I hope they are busier at their jobs than the rest of us.

    I do not really know how teams end up in flights. I thought it was just random but many people on here think it is different. If anyone has anything concrete, please share.

    I admit, Flight A is pretty weak. There is Garland then HP and much farther behind is CC. Everyone else is pretty mediocre. Flight B is pretty balanced but not nearly the heavy weights (although CC is making a case for one heavyweight). Flight C is brutal. There are four teams that would easily make the QT if in the other flights (and arguably win the flights). Instead, someone gets to stay home. I think Collin County might make the QT in either of the other flights and they will place no better than 5th.

  18. You are right we cannot change anything for this season. But we may need to start now if we want to see some improvements for next year.

    Currently a clerk at the DTA assigns ALL teams to flights. Nothing is random. And they keep the process a secret.

    IF they changed to a random draw, no one could be upset. People are upset because their fate is decided by a clerk who does not know anything about our men's teams.

    In USTA tournaments, a seeding committe seeds a small number of teams and the seeds are announced. All others are distributed randomly. If we used that approach for our leagues no one would have any complaints.

  19. But there is no way for DTA to enforce suspected tanking, so talking to DTA does no good, although I would love for an example to be made 1 time. If a player got DQ'd in the sectionals or Nationals or something, that would make a strong statement

    I would think that would be the only thing that they could do.

  20. While it would make a strong statement... who is the arbitrary person deciding that the person is tanking. I can't speak for other people... but I have had days where people may think I was tanking but in reality, I was just choking.

    Garland may be tanking/managing scores but that is between them and the computer. If we take away the automatic qualifier in the fall, then the fall participation will go way down. If there is no random placement of teams, then put the fall champion in the death flight. That would make it more interesting (of course it may be the same person giving the arbitrary DQ) that is placing teams in flights.

    Also, if you give the arbitrary DQ, captains may become fearful of whose toes they step on.

    Personally, I do not think the current system works but it is better than having a person arbitrarilty decide who is better based on looks.

  21. Where is the 4.5 power rankings?

  22. Dear Marc, For your information Ryan Curren is no secret weapon. I was the 1st player he played at Brookhaven and he is a very good player and nice guy. He was approached by many teams but decided to play with The Oak Ridge Boys because we are a bunch of Nice Guys playing at the proper level and having fun doing it. You should have a good match with him. He hits hard and is very smart. I will challenge you soon as I get my singles game in order. I have to practice moonballs and real jung shots since you dont like that stuff according to your last league match result.Have a good match look forward to the results. GRANDPA

  23. My prediction is Ryan in straight sets.


  24. No, the DTA can't do anything about tanking because you can never prove it.

    But the DTA could do a better job with assigning teams to flights. And there is no excuse for not at least expaining what they do.

  25. May 31 looks like a very uninteresting week for 3.5 league tennis.

    Best match: LBH (3-2) vs Gleneagles (4-1). LBH needs to win this one to have any chance at the QT. Gleneagles needs to keep winning in the closely contested Flight B.

  26. Go hardcourt!Come to our practice at gtc may 24 at 2pm.Anybody else is welcome also!!!!!Look up 3.0 vs.harvey,he's good!!!!!!!!sisk

  27. I have played both and I am predicting a very good match. Too close to call. Good luck guys.

  28. Hello All,

    Any 3.5ers heading to Waco next week to play in the major zone tournament that would have an interest in playing doubles with a very good player?

    I have a friend (that is very good) from Houston that is playing singles in the tournament that is looking for a doubles partner. He's already registered.

    I believe one would have a very good chance in winning the tournament with my friend.

    If you have an interest, please feel free to call or email me and I can provide you all the details.

    Best regards,


  29. Tournaments at the Village -

    It seems like over the last year that the participation in tournaments held at the Village has been eroding. I know many have made negative commits about the service, organization, quality, etc about the tournaments held at the Village off & on over the last year.

    I played (4.0 doubles) in a tournament this pass weekend at the Village (Village Classic) and the tournament was a lot of fun. It appears that Steve Franklin is working hard at increasing the quality of the tournaments. The tournament added a consolation bracket to the doubles draws, increase communications (about start times, recording scores, etc), increase number of officials and provided a Keg of beer for all adult players.

  30. Just got challenged by Rot Jock. (Not a name I gave him but still kind of funny.) I will email you soon Jacques to let you know my schedule, hopefully we can play soon. Also looks like Big John match will be happening on 6/1. When is the Curren/OC BL match?

  31. Way to go Ryan Curren, beating oc bl 3-6, 6-4, 6-3.
    It's good to be one of the good ole Oak Ridge Boys!!!

  32. Marc is Ryan Curren a ringer as early report? Or was he keeping the scores close.

  33. Way to go Ryan! Good win. Marc is a bad player.


  34. Yeah,
    He totally dropped that first set just to keep the USTA guessing!

    But seriously,
    It was a good match, It just came down to who could execute better on the big points,
    It was almost like playing against myself.
    His game is so similar to mine,
    He may have an edge at the net and I'm a little faster, but besides that we are pretty even,

    Look out for a rematch soon,

    Thanks for the match Ryan,

    Who's next?
    Grandpa Ed,
    have you gotten those wood rackets out of storage so you can dink and lob me to death?

  35. Congratulations Ryan Curren! It appears that Marc has lost his mojo.

    I propose a round robin tournament involving these four level 3.5 teams:
    Eldorado 0-5 4-21
    Brokhaven/Hogan 0-5 6-19
    Chandler's Ldg 0-4 2-18
    Stonebriar 0-4 6-14

    Can you imagine the excitment if these guys got together and played?

    Which team do you think is the best of the worst?

    Which team do you think is the worst of the worst?

  37. Saw your note about your friend needing a doubles partner. I'm going to Waco and currently only playing singles. Would be more than happy to play with him. The Oakridge "boys" know me and my game.

    Ron Jones

  38. I'll bet that our two best level 3.0 teams (Stonebridge/Cook and Brookhaven/Alzuro) could beat the crap out of all these bottom dwellers within level 3.5.

  39. I play for Eldorado. A bunch of really nice guys. However, we'd probably lose the "Best of the Worst" competition.

    We have GOT to be one of the worst 3.5 teams in history.

    Anyway, it sounds like fun. Will anyone volunteer to get this organized??? We can probably get courts at Eldorado.

    I think we are on to something here. But we have to think BIGGER!

    Once we complete the Dallas competition and find the worst 3.5 team in Dallas, let's hold a Best of the Worst SECTIONAL competition. Whichever team loses is crowned the worst 3.5 team in Texas. Then maybe we can get the entire team to make an appearance on Oprah!

    - Hardcourt

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Then they all automatically get bumped down to 3.0,
    I know I'm tired of playing Dan Burrows,

    I can say that with impunity because he's so old I know he probably does not have a computer or know what the internet is.

    I was trying to get my appearance waived next week vs El Dorado, but we have some players out of town,
    Maybe I will get lucky and draw a default.

    I like the idea of a "Best of the Worst" competition. However, I want to be sure that there are no level 2.5 or 3.0 players playing at the level 3.5 Best of Worst tournament. Any team which used 2.5 or 3.0 players would clearly have an unfair advantage in finishing last place.

  44. Ha Ha Ha..that post above is hilarious! Maybe our Garland team can pull off some 2.0 ringers to play in the worst of the worst 3.5 tournament..since we seem to have this down to a science! We have been practicing hard on playing is our chance to prove to the world we are the best at sandbagging.

  45. Cary,

    I like the rot jock name! I have a sense of humor even at my own is funny! Ok...can't do Sunday I have a 8.0 mixed match at Spring Park at 5pm could be a time crunch to make it to HP. I will check my schedule for Tuesday night..How are we going to determine the sight? Rock, paper, scissors?

  46. For Cary's own Safety I would Recommend he stay out of Garland.

  47. Marc,

    Maybe you should come to The Garland Tennis Center so I can practice on you and how to keep the scores close...But, watch out Ed Ratcliffe and his wooden racquet gang just might be out in the parking lot waiting on you!

  48. For anyone that is sane, stay of Garland!

  49. Ha ..that leaves you out....loser!

  50. I had to practically fight my way out of OakRidge in Garland after I beat Enrique,
    I don't want to go through that again,

  51. I think I might venture to Garland but we have a couple of neutral sites in mind. Anyone have suggestions between Addison and Garland? UTD? Never played there. I am looking for a place we can start at around 6:45p or 7p with no wait or chance of getting bumped in case I have to beat Rot jock in 3 sets.

  52. ummm...Fair Oaks?

  53. How about 6:30 at Huffines. Tuesday night?

  54. OC bl ..I am glad you made it out alive! Probably look like something out of the dawn of the dead!